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Say goodbye to outdated systems and start building modern cloud applications for your business. With 20 years of expertise, Caspio helps accelerate digital transformation for companies of all sizes, industries and geographies.

Build Cloud Apps Faster

Bring your ideas to life. Caspio's visual app builder guides you through creating sophisticated cloud apps. Build forms, reports and dashboards in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

No Coding or Infrastructure Required

Everything you need to design, build and operate your applications is included: point-and-click app-building tools, a fully-integrated online database and scalable cloud infrastructure to power
your applications.

Deploy Seamlessly on Any Site

Custom-brand your apps and seamlessly embed them on any website, intranet or portal while Caspio silently powers them behind the scenes. Caspio’s flexible deployment model is perfect for both internal and public-facing applications.

Enterprise-Grade, IT-Approved

Running on AWS and SQL Server, Caspio’s best-in-class technology stack provides the strict security, performance and compliance required by IT departments across the most demanding global companies and regulated industries.

Never Pay Per User

Expand and scale without restrictions. Caspio never charges per user, making it the most cost-effective no-code platform to support your business growth as your application usage increases over time.

24/7 Support and Expert Services

Work collaboratively with a team of Caspio experts to build your applications. With 24/7 support, free online training, onboarding and managed application services, you’ll have the support of a full-service team championing your success.

Build Custom Applications for Any Use Case or Industry

Make your apps work harder for you, not the other way around. Create searchable databases, KPI dashboards, multi-user portals, location-based apps and custom business software — all without writing a single line of code.

Charts and Dashboards

Charts and Dashboards

Modernize how you visualize data with our extensive chart library. Make
real-time decisions using dynamic dashboards with user-driven filtering and
drilldown capabilities.

Interactive Reports

Interactive Reports

Caspio reports go far beyond just displaying data. Whether you want to provide interactive search, download data, display image galleries or enable editing privileges, you can customize your reports to your exact requirements.

Custom Web Forms

Custom Web Forms

Build custom forms to support all your data capture needs. Choose from a variety of smart fields for efficient data collection: conditional, auto-complete, cascading, encrypted passwords, real-time calculations and more.

Calendars and Scheduling

Calendars and Scheduling

Display date and time-centric information in monthly or weekly calendars to streamline event management, team availability and resource scheduling using a centralized database.

Workflow and Automation

Workflow and Automation

Streamline operations with automated workflows and notifications that make it easy to assign tasks, approve requests, initiate next steps and track status updates.

Maps and Geolocation

Maps and Geolocation

Build powerful location-based apps with Caspio's map integration, distance search, proximity calculations and geocoding services.

Pivot Tables With Drilldown

Pivot Tables With Drilldown

Create summarization and cross-tabulation reports, similar to pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. Include an optional drill-down report that shows the data behind each summary value.

Language Localization

Language Localization

Create applications for different languages specific to your region. Your account is pre-loaded with 11 common languages, with the option to create more. All international number, currency, date and time zone formats are supported.

Responsive Style Templates

Responsive Style Templates

Choose from several mobile-friendly style templates or create your own custom style to match your brand. You can also modify the template's CSS or enable your apps to utilize your website's existing CSS classes.

Embed Your Apps on Any Website

Embed your apps directly on any website, portal or CMS system. The interfaces display seamlessly on your
own website, giving you a professional look with your brand front and center. Simply copy and paste the
deploy code to go live.

Get Expert Advice on
Your Project

Discuss your goals with a Caspio product expert.

Join the Leader in Online Database Applications

Caspio hosts the most robust online database available in a no-code platform. The fully-integrated database requires no IT overhead and allows you to elevate your spreadsheets to the cloud.


As a Microsoft Gold Partner with SQL Server as our backend database, Caspio brings unparalleled performance, reliability and enterprise security features like audit trail and encryption
at rest.

Massive Scalability

Caspio provides unmatched scale for millions of records, simultaneous transactions and unlimited users. The infrastructure runs on AWS, offering you best-of-breed cloud technology.

Fully Relational

Use intuitive visual tools to design table relationships. The database supports various join types, referential data integrity, lookup fields, cascade update/delete functions and more.

Rich Data Types

Use common data types such as text, number, file, date/time and list, plus a variety of smart fields like formulas, encrypted passwords and random IDs.

File and Image Handling

Streamline document management with built-in features like file upload, versioning, bulk actions, image resizing/rotation and CDN delivery.

Efficient Data Import/Export

Migrate existing data sources from Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL in minutes. Import data using bulk processes and various file types
(txt, csv, xlsx, mdb).

Automate Business Processes in Real-Time

Fulfill the control, efficiency and automation requirements of your business. Using Caspio's drag-and-drop logic builder, you can enhance your apps with custom workflows, database triggers and scheduled tasks.

Triggers and Tasks

Design workflows that automatically trigger based on custom logic or pre-defined schedules. Automate business rules, data calculations, approvals, report notifications and more.

Email and SMS Notifications

Send automatic email and SMS notifications from your applications, database triggers or tasks. Use drag-and-drop tools to customize your alerts for different users and record updates.

Automated Data Import/Export

Set data import/export schedules using connectors that move your data between Caspio and cloud repositories like AWS, FTP, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.

Integrate, Extend and Customize Your Apps

Connect your data with thousands of cloud services using Caspio's built-in connectors. Customize your apps even further with industry-standard technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and REST API.

Cloud Storage

Automate data movement between your Caspio account and popular cloud storage repositories like AWS S3, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and
Microsoft OneDrive.

Payment Processing

Build sophisticated e-commerce applications with secure and PCI-compliant payment processing using Caspio's built-in integration with Paypal Checkout and Stripe.

Document Generation

Allow app users to generate PDF files automatically populated with real-time data. You can create a template by uploading a fillable PDF file and then insert the document in any of your reports.

FileStor CDN

With a flip of a switch, you can serve non-sensitive files from a global Content Delivery Network for the fastest possible performance, highly optimized for file and image delivery.

REST API and Zapier Integration

Enhance, extend and integrate your Caspio apps using the progamming method of your choice via REST API, or by connecting to over 5,000 cloud apps like Office 365 and Salesforce via Zapier.


Connect your Caspio applications with third-party systems by sending real-time data updates when certain events occur — such as new orders or customer sign-ups.

Security and Governance at Every Layer

Security measures are prioritized and enforced throughout each layer of the Caspio platform —
the cloud infrastructure, the platform architecture and all the tools and services we provide to ensure your
data is always protected.

Caspio Directories

Enterprise-grade identity and access management for unlimited users. Includes identity verification, 2FA, password security policies and SSO using Caspio or any other SAML 2.0 identity provider.

Single Sign On

Allow your internal users to sign into your Caspio applications using corporate credentials. Supports Active Directory, Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta and all other SAML 2.0 ID providers.

User Authentication

Any Caspio interface can be authenticated with
encrypted password technology. Manage unlimited users, set role-based permissions and store passwords safely in your online database.

Record Level Security

Apply record-level permissions for unlimited users and roles accessing your Caspio apps, ensuring that everyone accesses only the specific records authorized to them.

IP-Based Access Control

Grant or deny access to your apps
by specifying a range of IP addresses. Quickly configure default access
rules for each interface and manage exceptions that either allow or
block access.

User Access Logs

View usage reports for your password-protected apps. Track all login attempts, devices, browsers and password resets so you can monitor activities and quickly address any issues.

Account Security Governance

Apply a uniform security policy across your Caspio accounts. Options include rules for password strength, expiration, deactivation, timeout, user lockout
and more.

Encryption in Transit and at Rest

All Caspio accounts, applications and data transfer instances are protected with TLS encryption (HTTPS). Full disk encryption is also enforced while
data is at rest.

Audit Trail and 2nd Layer Encryption

Meet various security and regulatory requirements with audit trail and database-level encryption at rest. Audit logs track all user access to data through Caspio accounts, applications
and API transactions.

Global Compliance Leader

Powering applications for 15,000 companies around the world, Caspio is designed to meet rigorous security, privacy, industry and regulatory requirements for storing sensitive data.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Our HIPAA Compliance Edition provides turnkey compliance for the healthcare industry and other organizations that manage PHI data.

FERPA Compliance

FERPA Compliance

Our Compliance Edition adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect the privacy of student education records.

GovCloud – FIPS 140-2 Compliance

GovCloud – FIPS 140-2 Compliance

Our GovCloud Edition meets the security and cryptographic standards for government agencies to store sensitive but unclassified information.

PCI DSS Level 1

PCI DSS Level 1

Caspio provides all the necessary security safeguards for you to process PCI-compliant payment transactions
in real-time.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Caspio meets the requirements of GDPR and offers local data centers in North America, Europe (UK and Ireland), Australia and South America.

Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility Compliance

Caspio provides built-in compliance with Section 508, ADA and WCAG to ensure your applications are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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