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Visual Application Builder

Creating online database applications with Caspio requires no coding and no development skills. Our step-by-step wizards guide you through the development of every part of your application with easy to understand instructions. What used to take weeks or months can now be completed in a matter of hours or days.

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Point and Click
Caspio replaces traditional programming with a visual application builder to create forms, reports, user logins, and all other aspects of web applications. From a simple contact management application to a sophisticated business process workflow, Caspio can help you launch your application fast.
Everything is Included
Your Caspio account provides with everything you need to create, deploy, and operate your application – a powerful online database, various tools for creating and maintaining the application, and scalable cloud infrastructure to power your applications for any number of users.
Expert Support and Consulting
As you build your applications, our expert technical support staff is here to help you every step of the way. And if you don’t have enough time or resources, our Professional Services team can build your applications for you. Either way, the choice is yours and your options are open.
Future-Proof and Continuously Updated
While browsers and devices continue to evolve, Caspio guarantees that your applications will always perform the right way for your end users. All upgrades are applied automatically and you will never have to worry about changing providers to keep up with new technology.
Delivered the Way You Prefer
Caspio is offered in several editions, meeting the needs of any size business with any size budget. Our Shared Cloud provides the lowest cost of ownership, while our Dedicated Cloud provides all the control and customization that you may require. Large organizations can also bring Caspio on premise. Each delivery model includes various plans with flexible upgrade/downgrade paths.

Interactive Reports and Data Publishing

Caspio has set the standard for bringing data to life on the web. You can easily convert spreadsheets and databases into rich, interactive, web-based reports that are accessible from anywhere by the public or by authorized users. Over 80% of the largest U.S. news websites use Caspio to publish open government databases and other databases to their extensive user-base.

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Real-Time Web-Based Reports
Whether you want to give your users an interactive ad hoc search option, or configure a report with predefined criteria, Caspio’s web-based reports guarantee that everyone is on the same page and receives the same set of data. Data can be updated regularly through update forms, on-demand, or using scheduled data imports.
Paging, Sorting, Downloading
You decide how many records you want to show per page, and we will take care of paging. Let users sort search results in any way they choose, and have the option to let them download their search results.
Data Drill Down
All reports can provide drill down capability, allowing the user to go from their search results to the detailed view of specific records.
Visualization and Dynamic Reporting
Bring your data to life with integrated maps and charts, or enable calendar view, data grouping, live calculations, and proximity searches.
Many Layout Options
Search results can be shown in standard tabular layout, list view, a layout particularly useful on mobile devices, or gallery view, a popular layout used to show search results containing images.
Updatable Data
Caspio-powered reports go beyond just displaying data. Each page can be configured to let the user modify the data or add new records. Options are plentiful; from form-style updating to spreadsheet-style editing, where all fields are editable, to bulk editing, where the same update can be applied to multiple records at once.
Open to All or Password-Protected
The choice is yours. Let anyone access your data, or only your authorized users. You can even require your visitors to use their Google or Twitter login to access the data.
Data Harvesting Prevention
CAPTCHA human verification technology can be added to search forms with one click, so you can prevent data harvesting bots from scraping your database.
Search Engine Optimized Deployment
We offer an optional unique SEO deployment method where your published databases become visible to search engines, allowing them to index the data and generate organic traffic to your website.
Pivot Table Reports
Create summarization and cross-tabulation reports, similar to pivot tables in Microsoft Excel.

Online Forms

Forms are an integral part of any business process. With Caspio, you can easily create custom database-driven forms of any level of complexity. Caspio-powered forms are feature-rich and highly versatile.

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All of the Basics are Covered
Caspio supports all data and field types, provides numerous validations and restriction rules, has a built-in date picker, offers the option to add an HTML toolbar to text boxes, and much more.
Customizable "Next Step"
You have several options to choose from as the next step for your user after the form is submitted. Options include reloading a blank copy of the same form for efficient data entry, displaying a built-in confirmation message, redirecting to a custom thank-you page, another screen of your app, or an external URL. Redirection can be done with or without passing some of the form data.
Automatic Emails
You can easily configure your forms to send personalized acknowledgement emails to your users, as well as notification emails to your staff.
Web and Mobile Forms
Your forms will work on all browsers and devices, and can be configured to use sensors, such as GPS, in mobile devices.
Styling, Layouts and Usability
Choose from a collection of professionally designed styles, or visually create a custom design to match your brand's color scheme, without having to know CSS.
Smart and Dynamic Capabilities
A large selection of smart and dynamic capabilities is available to you. These capabilities include cascading fields, where the selection in one field determines the values in another field, Auto Complete fields, where as the user enters characters into a field, possible matching options are shown, AutoValues, such as the generation of random IDs, passwords, GUIDs, or stamping each record behind the scenes with the time, the user's IP address, or the username of the logged-in user.
Rules and Conditional Fields
Your form's fields and field behavior can change dynamically based on the entries and selections that the user makes. For example, a form can ask for the name of the user’s spouse only when the user specifies that he or she is married.
Public or Password Protected
Every form can be made public to all users, be password protected with a list of authorized users, or be gated with a social login such as Facebook, or Twitter for capturing demographic data.

Built-In Cloud Database

Caspio includes the entire stack needed for creating and operating business applications, including the database, which is at the core of every application. We use one of the most powerful and secure online database technologies available.

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Built on Microsoft SQL Server
We use only the best of open standard technologies. That's why Caspio is built on Microsoft SQL Server, an enterprise grade database system that provides the reliability and security that our customers demand. Our streamlined user interface makes Caspio easy to use for anyone who is comfortable using a spreadsheet.
Rich Data Types
All types of data, from text, to numbers, to currency, to date and time, to yes/no, and file are supported. Several smart data types, such as auto-numbers, GUIDs, ID fields, encrypted passwords, timestamps and more are also available. Caspio supports double-byte characters such as Chinese and Arabic.
Relationships and Views
Caspio is a fully relational database with the ability to create various join types and views. We also offer referential data integrity. Step-by-step instructions are available to guide users through all these configurations.
High Performance and Scale
Caspio offers unmatched scale for large databases, large numbers of users, and large numbers of simultaneous transactions.
Import and Export On Demand
Data can be imported and exported into Caspio databases on-demand or on a schedule using our integrated DataHub. Excel, Access, XML and Text file formats are supported for native import and export, and UTF-8 allows for import of double byte international characters.
Your data can be accessed through REST and SOAP APIs for use outside the Caspio framework, for integrations or in web/mobile hybrid applications.

User Management

Whether your application is used by a few people or by thousands, Caspio provides user management capabilities with built-in automation and flexible customization.

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Unlimited App Users
There are no per-user fees with Caspio. Your applications can be used by 10 people or 100,000 people and the only difference in pricing is by features and resources utilized. Caspio is the most robust platform for creating large scale public-facing applications.
Flexible and Powerful User Authentication
You can use any of your tables for user authentication, as long as it contains qualified user name and password fields. Using your own tables for users gives you much flexibility and complete control in managing users and making user management interfaces within your applications.
Role-Based Permissions
You can create any number of roles in your applications and provide each role with their own designated interfaces and permissions. With our Record Level Security your applications can filter records based on what is authorized to each user. Each new submission and update can be stamped automatically with the user’s ID or user name.
Self-Serve User Management
Your apps can contain many self-serve user management modules, such as self-registration and email validation, password reset, and user profile updates. All these options are highly customizable to give your large scale multi-user apps the design and workflow that you want.
Login with ID Services
Give your application users the ability to use ID Services to login to your apps. Google ID, Twitter ID and Open ID are currently supported. For public facing applications this simplifies user registration and eliminates the need for yet another password.
SAML Single Sign-On
Use corporate directory services for your Caspio-powered applications. Supports Active Directory, Azure AD, Salesforce, OneLogin, PingOne, and other SAML 2.0 ID providers.

Application Modules

Never before could you expect so much control and so much capability out of your application environment on its first day.

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Revision History, Copying, and Sharing
DataPage revision history can be enabled to ensure that you can return to an earlier version of your DataPage if necessary. Every object in Caspio, and even entire applications, can be easily duplicated, exported, and imported back into the same account or another account.
User Access Logs
Get detailed insights into each user’s activity inside your applications. Find out who your most active users are and what areas of your apps are most frequently accessed, and use this information to better serve your users, as well as to improve your application.
Scheduled Import and Export
Caspio DataHub is a powerful data import and export engine that can move data in or out of your Caspio account and your favorite cloud storage service (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3) or a web based repository (such as FTP, SFTP, HTTP, etc.). Data transfers can be scheduled to run as frequently as every 15 minutes.
Data Update
Our import and export features give you extensive flexibility and options. For example, not only can you use incoming data to create a new table or replace or append existing data, but you can also instruct it to only update the records that have been changed. This greatly reduces the size of your data imports when information changes outside your Caspio account, such as in your legacy internal databases.
Built-in File Caching CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Caspio is integrated with Amazon CloudFront CDN so that with a flip of a switch, and without any change to your application or data structure, files and images of your application can be served from global edge servers of Amazon CloudFront for fast performance.
Global Data Centers
Caspio operates from five data centers around the world. Our global resources mean that you can ensure that your account and your databases are as close to your users as possible, for best user experience and performance.
Build applications in any language. Over 10 language packs are built into each account, and more can easily be created. Each of your applications can have its own time zone, date and time, and number and currency formats. The Caspio database is UTF-8 compatible, and capable of storing double byte characters such as Chinese, Arabic, etc.
Your forms, reports, and applications will look great with our professionally designed style collection that can easily be applied to any user interface. It's also easy to create your own custom style, without any knowledge of CSS.
Image Resizer
A built-in image resizer can be configured into any form that that has a file upload field. It can create thumbnail or uniformly-sized version of each uploaded image for better performance on results pages, and for situations where the full size image is not necessary.
We offer a geocoding service that can add latitude and longitude to each record of your database. Our mapping capabilities can use previously geocoded data for faster data plotting.


Use the most advanced and complete array of application deployment options. Your applications will work wherever you deploy it, on any web site, CMS, portal, or directly from Caspio.

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Embed Method
Caspio pioneered application embedding, which allows you to place any Caspio-powered application on your existing website. The application seamlessly becomes a part of the page, giving you the most professional look and brand integrity. Your users will remain on your site while using the app, which is served from Caspio servers.
WordPress Plugin
We offer a WordPress plugin for easier deployment of Caspio apps on WordPress websites.
Facebook Deployment
Your forms, reports, and applications can be embedded into Facebook pages.
SharePoint Deployment
A special .NET deployment option is provided for integration of forms and applications into .net platforms and applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint.
Frame and iFrame
HTML Frame and iFrame, methods are available for backwards compatibility.
Direct Links
Your applications can be accessed via a direct link from Caspio. This is especially useful for small short-term apps.
SEO Method
This deployment method allows search engines to see your published databases and credit your website with its content. This method could result in more organic search engine traffic to your website.

Integration and Extendibility

Maximize your database application’s value by incorporating other services or internal systems into your apps. Caspio has built-in integration with many products and services, and custom integration is possible with well-established methods.

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DataHub Scheduled Tasks
Moving data into and out of your Caspio account can be easily automated using Caspio’s DataHub, with the ability connect to popular online storage services and repositories such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3, FTP, SFTP, and more.
ID Services and Single Sign-On
In addition to using your own user database to password protect your applications, Caspio lets you use Google, Facebook or Twitter logins for user authentication or for gated pages.
Amazon CloudFront
With a flip of a switch, and without any modification to your applications, you can have files and images used in your applications served from the global edge servers of Amazon CloudFront for the fastest user experience.
Caspio Plugin for Microsoft Office
With the Caspio plugin for Microsoft Office, you can link Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access to tables in your Caspio account and use the data as if it was on your desktop. This plugin makes activities such as mail-merge in Word and data analysis in Excel easy.
Caspio Plugin for WordPress
We are committed to ensure Caspio applications can work within virtually all website environment. Our WordPress plugin simplifies the process of embedding applications into WordPress websites.
Caspio DataPages are capable of receiving query string URL parameters and using them in forms and searches. DataPages can also generate and pass parameters to other applications for easy integration of different services or applications.
Caspio applications can be extended using JavaScript, a very popular web scripting language. We also offer a collection of frequently used JavaScript code segments that can add more pizzazz or functionality to your DataPages.
We offer two API interfaces for your Caspio account. Virtually any programming or scripting language can be used to interact with your data. The possibilities are endless, and include integrating with internal systems or other services, or creating hybrid web/mobile applications.
Zapier Integration
Caspio is integrated with Zapier’s API gateway, through which you can use a point-and-click interface to connect your Caspio account with hundreds of other leading web-based tools and services such as SMS services, email marketing systems, Google Apps, Microsoft 365, and much more.

Security and Reliability

We take the security and reliability of your data and applications very seriously. It’s woven into our DNA, and it is shown in our infrastructure investment, internal policies, and employee training.

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Security at Every Layer
With Caspio, security is not an afterthought; it is a priority. Security measures are built into the infrastructure implementation, our platform architecture, and the tools we provide to you to make sure your applications are secure.
AWS Security Leadership
Caspio runs on Amazon Web Services. Named the leader in cloud security, Amazon Web Services gives us the best tools available to protect your data and your applications. Our team stays abreast of the latest best practices in security, and proactively applies the relevant protections to our infrastructure.
Password Protection
Every Caspio powered application interface can be password protected with encrypted password technology, so that only authenticated users can access it. A detailed access log is available (based on plan) for protected applications.
IP Blocking
With Caspio, you can grant or deny access to any application interface by IP address.
Record Level Security
You can design your application so that each logged-in user can only access the records that are authorized to them. Additionally, you can stamp each submission and update with the user's name to keep track of who last changed the data.
Live System Health
Caspio is proven to be a very reliable platform, and meets the stringent requirements of the most demanding organizations. We are transparent with our customers about our uptime and performance. Live 3rd party monitoring and data reports are always available at
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
SLAs with uptime and performance guarantees are available for certain plans, providing additional peace of mind for customers who require it.
Account Security Policy
Customize a uniform security policy to be applied across all your Caspio accounts and users logging into Caspio. Comprehensive options include rules for password strength, expiration, re-use, and user lockout, deactivation, timeout, and more.

Standards and Compliance

Caspio is designed and built around open standards and the best technologies, and meets some of the most stringent compliances, such as HIPAA for healthcare applications.

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Using Microsoft SQL Server
We use Microsoft SQL Server as the backend of our platform due to its enterprise-grade features, security, high scalability, redundancy, and disaster recovery capabilities, as well as because of the prevalence of its SQL language accessible through our API.
Runs on Amazon Web Services
AWS is the gold standard for cloud infrastructure. We currently offer Caspio service from five AWS data centers on 4 continents: North America, Europe (UK and Ireland), Australia or South America.
HIPAA Compliant
We offer a HIPAA compliant edition of our platform, which includes encryption at rest, full audit logs, strong password and security policies, and a BAA agreement. 
Section 508 Compliant
Caspio-powered applications are automatically compliant with Section 508, which requires options for accessibility by visually impaired persons. This is a mandate for most government and enterprise applications.
PCI Compliant
Caspio can work with you to ensure PCI compliance for applications that process credit cards.
SOC 3 and ISO 27001 Certified
By using AWS as its infrastructure, Caspio is certified for many stringent security standards.