HR professionals work hard.

You handle a variety of functions, from recruitment and onboarding to admin and policy management. You interact with all types of employees, from rank-and-files to C-level executives.

You’re expected to perform your duties amid and especially during crises. You spearhead your organization’s efforts in implementing business continuity plans, coordinating changes as employees adapt to teleworking.

Indeed, Human Resources professionals are influential in any business. There’s a catch though: a broad scope sometimes leads to more manual work.

You deserve all the help you can get, and this is where building HR management apps comes to your aid.

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HR Drowning in Tiresome, Manual Tasks

An HR department’s wide range of responsibility leads to a ton of manual work.

HR managers surveyed by The Harris Poll for online job site CareerBuilder admitted that their referral program (45%), performance management (33%) and applicant tracking (21%) functions are still not automated.

This is as worrisome as it is detrimental to the department.

Manual processes within HR lead to a 41% drop in productivity, a 40% rise in errors and a 35% increase in costs, the study added.

And then there’s the human aspect. As an HR manager, would you rather spend your time manually encoding reports or advising employees that urgently need your counsel?

Frustrated manager needs HR apps
BURNOUT: Manual work can easily exhaust even the hardest-working HR personnel.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to get the tools you need to start automating or at least digitizing your manual functions.

5 Online Apps Tired HR Managers Should Build

Exhausted from tedious and repetitive manual tasks? Feel like you can do more for your organization if only you could automate some functions with an online database application?

Here are five HR online apps you should consider building today:

1.  Recruitment Management

A core responsibility of the HR department, recruiting can be laborious. Processing dozens or hundreds of applications for a single position is exhausting. You need help tracking all those open positions and applications.

Get some reprieve! Request our ready-made recruitment management app. Publish job openings on your website, manage listings, set expiration dates and more in one mobile-responsive application.

The recruitment software supports an unlimited number of recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers — each with their own username and password — so you’ll need to build just one application for your entire company’s recruitment efforts. Use it “as is” or enhance it based on your organization’s specific requirements.

If you’re building a recruitment application, start by creating an applicant tracking system (ATS) that enables applicants to enter their information on your website… so you won’t need to encode it on your own.

2. Onboarding Knowledge Base

Manual onboarding becomes a less viable option as your company grows. Not only is it time-intensive, it also has the tendency to become inconsistent — giving new hires varying or even contradicting onboarding experiences.

Fix that with an employee onboarding app.

Build a knowledge base application where you can host self-service training modules and onboarding documents. Provide new hires access to the onboarding system and allow them to complete tasks on their own. Jump in only for matters where HR’s insight is crucial, resulting in an onboarding process that is both standardized and personalized.

3. Document Repository

HR is responsible for storing and tracking an organization’s electronic documents, including confidential employee files. You need an online document management app.

Build this application to give your organization the ability to digitally and safely store documents. Forget tedious manual searches on different shared folders and get everything you need with just one quick search. Appoint administrators who can monitor the uploading and sharing of files.

Interested? Check out our in-depth guide on how to build a Sales and Marketing collateral app. Our document repository saves us time searching for text documents, image files, presentations and more.

4. Policy Management

HR shares documents via policy management apps
SIGN HERE: HR can easily circulate documents within the organization even while teleworking through a policy management app

Organizations have their policies and procedures, and the dissemination of information usually falls under HR jurisdiction.

A policy management application allows you to easily circulate documents to all employees, including those who work outside of the office — a critical capability now that most businesses are operating with a distributed remote workforce.

Instead of emailing all employees individually, create an HR app that allows them to log into a custom portal, read the new policy and digitally sign off to attest reading it. No need for you to manually track each employee’s progress because you can enable the policy management application to send automated progress notifications and reports.

5. Employee Surveys

Employee feedback creates a better workplace, so it’s important to collect it for tracking and analysis. And when HR wants to measure job satisfaction, evaluate performance or improve employee engagement, they launch surveys.

If you want to make your employee surveys more engaging, combine the usual 1-5 ratings with questionnaires. Make them easy to use by allowing dropdown menus when employees need to choose from a set of options. Most importantly, ensure they are secure and confidential.

Watch our video tutorial on how to build survey forms without coding to learn more.

How to Build HR Management Apps Without Having to Code

You don’t need coding experience to start building simple but feature-rich human resources apps. Use Caspio’s low-code platform!

Caspio features simple point-and-click tools to help HR managers and other business professionals create web applications even if they’ve never developed an app before. We’re twice ranked a ‘low-code Leader’ by Forrester, which recognizes Caspio as the “richest platform for business developers.”

At the heart of our platform is an integrated online database where HR professionals securely save company information and make it available to employees who are currently teleworking.

The current pandemic has forced many organizations to implement business continuity initiatives, with HR professionals at the forefront of the rollout. Your responsibilities as an HR professional have expanded yet again. Reduce your repetitive manual tasks and empower your entire human resources department by building HR management apps with Caspio today!

Let us help you.

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