The coronavirus pandemic is forcing businesses to digitally transform — and fast.

While major cities endure a lockdown, and people stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, organizations are racing to implement business continuity plans (BCPs) to ensure the health of the company and their employees.

The new reality is this: the kitchen table is now the office desk and employees could be working from home for the foreseeable future.

How can you digitally transform at a rapid pace amid a global pandemic? By taking advantage of the cloud and leveraging Caspio’s low-code platform to quickly build cloud applications that support a distributed remote workforce.

To assist you during this crisis, Caspio is offering a Free Expert Session to help you quickly deploy any one of our ready-made applications. Schedule your free session now using this form.

Here are five ready-made applications you can deploy right now, without having to write code.

1. FAQ Manager

In these trying times, every customer counts. However, you might be losing existing and potential customers without realizing it. According to Forrester, 53% of U.S. adults abandon their online purchase if they can’t quickly find answers to their questions.

Save every customer you can by answering pressing questions in an easy-to-read FAQ format. Use Caspio’s ready-made FAQ manager to immediately publish Q&A on your website without worrying about coding.

Caspio Teleworking App - FAQ Manager Sample

This turnkey solution simplifies FAQ management by publishing questions and answers directly from the app. This means employees can update the FAQs from home, without having to log in to your website content management system (CMS) or asking the IT team to update the website. Caspio automatically displays the latest information in real-time, so you don’t have to redeploy each time you need to edit an answer or add a new question.

2. Time-Off Requests

Employees typically submit time-off requests through an established HR process. But now that people are working remotely, and with so many juggling childcare and other urgent matters, employee schedules are in flux. A cloud-based application can help manage schedules across the entire team. And our time-off request application makes it easy to do.

Enable remote employees to submit time-off or medical leave requests from any device. Managers or Human Resources automatically get notified of new requests via email and then approve, deny and track them in the app. With this ready-made app, you also have real-time reporting on all pending, approved or denied requests, giving you a snapshot of available manpower for better project planning.

3. Online Helpdesk

In a crisis, IT teams can expect the volume of requests to swell as more employees encounter technical problems working remotely. Chat and email may seem to do the trick initially, but a web-based application is a more effective tool when requests begin to accumulate and employees expect quick updates.

With Caspio, you can implement an online helpdesk ticketing system right away. Empower employees to submit tickets online and enable administrators to assign tickets and update status.

Caspio Teleworking App - IT Helpdesk Ticketing Screenshot

With offices across the U.S., Nightingale Home Healthcare used to struggle with the volume of requests that funneled through their small IT team. Using Caspio, they built an IT ticketing system that reduced phone calls and eliminated paper-based processes.

Want to take your helpdesk a step further? Integrate it into your site so employees or customers can check the status of their requests on their own.

SonTek, a division of $5 billion company Xylem, manufactures acoustic Doppler devices used to monitor bodies of water and predict when they are likely to cause flooding. Inundated with phone calls on the status of repairs, they added a status repair tracker on their website. This allowed customers to monitor the status of their requests in real-time and, in turn, reduced call volume by more than 50%.

4. Online Knowledge Base

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, employees spend almost 20% of their work week searching for internal information or seeking out colleagues who can answer their questions.

Implement an internal knowledge base to make sure everyone has access to the latest operational procedures, business policies, employee guidelines and other important information. Users can easily search for information using keywords or category filters. They also have the ability to provide feedback, upload files and rate the usefulness of an article.

Caspio Teleworking App - Knowledge Base

Designate subject matter experts as either authors or editors; both roles have the ability to add entries but only the latter can publish or reject articles from other authors. Meanwhile, administrators can monitor the status of all activities and view stats on the top articles and authors.

5. Project Management Tool

Managing multiple projects with competing deadlines is never easy, even when everyone is on the same floor. But when you and your team work remotely, it’s even more challenging. Just imagine how many emails you’ll need to send and how many video conferences you’ll have to attend to keep everything in check.

Ensure your team remains productive while teleworking without exhausting yourself in the process with our project management application. This ready-made app will help get you up and running right away and continue to evolve as your requirements change.

Caspio Teleworking App - Responsive Project Management

Set priorities, assign tasks and update deadlines. Quickly generate reports and analyze workloads by filtering projects by user, month and status in the dashboard view.

Simplify your day and automatically send emails so everyone is notified whenever there’s a change in the status of projects.

KSi, an international manufacturer of agricultural equipment, used to manage projects the old fashioned way — by using email and spreadsheets. This became counterproductive and caused confusion, both internally and among their clients. Using Caspio, KSi built a project management application that delivered 360-degree visibility and improved customer communication.

The Fastest Path to Teleworking Success

Forward-thinking executives are using Caspio’s low-code development platform to build custom applications that enable their teams to be more productive — whether working from home, in the field or in the office. You too can build apps to ensure business continuity and teleworking success, and you can do it without writing a single line of code.

Take advantage of Caspio’s industry-leading platform:

  • Visual Application Builder – Racing against time? Use Caspio’s app builder to create teleworking apps 20x faster compared to traditional development. Caspio uses a guided step-by-step approach to help you stay on the right track while building your app.
  • Powerful Cloud Database – Migrate your data to an online database and gain access to important data and documents anytime and from any device. Caspio’s low-code platform is built on a highly scalable AWS and MS SQL Server infrastructure, which guarantees a 99.9% uptime, so your data is always available.
  • Secure and Compliant Platform – Caspio meets strict security, privacy and compliance capabilities required by global enterprise companies and regulated industries such as healthcare, government, financial services and education. Our compliance programs and certifications include HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, GDPR and FIPS 140-2.

Digitally Transform With Low-Code Amid a Global Crisis

With the right tools and policies in place, teleworking presents an opportunity for businesses to remain operational while ensuring the safety of their people during a crisis.

Over-communicate with your team and send clear directives to reassure everyone. Look to secure cloud-based tools to grant access to critical information, so everyone can get the job done, even from their kitchen table.

Looking to ensure business continuity while teleworking?

Get a free consultation with a Caspio expert and see how you can build multi-user cloud applications using low code.

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