Build a Knowledge Base Without Coding

Launch Your Knowledge Management
System Fast

Create an Online Knowledge Base Without Coding

Give customers and employees easy access to helpful content through a secure knowledge management system. Centralize internal documents, manage reports or start a self-service hub to enhance customer support.

Built-In Database

Create your own knowledge base with Caspio to seamlessly transition your local database, articles or files to the cloud. Caspio’s no-code platform includes a secure, integrated cloud database to manage your content.


Secure your internal knowledge base with best-in-class cloud technology. Leverage the power, scale and security of Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon Web Services to build the best knowledge
base possible.

Deploy Anywhere

Publish your knowledge base on any website, intranet, portal or CMS with a few clicks. Alternatively, share a Caspio-hosted URL and give your users instant 24/7 access to information from any
connected device.

Why Do You Need a Knowledge Base?

Knowledge will always be part of business operations. Set up your knowledge management system and help your organization retain critical information, boost employee productivity and more.

Research by McKinsey shows that implementing searchable wikis and similar internal tools reduces the time spent by employees searching for business information by as much as 35%, enabling them to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

In fact, TSIA found that improved knowledge sharing within organizations can increase productivity, with the biggest group of respondents estimating a growth between 20% and 30%.

A knowledge base also ensures the information and expertise accumulated by tenured employees remain even after they retire or move on from your company.

Lastly, a public-facing knowledge base fosters good relationships with customers. According to Forrester, 71% of consumers say “valuing their time” is the best way to provide good services, and a self-serve 24/7 knowledge base does exactly that.

How to Build a Knowledge Base in 3 Easy Steps

Building a knowledge base enables you to organize company information in one location and make it accessible to those who need it. Caspio’s no-code platform allows you to build and deploy a custom knowledge
base system quickly.

Step 1: Design Your New Database

Use Caspio’s point-and-click wizards to quickly build the foundation of your knowledge management system.

Step 2: Create User Authentications

Add unique login screens for multiple users, admins and more to foster the best knowledge base experience.

Step 3: Build Your Online Knowledge Base

Create reliable web interfaces in the cloud with Caspio’s visual application builder. No coding required!

Tips for Creating Your Knowledge Base

Ready to get started with your knowledge base? Consider the following tips to help you along your entire building process. A well-designed knowledge management system goes a long way in ensuring users get what they need fast.

List your users and their corresponding access levels.

Typically, you have three types of users: regular users, contributors and administrators. Regular users search and view the database and also leave comments. Contributors upload knowledge base articles and files. Lastly, Administrators approve new articles and manage existing documents. Plan your user roles ahead to prevent revisions when building your knowledge base.

Write clear, descriptive article titles.

Since users see the titles of documents first, make sure headers convey enough information to determine the article’s content. For example, “HR Policy: How to File for Employee Overtime Pay” might be a better title than “HR Policy No. 32.” Your users will have an easier time using the knowledge base if they can find what they’re looking for
in one go.

Use synonyms and keywords in articles.

Aside from writing descriptive, using synonyms and keywords in the articles makes it easier for users and customers to find information in the knowledge base. When creating the content, be sure to use keywords and synonyms in the body for easy searchability. For example, users looking for “guidelines” might search for “procedures” or
“rules” instead.

Use no-code knowledge database templates.

Building software from the ground up via coding is time- and resource-intensive. Instead, start your knowledge management initiatives faster by using app templates. Look for a base or template application that includes functionalities you’d want in your knowledge base, such as user commenting and feedback, email alerts or notifications and search filters via category.

Why Build Your Knowledge Base With Caspio

Caspio helps improve productivity and ensure knowledge retention with a cloud database and no-code app development platform. Provide your end-users a centralized hub to find the information and support they need fast.



    Give your organization and the general public different access levels to your online knowledge base at no extra cost.



    Experience optimal response times with any number of concurrent users accessing your knowledge base.



    Publish knowledge base apps on any public-facing website, corporate intranet, portal or CMS — including SharePoint.



    Leverage enterprise-grade compliance to ensure the security, privacy and governance of your organizational knowledge.



    Grow your knowledge base according to your needs. Caspio automatically scales to meet usage spikes.



    Go beyond creating a knowledge base by building other web applications using intuitive point-and-click tools.



    Integrate popular cloud services such as Office 365, Active Directory, OneDrive and over 2,000 third-party tools.



    No need to be an expert in any programming language to add automations. Just point, click and publish!

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

With Caspio, the range of application features you can create is limited only by your imagination. Here are some popular use cases built by business professionals across all industries and departments.

Build Your First Knowledge Base App Today!

Want to create your knowledge database and start sharing content with a distributed workforce? Watch our 5-part video tutorial on how to build a knowledge base without writing code.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build an Online Database: Learn all about database tables and relationships — the foundation you need when building a knowledge base that’s reliable and easy to maintain.

  • Set User Privileges: Create custom authentications and database views to correctly filter users based on their assigned roles when logged into the knowledge base.

  • Build Submission Forms: Craft a self-service interface that allows users to submit knowledge base articles and assign them to other users, among other features.

  • Design Reports and Dashboards: Generate professional reports and real-time dashboards to review elements like status, metrics and key performance indicators.

  • Extend Functionality With Low Code: Learn how to insert HTML blocks and apply SQL on calculated fields. Tech-savvy users are free to enhance their apps with standard languages.

  • Deploy Your Knowledge Base Anywhere: Embed your Caspio applications on any intranet, website or mobile site for 24/7 access to your app from any computer or device.

Create a Knowledge Base App Without Coding

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, Caspio has been simplifying how tens of thousands of businesses around the globe manage data online. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

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Caspio is an innovative, easy-to-understand solution that enables us to showcase our business online.
Javier Hernandez
Operations VP
ISU Insurance Agency
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Caspio lets us access the information we need whenever we want — connecting us with our audience better.
Gail Pabst
All-America Selections
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With Caspio, I put easy-to-share information together and connect data in ways I couldn’t do before.
Henry Coleman
Marketing VP
Hammacher Schlemmer

Your Knowledge Base Questions Answered

What is a knowledge base?

A knowledge base, sometimes referred to as a knowledge database, is an organized repository of information. It’s meant to help information seekers find data faster, and is the tool or technology that helps organizations manage their knowledge. Common examples of knowledge base tools are technical support portals, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and wikis.

How can I upgrade my knowledge base?

The best way to upgrade your knowledge base is by migrating it entirely into Caspio. You’re getting a database platform with at least 99.9% uptime while running on Microsoft SQL Server and Amazon Web Services. You’re also future-proofing your knowledge base with support for rapid expansion from Caspio’s dynamic database scaling and unlimited user model. With Enterprise-grade compliance, your database comes with built-in certifications like SOC 2, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), PCI, GDPR and more.

Can I build my own knowledge base?

Yes! With Caspio’s no-code platform, you can build your database from scratch or transition your local knowledge database to the cloud in just a few steps. Intuitive point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools make it easier to import or create a database from scratch. These tools are also ideal for easily rating and filtering data across multiple tables and enforcing referential integrity. And since you’re building on a no-code platform, you have the power to create app interfaces on top of your database. Build smart and dynamic widgets and customize your knowledge base as you see fit.

How do I create a knowledge base application?

To build your knowledge base application, all you need to do is import an existing database or spreadsheet. Of course, you can also create one from scratch. Once imported inside Caspio, you can start building web interfaces for your knowledge base app using step-by-step wizards. Then, deploy your app online to a website, which is as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

What is the best knowledge base application builder?

Caspio is the best knowledge base application builder. It’s a scalable online platform capable of building knowledge base apps of any size or complexity. Bring your databases to the cloud and transcend on-prem limitations without writing a single line of code. Thousands of Caspio users around the world build custom business applications 20x faster than using traditional development methods.

Can I use a low-code platform to build knowledge base applications?

Definitely! Just import your local database or spreadsheet using Caspio’s point-and-click tools or build from scratch inside the platform. Caspio provides intuitive app-building tools for both business users and experienced developers. Anyone can build apps, even those with no programming background. And if you’re a tech-savvy user, Caspio’s low-code platform allows you to extend apps with standard
programming languages.

How do I build a knowledge base application from scratch?

Start by signing up for a free Caspio trial and follow along with our guided development interface. You can even request our free knowledge base software and customize it to your needs.

How do I transfer my knowledge base to the cloud?

If you have an existing knowledge base in your local computer or network, you can transition it to the cloud with the help of Caspio. Easily import information to Caspio and work within the platform to create a knowledge base application similar to what you had locally. You can also conveniently bulk upload multiple documents, images and other files into Caspio. Once done, deploy the app online and make it accessible to your users no matter where they are.

Ready to Get Started?

Build your knowledge base app today!


Ready to Get Started?

Build your knowledge base app today!