Caspio Integrates Data to Enhance Customer Experiences

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Roost
Industry Insurance
Challenge Consolidate data from different sources in different formats
Why Caspio
  • Allows easy collection and management of data from disparate sources and formats
  • Empowers users to solve business problems without relying on IT
  • Offers great customer support


Hi, my name is Kim Graf. I’m the director of customer experience at Roost.


Roost is a home telematics company. We are primarily focused on the insurance industry. We sell our smart home devices to insurance companies, who then provide those to their policyholders, focusing on two things: loss mitigation and customer engagement via a co-branded mobile app.


As the director of customer experience, I’m responsible basically for anything that touches a customer. This includes end-user customers through a customer support organization and our B2B partners or our insurance partners. I work with these partners to launch programs that allow them to provide our smart home sensors to their customers.

Consolidating Disparate Data Made Easy

I got involved with Caspio from a point of pain.


I was struggling like the hamster on a wheel trying to keep up with my workload as we launched our first partner. I had been dealing with data that was in different places, in different formats. I was consolidating from a CSV file on Dropbox, from Survey Monkey, and from the Excel spreadsheets of our partners. I needed to bring all that data together and make sense of it.


The Caspio online database allows us to get many different data sources into one location.


Caspio improves our processes in what I call our business to business to consumer (B2B2C) supply chain. It also allows us to easily create reports that our insurance company partners want to see.

Enables Business Professionals to Get Work Done

I would say the best thing about the Caspio platform is the overall vision that it is a tool for business people. It allows a business person to solve a business problem without having to beg from an IT or engineering department.


I’m able to get my work done, and that fundamentally is the best thing about Caspio.

With Caspio Support, You’re Never Alone

Another thing that I like is the customer support Caspio offers. I have never felt alone. I have never felt like, “Oh my gosh, I won’t be able to do this.” All I need to do is contact someone from the Caspio Support Team and I’ll get really great help.


I would recommend Caspio 100% without any hesitation. You’ll be amazed at what you can do in a very short period of time.

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