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Pioneering low-code application development since 2000

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Our Mission

Caspio aims to provide a best-in-class, best-value platform for creating business applications with little to no coding. We understand that custom software is essential to our customers’ differentiation and success. Our goal is to equip our customers with the tools and services they need to turn their vision into reality and stand out in their respective industries.

The Caspio Idea

Caspio’s Founder and CEO, Frank Zamani, aims to make application development accessible to everyone by eliminating unnecessary coding.

In his youth, Frank fled his native country of Iran to escape persecution against the Baha’is. After two years in Pakistan, he received asylum in the United States, where he began a new life. He earned a degree in computer science, landed a job at Microsoft, and later co-founded Autoweb.com, an early online car-buying service.

At both Microsoft and his startup, Frank witnessed valuable IT resources hand-coding common applications he believed could be created by non-developers if given the right tool. Thus, he founded Caspio in 2000 to create a platform for business users to build powerful applications quickly — and without the complexities of programming.

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Who We Are Today

Today, Caspio is a fast-growing global company serving customers in over 150 countries. We serve organizations of all sizes, from government agencies and multinational corporations to one-person entrepreneurs, offering solutions that cater to various industries, regions and languages.

At Caspio, we prioritize our customers and team members over profits and growth. We view our work as a service and approach it with a deep sense of purpose. We work closely with our customers to achieve their goals, while also striving to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Growing Community


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A Worldwide Operation

Our team is made up of professionals from all over the world who are committed to serving our diverse customer base.

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Our Core Values


At Caspio, service is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that work and service should be inseparable. By adopting this mindset, we achieve fulfillment in our work and bring greater satisfaction to our customers and community.


We are committed to delivering work that exceeds expectations. Our team works diligently to ensure that every project we undertake is completed to the highest standards, ensuring a valuable experience for our customers every time.


As humans, we have immense potential and a noble spirit. As Caspians, we strive to avoid the mundane by constantly learning and exploring ideas that challenge the norm. Our passion for innovation motivates us to push beyond the status quo.

Serving Businesses in Every Industry

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