Caspio Onboarding

The Fastest Path to Learning App Development

Your Fast Track to Success

Caspio Onboarding is a guided six-week program consisting of training, planning, consultation, best practices and tips and tricks – all designed to accelerate your development skills. You'll have Caspio experts at your disposal, helping you achieve your goals quickly and cost-effectively.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

Expert Assistance From the Very Start

Learning through trial and error is fine if you have the luxury of time. But your time is precious. So how do you hit the ground running without the fear of do-overs? With Caspio Onboarding, you'll be guided step-by-step by our specialists to plan, build and deploy your custom applications.


Learn directly from someone who’s mastered Caspio’s low-code platform. Serving as your primary point of contact, your Platform Specialist will conduct weekly video conferences and guide you through the entire program, equipping you with tips and best practices along the way. Get instant answers to all your application-related questions.


Solve critical problems throughout your organization with the help of your Account Manager. Using each session to understand your goals and the pain points you’re trying to address, your Account Manager will help you to look beyond your current project and start driving digital transformation within your organization.

The Caspio team has been a phenomenal resource. Our account manager coordinates services with technical experts who have a flair for customer service.”

Danielle Baxter Director of Business Development, Paragon Global CRS

Concurrent Tracks: Build While You Learn

Caspio Onboarding provides concurrent Training, Planning and Building tracks, so you can start creating your application now while learning the skills to develop future Caspio apps. All tracks customized based on your existing knowledge, technical skillset, use case and longer term goals.


Gives you access to Caspio’s industry-leading training resources complete with custom-curated content consisting of video guides, how-to articles, demos and case studies, all revolving around your specific project needs.


Collaborate with your Platform Specialist to plan out all aspects of your application data structure, functionality, process workflows, user experience and future development.


Roll up your sleeves and start building your online database app interfaces. Designed to be incremental, this track allows you to make strides while building the confidence to continue at your own pace.

Additional Guidance Beyond Onboarding


At the end of the onboarding program, you’ll receive an Application Blueprint or Functional Requirements Document (FRD), which serves as your detailed roadmap to complete your application.

Your Platform Specialist and Account Manager will ensure your FRD provides a clear overview, application data structure, workflow diagrams and other pertinent information to fully articulate the requirements and how they will function in your application.


With Caspio Onboarding, you'll receive support and guidance from your Account Manager for an entire year.

You’ll also have the option to purchase additional Expert Sessions with your Platform Specialist once your six-week program concludes. This means you’ll continue to receive personalized support to complete your current project or accommodate new application requests.

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