Caspio Onboarding Services

Accelerate results with a personalized onboarding plan.

Onboarding session with Caspio experts

The Fastest Path to Your First Caspio Application

Caspio Onboarding is like learning to cook a gourmet meal with a professional chef by your side. Even if the techniques appear complex at first, our expert guidance empowers you to create a culinary masterpiece — while gaining the confidence to explore on your own.

Starting your journey with Caspio's low-code development platform is far more effective with personalized assistance. Our onboarding process is designed to fast-track your first application build and launch, while ensuring solid architecture and robust security every step of the way.

Get It Right the First Time

Eliminate wasted time and achieve your first success with Caspio in no time.

Learn Quicker

Learn Quicker

Acquire essential skills with ease through personalized guidance.

Plan better

Build It Right

Develop applications the right way, avoiding common pitfalls.

Show results sooner

Get Better Results

Achieve higher ROI by implementing your solutions sooner.

Onboarding Program Highlights

Personalized Guidance

Accelerate your learning curve with individualized support tailored to your specific needs and project requirements, ensuring a clear and effective learning path.

Hands-On Experience

Get real-world experience building enterprise-grade applications with the help of experts, reinforcing understanding through implementation.

Confidence Building

Quickly gain the confidence to tackle more advanced projects that fully utilize the Caspio platform's features, capabilities and scale.

Skill Development and Mastery

Onboarding goes beyond how-to guidance, providing a profound understanding of the platform's potential while fostering skills to innovate with low code.

Flexible Packages to Suit Your Needs

Jumpstart Onboarding

Get started quickly with technical assistance to build your first Caspio app.

$600 USD
  • EUD: €540
  • GBP: £458
  • CAD: $778
  • AUD: $841
  • ZAR: R9 600
  • BRL: R$2.594
  • INR: ₹43,700
  • Ideal for individuals and small teams
  • Three (3) sessions for up to 3 people
  • Pre-defined topics relevant to your needs
  • Proactive check-ins during first 6 months
Enterprise Onboarding

Hands-on guidance, planning and implementation including advanced topics.

$1,800 USD
  • EUD: €1.620
  • GBP: £1,373
  • CAD: $2,333
  • AUD: $2,523
  • ZAR: R28 800
  • BRL: R$7.781
  • INR: ₹131,200
  • Ideal for businesses and enterprises
  • Six (6) sessions for up to 10 people
  • In-depth tracks customized to business goals
  • Proactive check-ins during the first year
  • Advanced training topics and support
  • Additional focus on long-term planning
  • Includes application blueprint documentation

How Caspio Drives Customer Innovation

Chris Baker

Caspio helps us accomplish all of our goals and gives us great confidence knowing we can easily manage our growing database.

Danielle Baxter

The Caspio team is phenomenal! Our account manager coordinates services with technical experts known for their superb customer care.

Dann Miller

I continue to be impressed with Caspio and the level of support they provide. Their team is helpful, solves problems and moves our projects forward.

Set Your Team Up for Success

Discover how Caspio Onboarding ensures a solid foundation for your low-code journey.

Demonstration of Caspio features during onboarding