Build HIPAA-Compliant Software

Fast and secure, with little to no code.


Transforming Healthcare With Affordable Digital Solutions

Healthcare leaders must tackle affordability with new digital strategies. However, persistent labor shortages, expensive app development, cybersecurity risks and compliance obligations increase the complexity and financial burden.

With Caspio’s low-code platform, your healthcare organization can improve the patient experience, ensure enterprise-grade security and scale operations at lower cost. Regardless of the type of care, you can deliver better outcomes with the power of custom-built HIPAA-compliant software.

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All-in-One Platform for Custom Healthcare Applications

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Low-Code Development

With Caspio, healthcare organizations can accelerate software development cycles and launch customized solutions with little to no coding.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Caspio reduces the cost of application development by replacing traditional methods with low code, giving you a higher return on investment.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Healthcare professionals can improve care delivery using custom interfaces and workflows that promote data-driven decisions.

Secure Cloud Database

Caspio simplifies the storage of electronic health records and other data in the cloud, ensuring secure data management for healthcare apps.

Built-in HIPAA Compliance

Caspio’s HIPAA Edition provides an exclusive environment designed to meet the stringent compliance requirements of the healthcare industry.

Scale for Unlimited Users

Caspio enables healthcare organizations to effortlessly scale their applications for unlimited users, providing flexibility to adapt as needed.

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations Worldwide

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Digitize and Automate With HIPAA-Compliant Software

Clinical Decision Support

Manage patient outcomes by leveraging timely, data-driven point-of-care information.

Online Patient Portal

Deploy patient-facing apps providing easy access to medical resources, health tracking tools and appointment scheduling.

Care Coordination

Synchronize patient care and enable seamless collaboration among disparate healthcare providers.

Population Health

Develop apps for efficient data collection, sharing, analysis and monitoring to effectively manage population health.

Compliance Management

Automate data management and compliance processes so you can focus on quality care while minimizing risks.

Physician Directory

Launch a searchable database for patients to view doctor profiles, book appointments, leave ratings and more.

Capital Request System

Manage resource allocation and capital requests for different departments using an automated approval workflow system.

Outcomes Dashboard

Analyze health outcome data using custom filters, drill-down reports, interactive charts and custom dashboards.

Online Calendars

Publish internal or public-facing calendars incorporating employee shifts, scheduling preferences, special events and more.

Gain HIPAA Compliance as a Built-in Feature

With Caspio’s HIPAA Edition, you can securely store and manage PHI within an exclusive environment designed to meet the rigorous compliance regulations of the healthcare industry.

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How Industry Leaders are Making a Difference

Shane Wieberg

Caspio helped Emory increase our productivity, giving us more time to analyze data to improve patient care across the organization.

Danielle Baxter

Our online patient portal reduced data entry time by 80%. And we did it securely in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

david emerson

It’s easy to integrate Caspio with other systems. We build HIPAA-compliant applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Supercharge Your Healthcare Operations With Low Code

Build HIPAA-compliant software with Caspio’s all-in-one platform.

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