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Embracing Challenges and Fostering Innovation

The dynamic nature of education today presents multifaceted challenges — streamlining complex operations, managing vast data securely, promoting engaging learning environments and facilitating cutting-edge research.

Caspio's low-code platform is uniquely designed to tackle these challenges. It equips institutions with the power to create tailored applications, simplify operations, manage data efficiently, enhance engagement and support research.

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Unlocking Opportunities With Caspio

Student database management system

Efficient Operations

Simplify administrative tasks and enhance productivity with tailored applications that reduce paperwork and increase automation.

Secure Data Management

Ensure the privacy and security of your institution's data with our compliant platform that fulfills regulatory requirements including HIPAA and FERPA.

Enhanced Engagement

Foster better communication and enriched learning experiences with interactive platforms that support multimedia embedding.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Caspio reduces the cost of application development by replacing traditional methods with low code, giving you a higher return on investment.

Unlimited Users

Experience unparalleled scalability with our unique unlimited user pricing model, providing flexibility to adapt as needed.

Deploy Anywhere

Ensure reliable application performance, irrespective of deployment environment from public-facing websites to intranet portals and more.

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Gain FERPA Compliance as a Built-in Feature

With Caspio’s Compliance Edition, you can securely store and manage student PII data within an exclusive environment designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Optimizing Educational Outcomes With Caspio

Student Information Systems

Develop custom SIS solutions to centralize and manage student records including attendance, grading and assessments.

Workflow Automation

Simplify administrative and academic processes by reducing manual work and increasing automated workflows.

Research Management

Support your research initiatives with robust data collection and reporting in a compliant environment.

Forms Automation

Streamline data collection and approvals by digitizing and automating your paper-based forms securely in the cloud.

Alumni Management

Centralize all alumni data and streamline communication and event coordination with an easy-to-use online platform.

Faculty Directory

Create an easy-to-navigate online directory of faculty members, their specializations and contact information.

Event Registration

Automate event registration online and manage attendee data, payments and provide real-time updates.

Fundraising Management

Organize fundraising campaigns effectively with customized reports, dashboards and document generation features.

Campus Management

Ensure smooth operation and maintenance of campus facilities and other auxiliary services with easy-to-use applications.

Teach Low Code With Caspio’s Academic Program

The Caspio Academic Program is free for educational entities, instructors and students. Use our development platform as a learning tool to teach database design, application architecture and project implementation to set students up for their future careers.

Teach Low Code With Caspio’s Academic Program

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