Turn Excel Spreadsheets
Into Web Apps

Build Cloud Apps From Spreadsheets in Minutes!

Convert Your Spreadsheets Into Interactive Web Apps

Level up your Excel spreadsheets with Caspio’s pioneering no-code app builder and integrated online database. Publish worksheets online, collaborate securely with multiple users and create powerful business apps — without writing code.

Migrate to a Cloud Database

The easiest way to turn Excel into a bona fide database is by importing your spreadsheets into Caspio. You gain instant access to data types, table relationships, record-level security and more. All it takes is a few clicks.

Build Excel Web Apps

Quickly build interfaces like forms, charts and reports on top of your data. With Caspio’s guided development workflow and point-and-click tools, you can create online Excel applications with ease.

Publish Spreadsheets Online

Embed your databases and apps on any website, intranet, portal or CMS. Alternatively, share a Caspio-hosted URL and give your users instant 24/7 access to their data from any connected device.

Excel Is Many Things, But Not a Database

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used business tools around the world. However, using it as a database in an era of teleworking and cloud computing can lead to data exposure, decreased productivity and more.

Excel users benefit from a vast collection of formulas, instantaneous calculations, easy charting and simple customization of fonts and colors. Anyone can input data and make quick reports, so it’s not a surprise that Excel can be seen on almost every computer around the world and continues to be a pillar of the Microsoft Office suite.

Limitations arise when multiple users need to edit files at the same time. Or when there’s sensitive information that other collaborators aren’t allowed to see. Often, it’s simply hard to find the latest version of the “final” file in your inbox.

If you’re trying to use spreadsheets as a business database and you find yourself limited by the lack of collaboration or security features, you’ve already outgrown Microsoft Excel.

Consider moving from Excel to a centralized online database. With Caspio, you can easily bring your existing spreadsheets into the cloud. Build secure, interactive web database apps and automate the way you collect and share data. Caspio is built on enterprise-grade SQL servers that can effortlessly handle databases of any size, with any number
of users.

Convert Excel to a Web Application in 3 Easy Steps

Build the Excel database you’ve always wanted. No installation of software or copy-pasting of records required. Just upload your Excel spreadsheets to our online database and start creating cloud applications without coding!

Step 1: Import Your Spreadsheet

Upload your Excel files and quickly import multiple worksheets using Caspio’s point-and-click wizards.

Step 2: Configure Your Tables

Caspio elevates your records in a structured database environment with custom data types and relationships.

Step 3: Build Powerful Excel Web Apps

Create multi-user web interfaces with Caspio’s visual application builder. No coding required!

Why Move From Excel to Web Now

Simplify how you share data with others while doing it safely, securely and professionally. Be competitive in today’s digital landscape by leaving behind legacy systems in favor of a powerful online database platform.



    Unlike Excel spreadsheets, Caspio allows unlimited users to manage data and work simultaneously on the same table.



    Grow your database according to your needs. Caspio automatically scales to accommodate increasing demands.



    Experience optimal response times even with millions of records stored in your Caspio-powered Excel database.



    More than an online Excel spreadsheet, Caspio lets you build feature-rich web apps using intuitive point-and-click tools.



    Publish your custom Excel database and apps on any website, intranet, portal or CMS — including SharePoint.



    Select from thousands of third-party services, plugins and apps that also include Microsoft’s product suite.



    Leverage enterprise-grade compliance to adhere to regulations and protect business data and users.



    Add automations and workflows without using macros or Excel expressions. Just point, click and publish!

From Limited Worksheets to Infinite Possibilities

With Caspio, the range of Excel database apps you can create is limited only by your imagination. Here are some popular use cases built by business professionals across all industries and departments.

Build Your First Excel Database App Today!

Want to create an online Excel app with powerful database features and web interfaces? Watch our 5-part video tutorial on how to convert Excel to a web application without writing code.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Import Data From Excel to a Database: Natively upload data into Caspio in various formats, including Excel Workbooks, comma-separated values (CSV), delimited text and fixed-width text. We also support MS Access and XML files.

  • Manage User Access and Permissions: Caspio provides a powerful and flexible authentication system that enables you to password-protect your data. Set up role-based access for every application, down to every record.

  • Generate Interactive Web-Based Reports: Once you import your data into Caspio, our point-and-click wizards guide you through the process of creating real-time reports, including tabular charts and pivot tables.

  • Design Dashboards for Tracking and Insights: Create business intelligence dashboards by combining relevant charts and reports on one page. Enable decision-makers to make the right calls with easy access to updated information.

  • Create Forms for Data Submissions: With Caspio, you can build web forms for inserting new data or updating existing information. This allows you to operate on a self-service system, eliminating the need to manually update spreadsheets.

  • Deploy Excel Web Apps Anywhere: Embed your Caspio applications on any intranet, website or mobile site for 24/7 access to your application from any computer or device, anywhere in the world.

Convert Excel Spreadsheets Into Web Apps

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, Caspio has been perfecting how businesses capture, share and manage data securely. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

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Caspio enables us to consolidate old spreadsheets and databases in one location for easy data management.
Paola Deininger
Applications Specialist
S&S Worldwide
Icon of an opening quotation mark.
With Caspio, we deploy real-time reporting and analytics apps with built-in security and access controls.
Shane Wieberg
Director of Decision Support
Emory Healthcare
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We’ve built hundreds of cloud database applications using Caspio. It’s simply the best platform on the market!
Greg Coiro
Direct Line Cruises

Your Excel to Web Questions Answered

Is Excel a database?

No, Excel lacks the core features of a true database. The popular Microsoft tool does not enforce enough data integrity to maintain accuracy, consistency and reliability when managing structured information. Excel has limited features for implementing data types, data validation and simultaneous multi-user access, among other critical functionalities organizations need in today’s digital landscape.

How do you convert Excel to a database?

Upload any Excel file from your local device into the Caspio platform. Then, configure your data types and table relationships using Caspio’s point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.

How do I move Excel sheets online?

Use Caspio’s powerful import tools to upload your existing Excel sheets and .CSV files to the cloud. Caspio also allows MS Access database migration, making it the most flexible tool for moving on-prem databases to the cloud.

Can I create an app using my Excel sheets?

Yes, you can create an app using your existing Excel spreadsheets. Simply import your Excel files into Caspio and use our intuitive visual app builder to create powerful, database-driven web apps. Easily build dashboards, expense reporting tools, calculators, invoice processing apps and more — no coding required!

How do you convert Excel to a web application?

After signing up for a free Caspio trial and logging into your account, select the option to import your existing Excel spreadsheets when creating a new app. Caspio’s point-and-click tools guide you along our no-code development process, from table configuration to user authentication, building web interfaces and publishing apps online.

How do I embed Excel into a website?

By converting your Excel sheets to Caspio web applications, you gain the ability to embed them on any website, intranet, portal or CMS. Simply copy our auto-generated deploy code and paste it on your site — similar to how you embed YouTube videos.

Ready to Get Started?

Transcend Excel limitations with Caspio


Ready to Get Started?

Transcend Excel limitations with Caspio