Caspio Reduces Customer Repair-Status Calls by Over 50%

Case Study Synopsis

Customer SonTek
Industry Industrial / Industrial Automation
Challenge Needed an application for customers to check the status of repair requests
Why Caspio
  • Bridges the communication gap between the business and its customers
  • Enables departments to show status of repairs or requests via their website
  • Offers easy-to-manage payment structure to avoid fluctuations in fees


My name is Jeff Winters. I am director of customer service for SonTek.


SonTek is an acoustic doppler manufacturer. We manufacture products that go into rivers or oceans and then measure the flow and the depth of those bodies of water.


For example, the USGS recently have a lot of our products in rivers near Houston. They would be able to look at the flow and the depth of that river, and they could predict when it’s going to overflow and cause flooding. When the recent hurricane Harvey went through, they were able to use that data to determine that.


SonTek is a part of Xylem, a $5 billion company. My role is director of customer service, I manage the sales administrators, our repair department and our technical support.

Online Database Solves Flood of Phone Calls

One of the biggest problems we have is when customers send their units in, they want to determine when it would be repaired.


First, when will the evaluation be done. Second, how much was it going to cost to do the repair and third, when was the repair going to be completed. Our sales administrators are inundated by these questions. I looked for a tool that will allow our customers to log in to a website and be able to determine that information for themselves.


Since we implemented that using the Caspio platform, calls for repair status have gone down over 50%.


One of the big things about Caspio is it does help our customers know when the unit’s being repaired. If they know there’s going to be flooding in a specific area, we can expedite those repairs to ensure we have those systems in place before the flooding events occur.

Caspio Support Team Expedites Projects

One thing I was looking at was a web-based system and one of the problems we ran into was getting IT resources develop this type of process.


When I first contacted the Caspio Support team, I had an issue where I was having problems linking the DataPages to the data that I want certain customers to see. They were perfect on that. They were able to direct me on how to set up the DataPages and they also showed me some training that was online to assist me in that.


It probably would have taken two to three weeks to complete but I was able to complete the work within days.

Stable, Easy-to-Manage Payment Structure

Having a set fee for the DataPages means different users throughout the world can track the status of their repairs without us having to worry about fluctuations with the fee. Right now, it’s a set fee and it’s easier to manage that as a director.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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