Throughout history, humanity has looked for ways to predict flooding. Priests in ancient Egypt, for instance, depended on an instrument called a nilometer to anticipate when the Nile River would flood. Medieval Venetians used astronomical charts to prepare for the annual flooding brought by the tides of its famous lagoon.

These ancient techniques paved way for the high-tech water flow instruments used today. Since its founding in 1992, SonTek has been an industry leader measuring all aspects of water movement — depth, velocity, waves and flow. Researchers and government agencies in over 100 countries use SonTek’s acoustic Doppler instruments to monitor rivers, lakes, streams and oceans to help predict when flood-prone areas are likely to overflow.

Jeff Winters, SonTek’s Director of Customer Service, plays a crucial role in maintaining company operations. Responsible for managing the technical support, sales administration and repair departments, Winters soon realized that much of his team’s time was spent on the phone updating customers on the status of their repair or maintenance orders. He needed an effective tool to serve the large number of customers eager to know the latest status.

Using Low-Code to Streamline Operations

Winters started searching for a web-based solution that would allow SonTek customers to access their repair requests, cost estimates, and current status online. He found Caspio and quickly started executing his vision. Equipped with Caspio’s visual application builder and user management capabilities, it did not take long for him to build and deploy his custom application within a few days.

Winters saw positive results almost immediately. “Since we started using Caspio, calls for repair status have gone down by over 50 percent,” Winters said.

With fewer calls to manage, the team is able to deliver a higher quality of care to customers when they need it most. Using Caspio-powered applications, SonTek can expedite the repairs for the specific areas anticipating flooding — ultimately helping to improve disaster preparedness around the globe.

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