Babe Ruth once said that every strike brings him closer to a home run. Strikes aren’t an option, though, when you’re the organizer of a youth travel baseball league. The quick and accurate tracking of league information like game results needs to be a home run every single game.

This was the chief concern of Jan Rosenblum, the CEO of New York Travel Baseball League. As the organizer of a youth baseball league, Rosenblum wanted to spend more time helping teams develop new baseball talent and less time with the tedious task of constantly updating and organizing information and deploying it on the league’s portal. Rosenblum needed a way to streamline and automate this process.

Deploying a Custom Database App

Rosenblum previously used a legacy database system to track and organize league data. However, he was frustrated by the system’s inability to integrate with the league’s website. Because teams rely on the website to check game schedules and league standings, it’s crucial that all the correct information is regularly updated immediately after every game.

After searching the internet for solutions, Rosenblum discovered Caspio and found that the all-in-one online database application platform gave him the power to build a custom database app and rapidly deploy it on the New York Travel Baseball League website. Using Caspio’s visual point-and-click wizards, Rosenblum easily created a table that categorized games according to different age groups. This allows him to track and update information quickly. Since updating the table automatically updates all the related data deployed on the league’s website, Caspio also eliminated the need to enter data multiple times. “Caspio’s automation features really simplified everything for our youth baseball operation,” says Rosenblum.

NY Travel Baseball Web Application

Figure 1: Rosenblum uses Caspio to categorize matches schedule per division.

Sample Table Report

Figure 2: With Caspio, Rosenblum is able to update game results immediately after every game.

Solid Security Features

Rosenblum was also enthralled by Caspio’s user management and security features. Caspio allows Rosenblum to limit the access of sensitive player information such as name and date of birth to select users — including team coaches and league officials. Caspio’s password-protection feature adds an additional layer of security from unauthorized access.

Caspio password-protection feature

Figure 3: Caspio enables Rosenblum to limit access of sensitive information to select users.

Keeping an Eye on What Really Matters

Ultimately, the biggest benefit Caspio brings to Rosenblum is the freedom it gives him to focus on the more important activities of his league. Rosenblum trusts Caspio’s low-code development platform to streamline and automate the tedious tasks that used to weigh him down. Now, he’s free to bring the joy of what Babe Ruth called the best game in the world to a new generation of sluggers.

Caspio helps you hit that home run. Slide over your business challenges and get started today.

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