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Low-Code Innovation for the Energy and Utilities Sector

Energy and utility companies face numerous challenges: market volatility, technological disruptions, legacy infrastructure, environmental concerns, regulatory compliance, security risks and renewable energy development.

Caspio's low-code platform empowers users to build cloud applications fast, with little to no coding. Create custom solutions for data management, operational agility, field management, customer service, compliance programs, and most importantly industry innovation.

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All-in-One Platform for Custom Applications

Energy data management

Low-Code Development

With Caspio, energy and utility companies can accelerate software development cycles and launch customized solutions with little to no coding.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Caspio reduces the cost of application development by replacing traditional methods with low code, giving you a higher return on investment.

Data-Driven Workflows

Enable your team to work smarter with custom applications and workflows that promote real-time data-driven decisions.

Fully-Integrated Database

Caspio's database offers robust data management capabilities, third-party data integrations, enterprise-grade scalability and reliable cloud delivery.

Built-in Security & Compliance

Ensure compliance with strict IT requirements using Caspio's robust security features, role-based access controls and governance policies.

Scale for Unlimited Users

Caspio enables organizations to effortlessly scale their applications for unlimited users, providing flexibility to adapt as needed.

Trusted by Leading Organizations Worldwide

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Digitize and Automate Across the Business

Field Operations

Maximize field productivity with easy access to work orders, scheduling, real-time messaging and mobile-friendly apps.

Self-Service Portals

Improve customer service and reduce support inquiries by empowering customers through an online portal.

KPI Dashboards

Gain insights into energy consumption patterns and make informed decisions based on real-time performance metrics.

Outage Response

Improve outage response and service restoration by automating ticketing, repair coordination and customer notifications.

Resource Allocation

Optimize how you monitor resource availability, scheduling, utilization and costs using a centralized database.

Asset Management

Maximize utilization through efficient asset tracking, performance monitoring and preventive maintenance programs.

Billing Operations

Streamline billing processes with usage calculations, notifications and payment processing through self-service portals.

Safety Management

Ensure safety compliance by tracking incident reports, training programs, certifications and field safety audits.

Compliance Programs

Manage regulatory compliance procedures, impact assessments, inspections, audits and reporting.

How Caspio Customers are Making a Difference

Paul Woolsey

Caspio is the best of everything — bang for the buck, sustainable, cloud-driven, the whole nine yards.

Veronica Vela

Caspio is fully integrated into our website, allowing thousands of users to easily access their utility bills.

Mike Brasovan

My favorite thing about Caspio is that it just works. We’re able to go in and make the all changes we need.

Transform Your Energy Operations With Low Code

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