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Seize Opportunities in an Evolving Landscape

The media industry is in constant flux, navigating the digital revolution and evolving audience expectations. Journalists and other companies within the sector need to deliver engaging content that leverages data and fosters audience interaction easily and cost-effectively.

Caspio's low-code platform empowers media organizations to build custom data-driven applications with speed and ease. Offering high scalability, deployment flexibility and an unlimited user pricing model, Caspio is the leading choice for the world's most trusted media companies, meeting their precise needs and delivering reliability for high-traffic websites.


Caspio's Key Capabilities for Media

Ease of Use

Caspio’s platform is built for non-developers. Most database publishing and applications require no coding at all.

Deep Industry Experience

For two decades, Caspio has been serving over 80% of the U.S. news media outlets, including online newspapers and broadcast stations.

Audience Engagement

Foster active audience participation with interactive, data-driven apps, empowering users to contribute to the conversation.

Deploy Anywhere

Easily embed your database and other applications into any CMS, ensuring seamless functionality within your existing system.

Unlimited User Pricing

With Caspio as your platform, you can create wide-reaching community applications at scale, without the burden of per-seat pricing.

High Scalability

Handle high-traffic volumes and experience smooth operations even during peak periods with our robust, scalable platform.

Trusted by Leading Media Organizations Worldwide

Inspiring Use Cases Across the Media Industry

Database Journalism

Build interactive projects that present information in engaging ways, allowing readers to delve deeper into the data.

Crime Mapping

Use police department data to create interactive crime maps, so communities can identify local hotspots and trends.

Public School Performance

Analyze and present data on local schools' performance, highlighting disparities or achievements in education.

Election Results

Provide up-to-the-minute results, trends and forecasts, so users can stay informed and engaged in the democratic process.

Environmental Reporting

Use data to highlight environmental issues like local air quality, deforestation rates or global temperature trends.

Government Spending

Leverage government databases to track public expenditure, bringing attention to potential misuse of public funds.

Crowdsource Reporting

Gather citizen contributions and user-generated content, while streamlining the process to ensure easy accessibility.

Community Portals

Create community platforms that serve as hubs for meaningful discussions and foster active engagement among users.

Event Calendars

Keep your audience in the loop with dynamic, real-time calendars that provide information about upcoming events.

How Caspio Customers are Making a Difference

Dann Miller

I continue to be impressed with Caspio — not just by the technology. Their team is helpful in answering problems and moving projects forward.

Michael Fabac

Enabling our web team to work directly with journalists in the field without the need for IT is a huge selling point.

Chris Heisel

It only took 20 minutes to build an application that gathered personal stories during a hurricane and promoted assistance for those in need.

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