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Maximize Your Organization’s Impact With Low Code

As a non-profit operator, you face numerous challenges — managing limited resources, coordinating complex programs, engaging various stakeholders and providing detailed reports on everything in between. Effective data management is not only essential for your internal organization but crucial to demonstrate accountability to supporters.

Caspio's low-code platform empowers you to build custom applications to improve data management and automate tasks with minimal coding. Address a wide range of functionality from donor management and volunteer coordination, to program tracking and impact analysis reports. With Caspio, you can adapt quickly to evolving needs without hiring additional technical resources.

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All-in-One Platform for Custom Applications

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Low-Code Development

Using Caspio, not-for profit organizations can accelerate software development cycles and launch customized solutions with little to no coding.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Caspio reduces the cost of application development, operation and maintenance, giving you a higher return on investment and peace of mind.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Use database-driven tools to collect, manage and analyze information, enabling your team to gain actionable insights for informed decisions.

Accessible and Easy to Use

Caspio empowers your team to build and manage their own applications, saving time and resources compared to traditional development processes.

Secure Cloud Database

Caspio's secure data storage includes enterprise-grade encryption, robust access controls and regular security audits to ensure stakeholder trust.

Scale for Unlimited Users

Caspio empowers you to effortlessly scale your apps for unlimited internal or external users, offering massive flexibility without per-seat fees.

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Embrace Digital Transformation for Your Nonprofit

Donor Management

Manage donor profiles, contributions and communication, while providing access to detailed reports.

Volunteer Management

Streamline volunteer recruitment, coordination, communications, engagement and compliance.

Impact Assessment

Measure, track and analyze the outcomes across your programs to set a new standard for future initiatives.

Grant Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of grants, from the initial application to final outcomes reporting for annual renewals.

Event Management

Simplify event planning, registration and ticketing for fundraisers, community events and volunteer orientations.

Inventory Management

Keep tabs on supplies, donations and other program assets using a centralized cloud database.

Document Generation

Automate receipts for donors, contracts for partners, certificates for volunteers, statements for stakeholders and more.

Fundraising Platform

Facilitate fundraising efforts with secure payment processing, campaign management and goal tracking.

Program Tracking

Track and evaluate the effectiveness of various programs, empowering your team to improve overall operational efficiency.

Discount for Registered Nonprofits and NGOs

Caspio proudly supports non-profit organizations and NGOs by offering a 10% discount on platform fees, making our low-code platform even more accessible for your needs.

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How Caspio Customers are Making a Difference

Gail Pabst

Caspio helped us grow by allowing us to bring in the information we need in an easier, clearer and concise way.

Cristina Gonzalez Alcala

Caspio provided a secure, low-cost platform that gave us independence from hiring programmers.

Maria Victoria Caparas

Caspio makes coding accessible to everyone, allowing me to dedicate my life to more worthwhile endeavors.

Drive Change With Low Code

Unlock the potential of your nonprofit with Caspio's low-code platform. Don't just make a difference, maximize your impact.

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