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Caspio is the leading low-code development platform to build HIPAA compliant database applications. Our easy-to-use platform empowers healthcare professionals to quickly and easily create specific solutions for their
unique requirements.

Caspio: Flexible, Easy to Use Software Designed to Meet Your Unique Healthcare Industry Needs

Caspio provides a HIPAA compliant database software that is easy to build, quick to launch, and can be customized to meet your unique needs. Building easy-to-use and intuitive healthcare applications can pose many difficulties for healthcare managers
and administrators.

Applications built with Caspio, however, integrate seamlessly and are streamlined to help patients, providers, and administrators save time by reducing hassle and improving efficiency.

Custom software built with Caspio is designed to save time and increase accessibility.

From enhancing the patient experience with digital patient forms to providing convenient access to health records and secure online messaging, Caspio increases efficiency while maintaining security and
HIPAA compliance.

Caspio: Flexible, Easy to Use Software Designed to Meet Your Unique Healthcare Industry Needs

HIPAA Compliant Database Software You Can Build With Caspio

We know that the options for healthcare software are endless and complicated. That’s why intuitive and easy-to-use applications built with Caspio make it easy to implement effective healthcare software in one-tenth of the time of other solutions. Review our use cases to learn how Caspio can make your organization more effective, efficient,
and productive.

Online Patient Portal Software

Give patients convenient, 24-hour access to their health information online. Use for secure provider-to-patient communication and data sharing. Use for patient intake and scheduling. Customizable data fields ensure a custom solution for your needs.

Patient Intake Software

Gather and store patient information. Digitize paper forms to streamline distribution to new patients. Save time by gathering the information you need in advance. Customize data fields easily and efficiently as your practice or regulatory requirements change.

Patient Feedback Survey Software

Increase patient satisfaction and retention. Quickly build, send, and collect custom patient feedback surveys. Improve annual CAHPS ratings by incorporating feedback. Visualize results to create actionable insights.

Quality & Outcomes Dashboard

Create visualizations and reports using clinical data to analyze outcomes, as well as quality improvement and performance metrics. View and analyze clinical data in ways that best serve your organization. Identify areas for improvement and utilize data to enhance quality outcomes.

Knowledge Base System Software

Digitize patient education materials for specific conditions, follow-up instructions, medications, and more. Easily manage, distribute and update required employee education and training materials. Easily register, update, and manage multiple users. Create online communities and message boards.

Provider/Staff Directory Software

Build an internal and/or external searchable directory of providers or other employees. Easily connect to scheduling or other applications. Allow patients and website visitors to find doctors or specialists within your organization.

Patient Engagement Software

Improve patient satisfaction and retention. Provide education and gather feedback from patients electronically. Customize patient engagement tools according to your needs. Drive additional revenue opportunities.

Patient Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

Facilitate patient scheduling, appointments, and appointment reminders. Improve patient retention rates and reduce the number of no-shows. Increase patient satisfaction and increase revenue. Fully customizable to your organization's needs while meeting security and
HIPAA requirements.

Provider Performance Management

Track performance for individual providers using custom metrics. Analyze data such as visits, patient feedback surveys, billing, and more to better understand clinician performance. Align financial incentives and contracts with clinician performance. Easily share individual and group performance data with clinicians.

Budgeting & Financial Management Software

Track and manage financial performance by using visualizations and data analysis. Digitize records and simplify data analysis. Improve strategic planning and forecasting. Facilitate decisions related to capital expenditure.

Payment Invoices & Collection Software

Collect and manage online payments from patients or clients. Increase revenue by creating more ways for patients to pay for services, including co-pay, membership services, and more. Easily track collections information for improved forecasting and revenue cycle management.

Practice Management Software

Streamline HR administration, billing, financial management, time-keeping, practice marketing and more. Digitize records for more efficient management. Customize data fields for your organization's specific needs. Avoid paying for features that you won't use.

Inventory Management Software

Track inventory of medical devices, durable medical equipment (DME), medications administered in-office, or anything else. Monitor management facilities and resource scheduling. Analyze usage data to ensure accurate forecasting of
future orders.

Staff Onboarding & Training

Manage training materials, form submissions, and documentation of compliance training for employees. Digitize records and training materials. Create continuing education (CE) programs for providers and clinicians. Easily track completion and have records accessible per HIPAA requirements. Simplify updating materials or adding additional training sessions.

Clinical Data Registry Software

Collect and manage clinical data. Manage data contributors to facilitate analysis. Streamline data sharing. Track outcomes, diseases, or any other clinical data analytics.

Partner Portal Software

Efficiently collect key information from potential partners directly from your website. Gather and store contact information. Manage multiple users and fully integrate with other applications. Distribute key materials.

Patient & Clinical Data Management Software

Build the customized application that you need to run your practice. Digitize paper records and streamline electronic data sharing. Seamlessly integrate provider applications such as scheduling with patient-facing applications including secure messaging. Don't pay for features you don't need from traditional EMR companies.

Research & Development Database Software

Collect and/or manage research data. Create visualizations and reports to facilitate analysis. Use for data sharing, investor relations, and strategic planning. Streamline data security
and compliance.

Laboratory Management Software

Manage laboratory operations, data collection and analysis, distribution, and supplies. Digitize records and reduce security/compliance costs. Customize data collection and analysis to best suit your unique business needs.

Start Innovating Today

Discuss your requirements with a Caspio healthcare specialist.


Start Innovating Today

Discuss your requirements with a Caspio healthcare specialist.


Caspio is the Industry Leader in Secure, Customizable, All-In-One Healthcare Software Apps

With other healthcare software, you’re likely to encounter expensive integration costs, a complicated learning curve, and many useless features that you don’t need. With Caspio, however, there’s no need to pay for features that you won’t use, and you don’t have to worry about clunky, hard-to-use interfaces.

In addition, implementation with Caspio is 20x faster versus traditional development, and everything that you implement with Caspio integrates seamlessly together. We take the strain out of choosing the right healthcare software, and our healthcare industry specialists are always here and ready to help.

Caspio Patient experience icon


Your patients take precedence above all else. With Caspio, you can spend less time worrying about technology and more time focusing on improving patient journeys and outcomes. Here are a few examples of how you can enhance patient experience using Caspio's low-code
application platform

Caspio Digital transformation in healthcare icon


Under pressure for immediate transformation, healthcare organizations need technologies that go beyond traditional “build-vs-buy” approaches. Caspio streamlines your digital information management through low-code application development — while also managing security for protected
health information.

  • API-Integrated Dashboards
  • Patient Engagement Programs
  • Practitioner and Provider Directories
  • Healthcare Concierge Services
  • Open Enrollment Applications
  • Staff Productivity Programs
Caspio Healthcare database icon


Empower your staff to make agile, data-driven decisions in the critical operational and financial areas that support accountable care. Using Caspio, you can build administrative dashboards and online database applications that boost efficiency across the entire
healthcare ecosystem.

Caspio HIPAA data center icon


Caspio’s HIPAA Edition ensures protected health information is secured within an exclusive environment designed to meet the rigorous HIPAA compliance regulations in the healthcare industry. Caspio maintains Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our vendors and offers BAAs for customers using our platform.

Caspio is the Original Low-Code Platform for Healthcare

With industry-pioneering expertise, Caspio is the world’s trusted low-code platform.

Healthcare Administrators and Managers Face Serious Challenges. We Provide Solutions.

Problems With Keeping Appointments on Schedule

Your practice gets behind frequently because patient appointments don’t start on time. It takes patients too long to fill out forms on the day of their visit, which results in delayed appointments and poor patient satisfaction.

A Convenient Solution for Administrators & Patients

Caspio’s digital patient intake application automatically sends patients their forms when their appointment is scheduled and allows patients to fill out forms ahead of time and submit them on their phone or computer.

Patient Outcome and Satisfaction is Hard to Track

If your medical office doesn’t have a way to track patient satisfaction or outcomes, it often results in patient dissatisfaction and the canceling of
future appointments.

A Simple Solution That Generates Greater Insight

Caspio’s automated patient outcomes and patient satisfaction surveys function automatically, gathering patient feedback and providing actionable insights to improve your practice.

Managing Medical Records Requests Drains Organization Resources

Patients frequently call to request copies of their medical records, but you don’t have an electronic health records system in place. This takes up valuable time as healthcare staff have to manually fax or email each request to the patients.

An Easy to Launch Solution

Caspio’s easy-to-use electronic health records program automatically provides each patient with an online account to access their health records. This creates convenience for them and saves valuable time for your team.

Outdated Training Systems Lower Staff Effectiveness

You don’t have a standardized training system for your staff, and you struggle with informal training and ineffective training systems. Staff performance has suffered as a result. You realize that you need to improve your training system and are looking for a customizable, but still easy-to-use solution.

An Easily Customized Solution for Your Unique Training Needs

Caspio allows you to quickly and conveniently build customized training modules specific to your needs. In addition, it generates data and benchmarks that allow you to see how your staff is growing due to your training and offers ways to identify methods to improve your training framework.

Prioritize the health and safety of your staff. Build an all-in-one COVID-19 compliance, management and immunization tracking solution.

Bring HIPAA Database Applications to Market 10x Faster

As the healthcare industry shifts to the digital world, organizations are turning to new technologies to deliver more effective care. Caspio's HIPAA Edition brings the power of our leading low-code platform to the healthcare sector.

Rapid app development icon


Create database applications using visual point-and-click tools.

Accelerate innovation icon


Implement purpose-built solutions in a fraction of the time and cost.

Agile healthcare apps icon


Build agile applications to drive operational excellence across patient care.

Real-time data analysis icon


Reduce data silos and make smarter decisions with real-time data analysis.

Information workflow icon


Streamline your information workflows and
operational processes.

Secure and compliant data icon


Manage PHI in a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud environment.

The Groundbreaking Customizable Solution for Healthcare Professionals

You have probably struggled with deciding on the right healthcare software for your organization. There are many options and all of them claim to offer the functionality and features that you need.

Only Caspio truly delivers on this promise. We provide the ultimate solution to ensure that your healthcare software does exactly what you need it to do while simultaneously offering the most user-friendly interface and seamless
integration available.

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Success Stories

For over 20 years, Caspio has been modernizing and simplifying the way healthcare organizations capture, manage and share data online. See why we're a trusted name in low-code, and why we have 5-star ratings on
Gartner and Capterra.

Shane Wieberg
Caspio helped Emory increase our productivity, giving us more time to analyze data to improve patient care across the organization.
Shane Wieberg
Director of Decision Support
Emory Healthcare
Danielle Baxter
Our online patient portal reduced data entry time by 80%. And we did it securely in a HIPAA-compliant environment.
Danielle Baxter
Director of Business Development
Paragon Global CRS
David Emerson
It’s easy to integrate Caspio with other systems. We build HIPAA-compliant applications in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
David Emerson
Founder & CEO
SiteRocket Labs