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Say goodbye to mundane paper-based processes with Caspio’s intuitive visual form builder. Create custom online forms and report interfaces in minutes — all by clicking, not coding!

Publish Web Forms Anywhere

Embed your custom online forms on any website, intranet, portal or CMS. You can also share a Caspio-hosted URL to quickly and securely gather data from your end users anywhere around the world.

Built-In Online Database

Collect and manage all the data submitted in your web forms in an integrated and massively scalable online database. Gain instant access to flexible import and export tools, a wide variety of data types,
and more!

No-Code Development

Get all the tools you need to build robust and professional web forms without coding. Unleash your creativity with our point-and-click visual app builder and step-by-step wizards. Just point, click
and publish!

Pains of Using Paper Forms

Many organizations, including educational institutions, hospitals and banks, still rely on paper forms to gather data. But in the digital age, paper is on its way out.

Studies show that companies spend more than $120 billion every year on printed forms. Almost half of those forms end up trashed, contributing to the increasing amount of paper products in landfills. Cost, sustainability and environmental issues aside, paper forms are a productivity black hole for your workforce.

Sifting through stacks of paper forms can take as much as 40% of an employee’s time. Yet, many businesses still manually input data from a paper form to a spreadsheet or scan and upload the files to a local drive. All these workarounds create redundant processes and cause bottlenecks in workflows.

Benefits of Using an Online Form Builder

When creating your web forms, you can either hand-code from scratch or use online form builders. Here’s why the latter is the better option, especially if you’re pressed for time:

Get a web form tailored to your unique requirements

Your IT department has the skills to build web forms, but they might not be familiar with the inner workings of your team. They need to learn your unique requirements and workflows, and that takes time. Instead, use Caspio’s online form builder to create your own web forms while ensuring
IT compliance.

Meet market and organizational needs faster

Studies show that agile methodology projects are more successful than traditional ones. Agile focuses on creating a minimum viable product (MVP), which is improved with every iteration. An online form builder facilitates quick MVP creation, allowing teams to improve processes and businesses to outpace their competitors.

Eliminate ongoing maintenance of coded forms

Traditional development requires code upkeep to ensure the software remains secure and compatible with advancements. By building web forms with Caspio, you no longer have to worry about updating your code. The burden of maintenance is transferred to the platform provider, not the users or IT.

Free up IT resources for critical projects

Some projects are so critical to the whole organization that they need the full attention of the IT department. Using a web form builder instead of relying on IT to code an app for you will lessen the IT team’s workload worries, allowing them to focus on projects that require their technical expertise.

Create a Web Form in 3 Simple Steps

Build feature-rich web forms in just a few clicks. No need to be an experienced developer to push your data-gathering initiatives or form-based projects. The Caspio no-code platform has you covered.

Step 1: Design Your Form Database

Follow Caspio’s step-by-step wizards to build a structured database where you can store data from your forms.

Step 2: Create Input Fields

Add text boxes, radio buttons, conditional fields and more using intuitive
point-and-click tools.

Step 3: Deploy Your Web Forms

Quickly launch custom online forms by sharing direct links or embedding on a public facing website.

Online Form Builder Features

Web forms, unlike paper forms, incorporate computer logic and automation to help manage your current workflows. Here are a few notable features you need to look for in a web form creator:


Assist end users with automatic suggestions whenever they have a matched entry. Auto-complete makes long-form submissions easier for your user. With Caspio, you can set the comparison type to “Begins with” or “Contains” the value input.

Calculated Values

With this feature enabled, your web forms dynamically generate a value when users interact with specific fields used in a formula. This feature provides users with added insights in the front end and business developers automated results-processing in the back end.

Conditional Logic

To achieve dynamic forms, apply conditional rules that fine-tune fields based on user entries. For example, a user can set various conditions to hide, show, require or disable specific fields based on the value or selection of other fields in the
same form.

Text Areas

Most web form builders use text fields to input information. You have the option to accept longer text inputs such as reports or feedback. Caspio’s text areas allow up to 64,000 characters and can display the remaining
character count.

Radio Buttons

If you want to narrow down options in your form, use radio buttons. This feature displays a set of round buttons where the user is only allowed to choose one. In Caspio, you can arrange radio button options on a single line or one option
per line.


A more familiar element in many forms, a checkbox displays the field as an option where the user can choose to select it or not. In Caspio, you have the option to make this a required field, add a display text and set a value
when checked.


A dropdown is a must-have feature for your form builder if you need to display options in a list where the user is only allowed to choose one value. You can add custom values, use a lookup table or view, or both as the source for your values.

Cascading Lists

Help your users quickly refine their input while filling out submission and search forms. Cascading lists provide various options based on a previous selection which helps the end user log the correct data, especially with long
unfiltered lists.

Multi-Select Inputs

Not all lists require you to choose a single option. Allow your end users to select multiple items from any listbox or dropdown on your custom web form. Gather the right amount of data on any given field and enhance the quality of your
data-gathering initiatives.

Multi-Step Forms

Break up longer forms into multiple pages to make them less intimidating for users to complete. Caspio makes it easy to incorporate update forms that redirect users to the next page, reliably capturing batches of information on a single database.

Placeholder Text

Display a description or example within a specific field to guide your users when filling out web forms. Placeholders appear in a lighter color and automatically disappear upon clicking inside the field. Caspio also enables you to enter HTML and other placeholder parameters.

Rollover Hints

Add more detailed information to serve as useful hints for a particular field or column header. Once configured within Caspio, users simply need to click, tap or hover their cursors on the custom icon to view the text on desktops,
tablets or smartphones.

Payment Gateways

Process payments within forms without complicated workarounds. Caspio empowers your business to instantly connect with secure payment gateways like PayPal Express and Stripe. Implementing payment options on submission forms has never been easier.

Password Reset

Enable your registered end users to reset their own passwords using Caspio’s custom recovery form. This self-service feature allows anyone in your system to receive a reset link via email before entering and confirming their
new passwords.

File / Image Processing

Give your users the ability to upload, download or display different file types and images on your web forms. Caspio also features extensive configuration options for image resizing, allowable file sizes, auto-detection, folder paths and more.

Email / SMS Notifications

Send custom SMS and email notifications whenever your users submit or update a form. Streamline the way you communicate and handle workflows according to your specific needs. This is a built-in Caspio feature perfect for acknowledgement
and verification.

Code Extensions

Tech-savvy enough to use standard coding languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Caspio enables experienced users to customize the look and feel of any web form to match branding and business requirements. The possibilities are truly endless.

Native Add-Ons

Leverage powerful add-ons specially built by Caspio’s Professional Services team. Browse our catalog of pre-built extensions that include progress bars for multi-step forms, signature pads to sign consent and interactive sliders to define a specific range.

Why Create Web Forms With Caspio

Caspio makes it easy for business users to build custom online forms in an all-in-one database platform. We provide the best no-code environment in the cloud with robust scalability, security and collaboration features.



    Work with your team to reach the most number of end users for your projects. Caspio does not charge per user.



    Experience optimal response times, even while processing large volumes of data within your online database.



    Choose the suitable deployment method for your web forms. Caspio allows website embedding, direct URLs and more!



    Leverage enterprise-grade compliance programs and protect sensitive information in the cloud.



    Easily manage your data as you gather information. Caspio is specially designed to handle usage spikes.



    Build fully featured web forms with your unique brand using point-and-click and
    drag-and-drop tools.



    Select from thousands of third-party services, plugins and apps, including Google Sheets, Mailchimp and Dropbox.



    Easily add automations and workflows to your forms. Just point, click, drag and drop!

Types of Web Forms You Can Build Without Coding

With Caspio, the range of custom online forms you create is limited only by your imagination. Here are a few popular use cases out of the millions of professional web apps powered by Caspio:

Order Forms

Order Forms

Want to start an online store? Help your customers manage shopping carts, make purchases and leave reviews on a custom-branded order form. Caspio offers integrations with Stripe and PayPal for seamless payments.

Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Quickly gather attendees to your events or sign-ups to your website with a custom registration form tailored to your audience. The best part is, Caspio does not charge per user. All you need to do is point and click and scale!

Survey Forms

Survey Forms

Build smart and professional survey forms filled with powerful features like custom hidden fields, calculated values, email notifications and so much more. Caspio supports unlimited users so you can gather data freely
in the cloud.

Multi-Page Forms

Multi-Page Forms

Provide the best user experience by dividing long stretches of information into multiple steps. Caspio makes it easy to design and deploy multi-page forms where data is captured in a centralized online database.

Finance Forms

Finance Forms

Create a wide variety of cloud-based finance forms ranging from wire transfer forms, loan applications and online deposit slips to credit card authorization, investment forms and more. It’s all possible on the
Caspio platform.

Healthcare Forms

Healthcare Forms

Need to digitize how you collect patient information? Looking for ways to schedule appointments online? Increase the efficiency of your practice by building secure, reliable and compliant healthcare forms using Caspio.

Build Your First Web Form Today!

Want to learn how to create powerful web forms with a leading low-code platform? Watch our video tutorial on designing and deploying different types of online web forms with Caspio.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create Survey Forms: Learn how to build and deploy an online survey form, complete with its own online database.

  • Connect Multi-Step Forms: Present long input fields in manageable steps to improve
    end-user experience.

  • Design Relational Forms: Build a one-to-many database relationship to set up forms with
    custom workflows.

  • Implement Payment Forms: Learn how to create web forms that allow you to process payments via credit card or PayPal.

  • Customize Authorization Forms: Work with inline HTML and CSS to design your online forms with your brand.

  • Leverage the Caspio Platform: Get hands-on with Caspio’s core functionalities, from creating a database to publishing apps.

Create Web Forms Without Coding

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, we’ve been simplifying how tens of thousands of businesses worldwide manage and present data online. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

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With Caspio, we create online submission forms that streamline our processes and eliminate paper forms.
Dr. Kimberly Head
Collin College
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Caspio drastically reduces the time it takes to build forms and gives me the power to simplify my life.
Tim Thompson
Allison & Thompson Insurance
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Caspio allows us to bridge databases into one master form that pulls information from different sources.
Paola Deininger
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S&S Worldwide

Your Web Forms Questions Answered

How do I build web forms without coding?

First, sign up for a free Caspio trial and log into your account. Our intuitive point-and-click tools guide business users every step of the way – from creating an online database, designing feature-rich web forms to deploying on any website, intranet, portal or CMS. With Caspio, no coding is required.

Why is Caspio the best web form application builder?

Forrester Research called Caspio “the richest platform for business developers”. Our visual app builder empowers you to create reliable, secure and compliant custom online forms for healthcare, education, government, retail, nonprofit and more. And unlike other vendors, Caspio supports unlimited app builders and users at no
extra charge.

Can I build web forms with Caspio for payment processing?

Yes! Caspio allows you to natively process credit card payments via Stripe and PayPal on your custom web forms. Our platform is also PCI-compliant, making your online transactions secure and protected from identity theft. Build shopping carts, buyer forms, job orders and more.

Why is low code important when building web forms?

The traditional way of building custom web forms involves technical skills in coding, usually done by an IT professional. However, with low code/no code, business users with zero experience in programming are empowered to build and deploy web forms 20x faster using point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools. The Caspio platform allows you to publish easy web forms without writing a single line of code! 

What if I need a web form but don’t know how to build it?

Caspio DataPages, or web interfaces, provide a quick and easy way to build the custom online forms you need with the help of intuitive step-by-step wizards. Our guided development workflow is specially designed for business users who need powerful web forms fast, with little to no training required.

Are there step-by-step instructions on building web forms?

Yes! Watch our Ultimate Video Guide on How to Create Web Forms for a detailed tutorial. Learn how to build survey forms to gather data in the cloud, multi-step forms to provide better user experience, relational forms to support sophisticated database workflows, payment forms to process online transactions for your business and other custom online forms.

Where can I find templates to build web forms?

You can request ready-made online web forms built by Caspio specialists for free. Choose among different types of Patient Intake Forms or customize other web forms as part of larger applications like the Custom CRM and Online Store Forms. Schedule a free demo to learn more.

What is the best way to build web forms?

Think about your database fields first and structure your tables in a way that would best suit your custom online forms. Next, create your input fields and design the layout however you like. It’s that easy! The Caspio no-code platform provides the best way for business users to build online web forms for any use case, regardless of industry and scope, without relying on constrained IT departments.

How do I build web forms for job applications?

Start by analyzing your current process of gathering job applications and reviewing the different tools you use, such as third-party apps, legacy spreadsheets and even paper forms. Your main goal is to consolidate all these elements under a centralized system where you can easily add custom features that complement your existing workflows. Caspio is the best cloud platform for recruitment portals and other HR tools.

How can I create web forms for surveys?

Caspio makes it easy to launch any number of survey projects to as many respondents as you need. All you need to do is add your survey fields to the Caspio database, create the web form interface on top of your data, and publish your custom online form on any website by simply copy-pasting our autogenerated deploy code, similar to embedding YouTube videos.

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Ready to Get Started?

Build web forms now without writing code!