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HIPAA-Compliant, No Coding Required

Create a Patient Portal Without Coding

Safely manage patient interaction with your custom portal powered by Caspio’s secure platform. Protect patient information, monitor appointments, send reminders and add a wide range of portal features in just a few clicks.

Compliant Online Database

Store protected health information (PHI) in your patient portal database and never worry about regulatory requirements. Caspio offers HIPAA-compliant plans that empower you to build secure healthcare web apps.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Make agile, data-driven decisions based on patient portal systems powered by enterprise technology. Leverage Caspio’s cloud-based infrastructure to unify information across your entire
healthcare organization.

Visual Application Builder

Create feature-rich patient portals quickly using visual point-and-click tools. Set up calendars, log patient visits, track patient health data, customize workflows and more without writing a single
line of code.

Improve Patient Outcomes With a Custom Patient Portal

Enhancing patient outcomes requires secure and efficient data management. Facilitate engagement and improve your patient experience with a custom patient portal software.

The pandemic placed a heavy burden on healthcare organizations, not only because of COVID-19 but also due to the vulnerabilities brought by manual or semi-digital processes. The demand for contactless patient care has never been higher. Staff are working remotely. Appointments need to be scheduled carefully
and accurately.

Now, more than ever, hospitals, clinics and testing centers need to digitize and automate processes. They need to improve patient care while dealing with a health crisis, using limited resources. A no-code patient portal will surely help.

Patient portals help improve preventive and chronic disease management by nearly 10% for some conditions, according to Kaiser Permanente. Other studies confirm that portals generate patient loyalty and increase patient satisfaction and engagement.

It’s no surprise that 90% of healthcare organizations are already using some form of patient portal access, according to the Medical Group Management Association. However, almost 40% said their portal does not accept patient-generated data that physicians can review. Another 20% were uncertain.

The Challenges of Building a Patient Portal

Creating an online patient portal is one thing; building a HIPAA-compliant system is another. Here are some of the challenges you may face when building a healthcare application:

Strictly enforcing HIPAA compliance

Ensuring your organization remains HIPAA-compliant in handling protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII) requires expert guidance, thorough evaluation of patient data, robust encryption and even third-party solutions among other considerations.

Centralizing your healthcare tools

Healthcare organizations are mandated to ensure interoperability. Your patient portal or any other IT tool must be able to “talk” to other systems. Doing so not only ensures a faster and more transparent exchange of data, it also helps improve disease management and patient outcomes.

Acquiring support from the IT Team

Launching new initiatives like online patient registration and contactless appointment scheduling greatly enhances patient satisfaction. But even with knowledge and expertise on regulatory requirements, short-staffed IT teams and limited infrastructure can slow down patient
portal development.

Finding the budget to start development

Healthcare organizations also have to deal with the steep cost of traditional software development. With U.S. software engineers having a base pay of around $126,000 per year on top of paying for infrastructure, essential custom tools typically come with
significant investment.

Build a Patient Portal in 3 Simple Steps

Start setting up your patient portal by importing your existing data into the Caspio platform. No coding or installation required! Just use our point-and-click tools to customize and deploy your app online.

Step 1: Import Your Data

Turn patient information spreadsheets into online databases using intuitive point-and-click tools.

Step 2: Create Secure Logins

Add custom authentications for doctors, patients and other roles within your healthcare organization.

Step 3: Set Up Your Patient Portal

Create multi-user web interfaces using Caspio’s visual application builder.
No coding required!

The Biggest Benefits of Patient Portals

As the medical industry shifts its focus towards patient-centered care, patient portals are becoming an essential tool for many healthcare organizations. Here are some of the most significant benefits of patient portals:


Patient portals help increase efficiency within organizations by establishing clear communication lines between physicians and their patients. Patient portals help save time when registering new clients by enabling patients to enter personal information without having to answer the same questions repeatedly.


Physicians and patients will be able to access personal health information — from every healthcare tool — in one place. If a patient sees different specialists, the patient can be informed about medical results and reminders. Likewise, physicians will be able to see treatments and prescriptions that their patients are getting.


Healthcare receptionists and nurses no longer have to deal with basic, non-urgent questions over the phone. Streamline patient queries through your patient portal and move frequently asked questions to the portal app. As a result, you reserve your phone lines and staff time for more urgent matters.


With patient portals, you can avoid misinterpretation of patient information when relaying them to nurses and physicians. Allowing patients to directly input and send messages through the portal will ensure their concerns are interpreted correctly, leaving no room for errors
and inconsistencies.

Why Build Your Patient Portal With Caspio?

Caspio makes it easy for users to build custom online forms in an all-in-one database platform. With our no-code environment, we provide healthcare organizations with robust scalability, security and collaboration features
in the cloud.



    Caspio eliminates per-user license fees, providing affordable access to all your patients and medical staff.



    Protect the fidelity of your medical records. Caspio offers HIPAA-compliant, enterprise-grade security.



    Caspio is specially designed to handle usage spikes, allowing you to accommodate more patient appointments.



    Experience optimal response times across your patient portal systems, regardless of concurrent users or volume of data.



    Design clean patient portal interfaces for your clinic or hospital using Caspio’s intuitive visual app builder.



    Publish your patient portal in just a few clicks. Simply paste the deploy code on your website to go live, or share a link.



    Add data-driven notifications, implement scheduled tasks and more with Caspio’s easy automation tools.



    Visualize your patient portal and start now. Just point, click and publish — without writing a single line of code!

Essential Interfaces for Your Patient Online Portal

Caspio empowers healthcare professionals to create HIPAA-compliant database applications to their exact specifications, with no coding required. Here are some essential interfaces to consider for your custom-built
patient portal:

Patient Registration

Patient Registration

Enables patients to input necessary information and create a profile using a computer or a tablet. Caspio is a HIPAA-compliant platform, which means your patients’ sensitive information
remains secure.

Physician Directory

Physician Directory

Gain insight into your physicians’ accreditations, specializations and billable hours. Meanwhile, patients can browse through the directory and choose the healthcare professional best suited for their concern.

Patient Consent

Patient Consent

Publish custom forms that capture and manage patient consent for different types of treatment. Each submission is logged in a secure and compliant database for efficient record keeping. Decentralized systems and paper-based alternatives have higher risks of breaches and data loss.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Manage patient appointments in an online calendar with a tailor-made booking system. Easily send automated SMS or email notifications through the portal to remind patients of their consultation schedules and
minimize cancellations.

Patient Management

Patient Management

Contains medical records of patients including history, dates of previous consultations, physician notes and prescriptions, among others. Physicians can also use this feature to record and keep track of their patients’ vital signs and biometrics.

Healthcare Dashboards

Healthcare Dashboards

Reporting tools that summarize clinic or physician metrics, such as the number of patients seen in the last six months. Physicians can also use healthcare dashboards to access key patient statistics in real-time.

Online Billing

Online Billing

View e-statements, make payments, receive receipts and check billable physician hours. By logging into the app, physicians will be able to input prices for consultations and treatments, while patients will see the breakdown of associated charges.

Build Your First Patient Portal Today!

Ready to learn how to make a patient portal without writing code? Request our 5-part video guide on how to build a custom patient portal for your organization.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create Database Tables: Learn how to build the foundational elements of your patient portal.

  • Add Login Screens: Password-protect your patient portal using role-based authentications for doctors and patients.

  • Build Submission Forms: Design self-service web forms for use cases like new patient registration and messaging.

  • Generate Detailed Reports: Include tabular reports where doctors can view patient data and access individual details.

  • Visualize Your Data: Combine different types of interactive charts to gain valuable medical insights at a glance.

  • Launch Your Web App: Embed your Caspio-powered patient portal on any website in just a few clicks.

Create Patient Portals Without Coding

What Our Customers Say

For over 20 years, we’ve been accelerating innovation in the healthcare industry through rapid application development. Find out why our customers love working with us and why we have 5-star ratings on
Gartner and Capterra.

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Our patient portal reduced our data entry burden by 80%. And we did it securely in a HIPAA environment.
Danielle Baxter
Paragon Global CRS
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Caspio increased our productivity, giving us more time to improve patient care across the organization.
Shane Wieberg
Emory Healthcare
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Caspio reduces our overall development time by over 60%. It’s a great fit for a wide range of applications.
David Emerson
Founder & CEO
SiteRocket Labs

Your Patient Portal Questions Answered

What is a patient portal?

A patient portal is a secure online system that provides access to healthcare information, whenever patients and healthcare professionals need it. Caspio’s all-in-one platform enables your healthcare organization to design how you view and manage patient data — including lab results, health histories, prescriptions
and more.

Can I create my own patient portal?

Yes! You can easily build a secure and reliable patient portal using Caspio, even with no coding experience. Simply log into your Caspio account and click on the import button to upload existing patient information. From there, use our intuitive point-and-click tools to design your tables and organize your healthcare data. Our online database natively supports Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and a variety of text files, so you don’t need to worry about starting from scratch.

Is there a template I can use for my patient portal?

Yes! Caspio offers a free, ready-made patient portal template that you can customize to accelerate your digital initiatives. It includes essential patient management features such as a registration form for new patients and dashboards for tracking electronic health records (EHR). Caspio’s HIPAA edition provides the perfect environment your own version of the app. Schedule a free project consultation with one of our platform specialists to learn more.

How do I know if my patient portals are secure?

Caspio-powered apps feature password encryption, record-level security, fine-grained user permissions and other safeguards from our enterprise-grade infrastructure. Any patient portal you build also benefits from an audit trail to keep a record of who accessed your EHR, what changes were made and when they were implemented. Caspio ensures that health information always remains private and protected against unauthorized entities.

How do I know my patient portal is HIPAA-compliant?

A HIPAA-compliant patient portal comes with technical guardrails in terms of access, audit and integrity controls — protecting sensitive health information from malicious entities. Since Caspio provides a HIPAA edition, your patient online portal can reliably operate in a secure and compliant environment. Caspio also signs BAAs with our business associates for legal protection and compliance of all parties involved.

How fast can I create and launch a patient portal?

Caspio’s no-code development platform empowers users to build powerful web apps 20x faster than traditional software development. This applies to healthcare professionals looking to digitally transform their workflows fast. We also offer in-house services where Caspio does all the heavy lifting for you! Contact us to learn how you can launch a custom patient portal in record time.

Do I need to know any coding language to make a patient portal?

Not when using Caspio’s no-code platform. With our guided development workflow and visual app builder, non-technical users can build a feature-rich patient portal by simply pointing and clicking. Furthermore, Caspio provides tech-savvy users with the means to extend their web apps with standard coding languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s the best of both worlds.

What is the best way to start making a patient portal?

We recommend watching our ultimate video guide to give you a glimpse on how to make a patient portal using Caspio. It all begins by either importing existing data or starting from a blank template. From there, you can easily customize your tables, add user authentications, build app interfaces and deploy them online. Just follow Caspio’s intuitive step-by-step wizards. If you’re pressed for time, use our patient portal template to have the essential features ready in your account.

What advantage do organizations have by creating custom patient portals?

Your workflows are unique to your medical practice. Off-the-shelf solutions with bloated feature sets and expensive license fees do you a disservice in providing your brand of patient care. By custom-building your patient portal, you gain the flexibility of adding the functionality you need and delivering the answers you want while keeping on budget.

How will building my own patient portal impact patient service?

By creating your own patient portal, one that operates on familiar workflows at its core, you gain more time to focus on the most crucial aspects of your healthcare practice: providing quality care to your patients. You eliminate unnecessary training and adjustment periods, freeing up resources to enhance your services.

What types of data can I gather through patient portals?

Patient portals serve as a gateway to patient information. You can collect data such as patient history, discharge summaries, physician notes, medications, vital signs and biometrics. Because Caspio allows customization, users can set up additional features like calendars to schedule and view appointments, as well as messaging systems to trigger SMS and email alerts based on live data. It is also recommended that you visualize key information using a patient portal dashboard to gain real-time insights.

What are the benefits of patient portals?

Patient portals streamline workflows, increase patient engagement and outcomes, and facilitate better communication between patients and healthcare providers. At Caspio, we provide the tools you need to design, build and deploy your patient portal. Just point, click and publish. It’s that easy!

Ready to Get Started?

Build your patient portal now without writing code!

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Ready to Get Started?

Build your patient portal now without writing code!