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Create Your Compliant Patient Portal

Looking to improve patient outcomes on a reliable and compliant online database? Track every visit, send important messages and customize features to empower healthcare professionals using our FREE patient portal!


Collaborate with patients in a secure cloud environment. Caspio’s ready-made template serves as an ideal use case for doctors who need a HIPAA compliant platform. Requires 28 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • Includes a customizable online database that ensures data consistency and integrity.
  • The patient portal includes a registration form for new patients to sign up.
  • Existing patients can review their previous visits, update their profile and check important messages sent by the doctor.
  • Doctors can log patient visits, send messages and track patient health data like vital signs and blood pressure readings.
  • Dashboards allow doctors to monitor stats such as message volume, patient status and number of visits over time.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Easily implement your own organization’s custom workflow into the patient portal.
  • Send SMS or email alerts for messages, status changes, etc.
  • Set up calendars to schedule appointments.
  • Customize the app template to suit your exact requirements.
  • Store PHI data in Caspio’s HIPAA-compliant platform and never worry about compliance. Contact us to learn more.
  • Check out this How-To Video and learn how to build your own Patient Portal from scratch.

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