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Caspio Partner Develops Digital Learning Platform for Displaced Ukrainian Students
“We created the environment for the virtual classrooms. We partnered with a company called Caspio.” - YES! Weekly
How These Platforms Support Low-Code/No-Code Initiatives
"Caspio is the only no-code platform that provides a fully integrated cloud database, unlimited app users, unlimited app developers, standards-based extensibility and seamless deployment to any web property — all included as standard features in every plan." - SD Times
The Benefits of Low-Code/No-Code Tools for Professional Developers
"No-code and low-code tools have the power to make applications even more secure because the level of compliance is not determined by a specific developer." - SD Times
Once a refugee himself, Caspio CEO now helping Ukrainians
"For several global software development organizations with employees operating in Ukraine, these tragedies hit far too close to home." - SD Times