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Caspio Partner Develops Digital Learning Platform for Displaced Ukrainian Students

“We created the environment for the virtual classrooms. We partnered with a company called Caspio.” - YES! Weekly

How These Platforms Support Low-Code/No-Code Initiatives

"Caspio is the only no-code platform that provides a fully integrated cloud database, unlimited app users, unlimited app developers, standards-based extensibility and seamless deployment to any web property — all included as standard features in every plan." - SD Times

The Benefits of Low-Code/No-Code Tools for Professional Developers

"No-code and low-code tools have the power to make applications even more secure because the level of compliance is not determined by a specific developer." - SD Times

Once a refugee himself, Caspio CEO now helping Ukrainians

"For several global software development organizations with employees operating in Ukraine, these tragedies hit far too close to home." - SD Times

This Sunnyvale CEO Is in Poland, Helping His Ukrainian Employees to Safety

"The need to go to Poland was personal for Zamani. He is a refugee himself, having fled Iran in the 1980s because of his Bahá’i faith." - San Francisco Chronicle

Silicon Valley Tech CEO Helps Employees From Ukraine Settle in Poland

"Among the refugees are employees of Caspio, based in Sunnyvale, which is why CEO Frank Zamani flew to Poland to help them." - NBC Bay Area

Caspio Provides No-Code Platform Free For Anyone Wanting To Build Apps To Help Ukraine

"The Caspio platform is ideally suited for rapidly building applications to support crisis management and first-responders." - PRWeb

Caspio: IT-Friendly Low-Code Platform for Database-Driven Apps

"Caspio has always offered a low-code platform particularly suitable for database-centric apps with form-based interfaces." - Intellyx

No-Code Development Accelerates Business Transformation

"No-code platforms allow business users who already know the detailed workflows of daily operations to lead the application development process." - RTInsights

Then and Now: Digital Transformation in the Pandemic Landscape

"Employees have become the key to transformation efforts; digital literacy provides employees throughout the organization with the tools to enable business-wide transformations." - CIO Dive

Caspio Opens Canadian Data Centre To Meet Growing Demand

"The need for companies to build custom cloud applications at has never been more essential than in today." - DCNN

California’s Caspio Opens Data Centre in Montreal, Its First in Canada

"The Santa Clara, California-based company is doing so to meet Canadian customers’ growing demands for custom business applications." - MTL

Key Takeaways from The Forrester Wave for Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers, Q2 2019

"Caspio has received positive customer reviews across the board, particularly for its value and database features." - Solutions Review

Research Firm Ranks Low-Code Platforms for Business Developers

"They are typically aimed at 'citizen developers' or 'ordinary business users' who need to create enterprise apps quickly, often for specific, data-driven purposes." - ADT

Caspio 12 Pushes the Envelope for Business-Built, Low Code Apps With Latest Features

"Caspio has a 3-ingredient recipe of foundation technologies that makes it possible for non-technical business users to ‘build’ apps they want." - Integration Developer News

Exploring Low-Code, Outsourcing for Healthcare App Development

“If a low-code platform can fulfill all their project requirements while also taking care of compliance it can be a good fit." - HITInfrastructure

A Guide To Low-Code Solutions

“Caspio is embraced by business developers for its ease of use, speed to market and enterprise-grade features.” - SD Times

Low-Code for High Efficiency

"Low-code platforms are continuing to make it easier for front-line business leaders to exercise greater expressive power." - Software Magazine

Web Developers are SOOOO 2017

"Caspio remains focused on providing the sophisticated capabilities our customers need to tackle the challenges of business transformation.” - Website Magazine

Founder Frank Zamani on Caspio: Low-Code Platform That Changed How Cloud Applications Are Made

"By removing complex programming, businesses are quickly developing tailored apps and are reaping the returns." - HostingAdvice

Caspio Releases New Low-Code, Automated Visual Development Tools

"The low-code platform enables citizen developers to define custom application logic using a visual drag-and-drop editor." - eWeek

13 Vendors Included in Latest Forrester Wave for Low-Code Platforms

“Low-code platforms are continuing to make it easier for front-line business leaders to exercise greater expressive power.” - Solutions Review

How Healthcare Low-Code App Development Increases Flexibility

“The real value in low-code development platforms is that the vendor manages everything for the organization.” - HITInfrastructure

Caspio Low-Code Platform Releases Visual Development Tools

“Triggered Actions includes a set of visual interlocking blocks used to define application logic, data manipulations and complex calculations.” - KMWorld

Caspio Releases Visual Development Tools for Business Leaders To Achieve Sophisticated Process Automation

“This feature is a real game-changer that brings greater accuracy, speed and productivity to our organization.” - SD Times

How Low-Code Gives Power To the (Business) People

"One of the factors driving the low-code market is speed. Low-code solutions 'let the person closest to the problem solve the problem,' said Zamani." - SD Times

Caspio Announces Bridge 9.0, Adds SSO, Custom Security Policy Capabilities

"Caspio Bridge 9.0 includes a series of capabilities designed to address the increasing security needs of enterprise customers." - Solutions Review

Caspio HIPAA Enterprise Targets Healthcare Industry

"The platform features a point-and-click application builder, which allows business users to create custom cloud applications without any coding." - eWeek

Caspio Debuts HIPAA-Compliant Edition of Cloud Application Platform

"The company aims to support the healthcare industry in leveraging cloud-based applications to improve efficiency and streamline processes." - DBTA

HIPAA-Compliant Custom App Development Services Now Provided by Caspio

"Caspio allows apps to be developed without the need for coding, making the development of cloud IT solutions a relatively quick and simple process." - HIPAA Journal

Caspio Launches HIPAA-Compliant PaaS With API

Caspio, a PaaS that makes it easy for companies to build database-driven web apps, last week announced a HIPAA-compliant edition of its offering. - ProgrammableWeb

Caspio Launches HIPAA-Compliant Application Development Platform

Caspio CEO says "compliance is no longer an obstacle" thanks to the new edition of his company's app development platform. - Talkincloud

Data Journalism Won’t Save the News Business

Caspio, which claims 80 percent of the country’s largest newspaper sites as customers, emphasizes creating evergreen charts out of public data. - Fast Company

Simplifying Database Publishing With Caspio

Caspio is one of those “cloud computing” companies that has been around since before that term came into widespread use. - Forbes

Caspio Removes Caps on Unlimited PaaS Pricing Plan

The PaaS provider has announced a new pricing plan to remove the pay-per-usage model most cloud providers pride themselves on.  - Talkincloud

Houston CC Puts Web Database Development Into Hands of Non-IT Staff

Houston Community College has introduced an enterprise cloud platform that allows its staff to create web-based interactive content without coding. - Campus Technology

Caspio Grows by Making Creating Database Apps Easy

Caspio has built a platform with a point-and-click interface that enables users to build web applications with a minimum of programming experience. - Business Journals

Gov Apps Get Boost With Cloud-based Data Publishing Tool

A Florida health agency is utilizing an innovative cloud solution to help expand services, increase performance and better serve their constituents. - CivSource

Exploit the Cloud, but Save Your Data

An Indiana state department has avoided that situation with the cloud that makes data available online without giving up control of the data itself. - GCN

Caspio Provides Cloud Solution for Microsoft Access Developers

Company officials said their Microsoft Access migration kit could reduce development time by 90 percent. - eWeek

Is Caspio the “Microsoft Access” of the Cloud?

Caspio does many of the things that Microsoft Access promises to do for its users, only from the cloud.  - InformationWeek

Cloud Database – Are You Prepared?

Of all of the products that I explored, I have to say that Caspio Bridge has done the most to resolve the security and standards issues. - dotnet

Caspio Releases Charts Application for Websites

Caspio now offers applications for creating visually appealing Web-based charts and dashboards for any database without coding. - Editor and Publisher

Say Goodbye To Your Microsoft Access Database

Caspio launched an Access Migration Kit which provides tools and services for developers to integrate their Microsoft Access databases online.  - Website Magazine

Government Cloud Compliance: MSPs Must Master Section 508

The company discovered interest in Section 508 among its customers and brought its offering into compliance with Section 508 in response. - MSPmentor

Automated PaaS Migration Now a Reality

Caspio, the first off the blocks with the offer of a migration deal after Coghead's announced shutdown, is unveiling its first completed migration. - ZDNet

Test Center Review: A Web-Based App Builder With a Microsoft Twist

Caspio Bridge, like a Microsoft Access on the Web, allows nonprogrammers to easily create online databases and the Web forms to fill them. - InfoWorld

Caspio: Gritty and Profitable in a Tough Market

As part of our Gritty Entrepreneurs series, we interviewed Frank Zamani, Founder/CEO of Caspio. Their pitch is "no more coding for custom web apps".  - ReadWrite

Review: Online Databases Let You Structure and Share Your Data

Organize your information without having to deal with front-end coding. - Computerworld

3 Online Database Services

New software offers companies innovative ways to store and manage data in the cloud. - Inc. Magazine

Caspio To Give SMBs a Break From Database Coding

Caspio announced today the unveiling of a free package that will give SMB users the opportunity to construct Web database applications without coding. - eWeek

Technology I’m Thankful For

As I've been cultivating my attitude of gratitude for the Thanksgiving week, I realize some of my joy in life comes from various forms of technology. - Computerworld

Caspio: A SaaS Provider With a Different Approach

Most Software-as-a-Service providers base their offerings on the most generic technologies to make sure that they reach the broadest possible audience. Not so for SaaS provider Caspio.  - Network World

Why Rent a CRM Application? Build Your Own With Caspio (and a Whole Lot More)

Over the years I’ve noticed that when a tech trend heats up, I discover successful vendors that have been toiling away out of the limelight for years.  - CustomerThink

Service With a Smile: When What You’re Selling Is You

It's unromantic, but small businesses want to make money with limited budgets so I absolutely back Caspio because it's the perfect solution for them.  - Ecommerce Guide

Caspio Offers Enterprises Simplified Web Dev Tools

Caspio Inc, a web tools developer that has been in virtual stealth mode for nearly five years, has finally delivered its first major product. - CBROnline

Former Autoweb.Com Founder Frank Zamani is Launching an Enterprise Solution. But Can He Succeed?

Caspio is launching Caspio Bridge Corporate, an enterprise-level version that provides a guaranteed service level agreement and unlimited users. - TMCnet