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COVID-19 Compliance & Immunization Tracking

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Create Customized COVID-19 Compliance, Management & Vaccination Software in the Cloud

Deploy customized COVID-19 compliance web apps faster than traditional software development with Caspio’s flexible, high-powered, no-code platform. Utilize Caspio to create immunization tracking, compliance management, contact-tracing and vaccination software that’s tailored to your
unique requirements.

Caspio empowers businesses to develop compliance systems to exact specifications, implement streamlined COVID-19 best practice workflows, drive massive savings and meet all regulatory requirements using a fully-extensible no-code development platform. We provide the building blocks you need for secure
COVID-19 solutions.

Optimize Your COVID-19 Response With Caspio

Empower Your Business to Achieve Compliance Goals

  • Reach your compliance goals more efficiently and accurately with Caspio's secure and reliable
    no-code platform.
  • Develop software that meets your specific needs without hiring an outside developer.
  • Streamline your COVID-19 response with customized automation, reporting and online
    employee portals.

Equip Your Business With Industry-Leading Risk Management Features

  • Caspio is an industry leader in security and is HIPAA compliant. Use Caspio to reduce the risk of HIPAA violations, OSHA penalties and data breaches while maximizing functionality
    and efficiency.
  • Eliminate the risk of errors due to manual reporting and ensure your data is always accurate and
    easily understood.

Evolve Your Software Solution With Agile, Efficient and Cost-Saving Features

  • Save your staff time and increase effectiveness in meeting compliance requirements by building your own Caspio-powered solutions.
  • Ensure your employees spend more time on their respective practices, not on inefficient compliance tasks.
  • Caspio offers flexibility to fit your unique needs for greater business agility and adaptability.

Evolve your COVID-19 response. Get started now by booking a free consultation with one of our compliance
software experts.

Utilize Caspio’s Innovative Platform to Create Cloud-Based COVID-19 Response Apps

Real-Time Compliance & Readiness Dashboards

COVID-19 compliance and readiness are critical factors to ensure your business achieves its maximum potential now and in the future. Caspio allows you to build your own compliance and readiness dashboards that provide instant access to critical data and actionable insights. Efficiently gather data using custom online surveys and forms, deliver compliance and readiness reports to the right people at the right time, and ensure your organization is ready to meet new compliance requirements with speed, accuracy and adaptability.

Your COVID-19 Compliance Status in
an Instant

By building a Caspio-powered immunization tracking and COVID-19 compliance dashboard, you gain the ability to determine up-to-the-minute compliance status with real-time tracking of immunizations, screenings, workplace medical surveillance testing, exposures, training, illnesses
and certifications.

Gain Actionable Insight From
Aggregated Data

Leverage Caspio’s powerful features to develop a flexible system that automatically gathers employee health data while maintaining full HIPAA compliance. Caspio's adaptable visualizations and dashboards allow you to view your organization at all levels to quickly identify compliance gaps and achieve HIPAA
compliance faster.

Customized Daily Health Surveys

Create a digital health survey and screening program tailored to your unique business requirements. Identify those who may be sick and develop an automated process to track their subsequent COVID-19 testing and return to work.

Quick and Flexible Implementation

When you use Caspio to build a health survey app, you don’t have to worry about waiting on the IT department to develop the project and go live. Create your survey, launch it online for easy accessibility and set automated daily reminders for your staff using our point-and-click platform. It’s all possible with Caspio.

Enterprise-Grade Security

The information you gather is protected by industry-leading security features. Implement record-level security to enable patients and staff to view only their own data. Create unlimited roles and groups to control application access and permissions. Benefit from audit trails, daily backup retention, user authentication and so much more.

Online Employee Community & Knowledge Base

COVID-19 regulations change often, requiring adaptability at the highest level to ensure policy updates are distributed, understood and enforced throughout your organization. Use Caspio to build an online employee community and knowledge base to ensure everyone in your organization can access the information they need, and take full part in the compliance process.

Grant Employee Access to a
Healthcare Portal

By creating your own healthcare resource portal, your staff gain access to patient resources if they test positive for COVID-19. They can also participate in healthcare improvement programs, keep up with the latest news and access their employee healthcare records online.

Plus, they can learn more about their vaccine options or get recommendations for a local medical provider.

Automate End-to-End
Compliance Workflow

Supervisors save considerable administrative time and eliminate potential errors from manual tracking by giving employees access to their own compliance checklist and
sharing accountability.

Variable access levels in your compliance portal allow employees to self-report symptoms and upload required documents. Plus, supervisors are able to efficiently monitor employee activity and automate approval workflows among other management tasks.

Share Information Across Your Organization

Caspio’s flexible app-building features equip you with the ability to automate communications regarding policy updates and your company’s ongoing strategy to manage COVID-19 requirements. Because there’s always the potential for more healthcare legislation on the horizon, creating a self-service knowledge base that can be easily updated with critical information is a must.

Send Newsletters and Updates

Help your employees prioritize health and safety protocols by sending accurate COVID-19 insights in the form of newsletters. Keep everyone updated with employee resources like company documents, governmental regulations and a complete checklist of their rights and responsibilities. Caspio provides you with the tools to automate the entire process to your business needs.

Flexible and Efficient Immunization Tracking

Creating a streamlined immunization tracking system is critical to maintaining compliance and employee health. Caspio delivers the features and flexibility to build an enterprise-level compliance system that tracks the immunization status of your employees while protecting their data behind industry-leading security.

Customize and Enhance Your Tracking System

With Caspio, you can build an app specific to your business needs that seamlessly gathers immunization status information, manages vaccination schedules and provides employees with a convenient online portal to report changes to their immunization status.

Protect Your Employees

Anytime you are recording employee health data, it is critical to ensure that data is protected and secure. Caspio is a leader in data security. Our platform features data collection, storage and reporting that is HIPAA compliant — offering your staff the protection they deserve.

Streamline Your COVID-19 Response

Get started by booking a free consultation with one of our compliance software experts.

Why Build Your Compliance System With Caspio?

Accessible Compliance Tools

Digital processes eliminate the need for paper copies and save your business countless hours finding and processing information. Track your company's compliance in real-time and automate compliance workflows by building custom
Caspio apps.

Automated Reporting

Digitize your mandatory NHSN and OSHA reports processes. This saves valuable time and eliminates any potential errors made with manual tracking. Gain the flexibility to automatically send daily, weekly or monthly email reports.

Insightful Dashboards

View your organization’s compliance status with dynamic charts, graphs and tables all on one page. Quickly identify bottlenecks impeding compliance requirements with comprehensive reporting of multiple locations or client companies.

Rapid Deployment

Empower your management team with flexible features to help achieve compliance. Use Caspio to build and launch your compliance software in the cloud faster compared with traditional development methods.

EHR & EMR Integration

Caspio allows you to track employee health medical records separately from patient data in your EMR or EHR. You also have the option of integrating your systems together for a more streamlined experience.

Instant Communication

Quickly process what you need by automating notifications and follow-up communication to employees. Obtain consent via e-signature, as well as capture employee declination and exemptions with full agility.

Convenient Employee Portals

Improve your employee experience and morale by engaging with them in a modern, digital way. Enable your staff to upload documentation for vaccines, tests and certifications. Give them the ability to sign documents electronically, complete surveys, view and print a full summary of their records, and leave important comments for administrators.

Global Online Accessibility

Offer employee portal accessibility from any remote location. Ensure your portal is easy to use on computers, tablets and mobile devices alike with responsive interfaces. Provide the best experience for your employees to self-report using automatic reminders and surveys. Caspio’s reliable, cloud platform powers everything behind the scenes.

Efficient Employee Tools

Empower your employees with the latest news and updates regarding government regulations, company policies, recommended health care providers and checklists detailing their individual responsibilities and rights. Implement automated features to save time, improve accuracy and give your employees detailed answers to their questions without long turnarounds.

Achieve Better Outcomes Through Enhanced Interoperability With HL7 and FHIR

As the healthcare industry shifts toward a value-based care system, interoperability is more important than ever to achieve success. Standards play a critical role to establish interoperability and ensure healthcare systems keep data flowing securely and efficiently. Among the interoperability standards that allow the exchange of clinical data between systems are HL7 and FHIR, both developed by the Health Level Seven International (HL7) healthcare standards organization.

With Caspio’s powerful integration and compliance capabilities, implement HL7 and FHIR integration to achieve interoperability. Caspio has demonstrable experience working with healthcare organizations to build apps utilizing the latest interoperability standards. We provide custom services to integrate electronic health data seamlessly between different healthcare systems so you can deliver a holistic and personalized patient care.

Contact us to learn how our Professional Services team can help you meet your interoperability goals.

Case Study: Healthcare Provider Delivers Ultra-Fast COVID-19 Response Using Caspio

Snap Healthcare aims to help organizations address the demand for urgent COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs. With traditional software development, it would have taken at least six to nine months to roll out a sophisticated application like the Snap Healthcare portal. Using Caspio, the app was built in less than two months.

Employees can upload their COVID-19 vaccination cards or weekly test results using Snap Healthcare's secure and mobile-friendly app.
Authorized users can always access the latest employee health data to monitor testing, vaccination and compliance status.
Employers can manage unlimited employees and collaborate with as many administrators through the intuitive self-service portal.
Test results and other time-sensitive notifications are sent automatically via text and email. This allows end-users and admins to act on real-time data fast.
The HIPAA-compliant system protects patient records, allowing data to flow freely throughout the healthcare ecosystem using HL7/FHIR integration.
Employers can maintain normal business operations while protecting employee health using a centralized
turnkey application.

Create a COVID-19 Test Tracking System Today!

Want to build a fully-featured COVID-19 testing management solution to your exact specifications? Watch our 5-part video tutorial on how to start creating and customizing your own tracking system on Caspio.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design a Patient Database: Start from a blank template and set up database tables and relationships. Caspio’s visual design interface allows you to create a robust online database for patients, tests, medical staff and more.

  • Create Login Screens: Create separate login screens for patients, admins and other users using Caspio’s powerful and flexible authentication system. Password-protect your data and set up role-based access to every record.

  • Build Web-Based Reports: Produce professional reports and generate PDF documents containing test details. Ensure that patients only see information linked to their ID to maintain the privacy of COVID-19 data.

  • Set Up Submission Forms: Collect vital information and patient sign ups using custom web forms. Set up status updates and submit test results and other relevant information for easier management.

  • Extend Functionality With Low Code: Insert HTML blocks and add snippets of code to customize the look and feel of your web app. Tech-savvy users are free to enhance their pages with industry-standard technologies like HTML and CSS.

  • Deploy Your COVID-19 Tracking System: Embed your Caspio-powered COVID-19 tracking system on any public-facing website or intranet portal, giving you and your patients 24/7 access to relevant data and reports from any device.

Upgrade Your COVID-19 Response With a Comprehensive Platform for Building Custom Solutions

We understand that COVID-19 has brought on a host of new challenges for companies around the globe. We help companies navigate the COVID-19 crisis by providing an accessible and flexible software development platform.

Our clients have optimized their COVID-19 response with quick-to-launch apps that are built to their exact specifications.

Plus, we enable our clients to maintain flexibility for changes required in the future through detailed customization, massive scalability and fast implementation.