Nightingale Home Healthcare provides quality in-home care to senior citizens across the U.S., allowing patients to receive the best level of care while remaining in the comfort of their own homes.

Because of their dispersed workforce, Nightingale needed to improve the flow of IT and administrative requests between supervisors based at their headquarters and remote nurses across various states.

Here’s how they used Caspio’s no-code platform to build and deploy an online database quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional software development.

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Challenges of a Modern Mobile Workforce

Nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale is famously known as “The Lady with the Lamp” for carrying a small oil lamp as she cared for wounded soldiers at night. She introduced hospital designs that upheld strict sanitary requirements and reduced crowding, ultimately decreasing the mortality rate of her hospital.

Florence Nightingale’s legacy in modern nursing served as inspiration for Nightingale Home Healthcare.

In honor of their namesake, Nightingale Home Healthcare provides home health services for senior patients, ranging from domestic help to skilled level care. They are pioneering technology and therapeutic services that allow patients to heal faster, safer and more comfortably in their own homes. The high quality of Nightingale’s services has helped them expand to over 500 employees in 11 offices across the country.

Nightingale Home Healthcare by the numbers
TRAILBLAZER: Nightingale Home Healthcare is pioneering technology and therapeutic services, allowing patients to remain in their homes while receiving the best level of care.

However, Nightingale faced a challenge familiar to many of today’s businesses: their employees remotely handled tasks such as submitting forms, managing in-home care assignments and filing time off requests. They lacked web applications that would help them digitize these tasks.

Gaps within their processes started to show, impairing Nightingale’s productivity.

They needed a secure online database to organize and store documents and information — fast.

The Path to Paperless

Nightingale Web and Art Director Rajesh Relan saw that his organization urgently needed to optimize its workflows and processes.

He knew the solution lies in going paperless. They needed an online database to streamline workflows, monitor employee movement and share real-time data across various locations.

Relan initially considered hiring a web developer, but the hiring process alone would have been expensive and time-consuming.

“We are not situated in an IT epicenter like Silicon Valley,” Relan said. “We don’t have enough local web development talent for this approach to be viable.”

Database Experience Not Required

Despite the setbacks, Relan became more determined to digitize and unify their processes. He spent hours searching for the right solution until he found Caspio.

Relan no longer needed to hire an expensive web developer. Instead, Caspio empowered him to create database applications quickly — no coding experience required.

After creating his first no-code application — an IT ticketing system — Relan built other web apps to handle administrative tasks such as time-off requests, appointment scheduling and training certification programs. These no-code apps were rapidly deployed on Nightingale’s intranet, providing easy access for their remote workforce.

Customized web forms allowed Nightingale employees to submit various requests to managers and receive timely status notifications.

Custom IT Ticketing System built using the Caspio platform
CLOUD-BASED: Relan built and deployed a custom IT ticketing system using Caspio to streamline internal processes for their small IT team.

He also built an application for their patients to submit testimonials online.

“In this industry, sharing customer testimonials effectively is important and mission-critical,” Relan explained. “With Caspio, I was able to create a submission form that allowed our customers to share their testimonials easily.”

Custom Application Development Made Easy

Despite lacking familiarity with databases, Relan created what they needed with Caspio’s no-code platform to improve Nightingale’s unique workflows.

NO CODING REQUIRED: Use Caspio’s point-and-click tools to create powerful applications customized to your unique needs.

He used Caspio’s key features to build cloud-based applications:

  • Visual Application Builder – Caspio’s point-and-click user interface allows Nightingale to create online web forms quickly and with minimal coding.
  • Versatile Online Forms – With Caspio, Relan created feature-rich and highly versatile custom database forms.
  • Flexible User Management – Caspio’s flexible user management provides secure access for Nightingale employees across multiple locations.
  • Rapid Deployment – Nightingale can now deploy custom database applications quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

Caspio Lights the Way to More Savings

With no-code development, Nightingale Home Healthcare is now proudly a green company. Caspio’s all-in-one platform has helped Nightingale transform their internal workflows and processes, enabling them to go paperless, save costs and refine their documentation system.

As a result, Nightingale also improved the quality of their healthcare services — something Florence Nightingale would be proud of.

“I would 100% recommend Caspio to other companies that need to automate their processes. It can handle many issues, no matter how simple or complicated.”

Rajesh Relan
Web and Art Director
Nightingale Home Healthcare

Caspio arms business leaders like Relan with a secure and reliable no-code platform that allows them to create web-based applications easily. This enables organizations like Nightingale to do more with ease, delivering greater value for their patients.

Healthcare organizations that need to work on PHI, or protected health information, can also build HIPAA-compliant applications on Caspio. Healthcare professionals use Caspio not just for operations and administration, but also for patient experience, digital transformation initiatives and HIPAA-compliant data management.

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