Cloud apps play a significant role in the fight against the pandemic.

A United Nations survey found that 167 countries have provided vital COVID-19 information through their government portals. Verified information, including outbreak statistics, travel restrictions, health guidelines and community responses, help people make more informed decisions and contribute to curbing the spread of the disease.

The UN also recommends that governments use digital tools to lead communication with constituents while protecting sensitive data.

Is your government agency ready to digitally transform and better serve the public during these trying times? These eight low-code cloud apps will help.

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Government Cloud Apps for Pandemic Response

Digital Government Policy Response to COVID-19
JUST A PHASE: The UN recommends that governments roll out their COVID-19 response in phases, focusing on information communication and data security.

Government agencies around the world are deploying more digital tools to facilitate planning, surveillance, testing and other aspects of their pandemic response plans. Build these eight essential government apps now to enhance your agency’s efficiency and productivity amid this crisis.

1. Open Databases

Quickly generate and share real-time data with the public using an open government database. Manage important information in a unified online system that’s accessible to your employees, citizens and other agencies. Enable users to retrieve the data they need, whenever they need it, from a single source using any device.

Here’s an idea:

Idaho-based media company BoiseDev used Caspio’s low-code platform to publish a database of open local businesses on their website, encouraging citizens to support local stores in these trying times. The interactive database lets users search for open businesses and even add information to the system by simply filling out an online form.

Caspio Customer BoiseDev Using Open Databases

2. Analytics Dashboards

Need to make smart, data-driven decisions fast?

Create a cloud-based analytics dashboard to give your government office the ability to consolidate insights based on the latest data. An analytics dashboard will help you assess the severity of the pandemic in your local facilities and communities, as well as understand where resources are needed most in the coming days, weeks or months.

Take all available data, which may include the number of confirmed cases within an area, population densities and status of local hospitals and clinics, and display it in a way that’s easier to analyze. Caspio allows you to view data in pie charts, bar graphs and other visual formats.

Caspio Analytics dashboard in action

3. Health Data Reports

With Caspio, you can transform your data-rich database into dynamic health reports, enabling your organization to display local transmissions, recovery rates and the total number of active cases, among other information. Quickly deploy reports on your site, making timely information readily available online. Customize user permissions to ensure viewers see only public data and not protected health information.

COVID-19 Cases in a Health Data Report launched a location-based reporting tool that displays real-time data on COVID-19 cases with the help of Caspio. Their COVID-19 tracker now provides updated information to the site’s 9.9 million monthly unique users, who can view new cases reported each day in Ohio, broken down county by county.

4. FAQ Manager

Google Search liaison Danny Sullivan noted that Google “has never seen as many searches” for content related to COVID-19. Not all online sources provide accurate information, though. Turn your government website into the go-to source for verified information by having an official frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Caspio's Read-Made FAQ Manager App

Use Caspio’s ready-made FAQ manager app to publish Q&As on your website immediately. This template gives you the ability to update FAQs without having to code. Make the changes directly on your cloud application and Caspio will display the information instantaneously on your FAQ page. No need to log in to your content management system (CMS), ask the IT team to implement changes or redeploy the web page each time you need to update entries.

5. Project Management System

You manage internal teams and external suppliers or contractors while coordinating with other agencies. The sheer number of people involved adds complexity to even the most straightforward projects. Want to keep everything organized and delivered on-time despite current constraints?

Build a project management application and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Use our ready-made project management tool as is or customize it to your exact requirements. Set priorities, assign tasks and update deadlines as necessary. Mobile-responsive, it’s perfect for teams that need to make updates while deployed on the field.

Caspio's Ready-Made Project Management Tool
TAKE CONTROL: Keep your projects and workflows organized while on the field or at home by leveraging a cloud-based project management app.

6. Document Review Manager

With a distributed workforce, passing printed copies of for-review documents around the office is no longer an option. And it’s not just your personnel; even staff from other offices and businesses you deal with may be working remotely.

What if everyone had access to a secure portal where they can digitally sign all the documents they need to review? And what if approved documents automatically get forwarded to their next signatory?

Caspio's Ready-to-Use Document Review Management App

Deploy our ready-to-use document review management app and enable authorized users to initiate a document review process. Allow users to track the comments and feedback on each document. From there, enhance it with your own organization’s custom workflow to fully automate the review process.

7. Inventory Control System

Governments around the world are still testing the waters before allowing employees to return to the office. With people working from both the office and their homes, it can be challenging to keep track of organizational assets, especially when using ledgers and outdated software.

Inventory Control System Made Using Caspio

Gain the utmost visibility on all your office equipment by building a custom asset management application or inventory control system using Caspio. Assign assets to employees and see the status of each piece of equipment, flagged by color. If you want to perform an in-depth analysis, this app also generates rich charts and graphs that allow you to visualize data.

The Tennessee Department of Health digitized processes by building and deploying a custom inventory control system. Operating in 100 locations with over 3,000 nurses, doctors and administrative staff, they gained a 97% visibility into their 20,000 assets using a Caspio-powered asset management system.

8. Event Registration

Need to organize press conferences and other events in response to the pandemic?

Request this event registration app template and seamlessly embed it on your government website. Once deployed, public users can view and register for events, while administrators can manage registered users’ information in a secure online database.

Build Any Government App Without Having to Code

In the face of a pandemic, government offices must leverage digital tools to provide real-time data and insights to their constituents — fast. Take advantage of Caspio’s online database and intuitive point-and-click tools to create dynamic apps in a matter of hours and days, instead of weeks and months.

Equipped with a visual application builder and a scalable cloud infrastructure, Caspio offers everything you need to start creating custom applications that modernize and accelerate pandemic response, all while reducing end-to-end development time.

Use the Caspio low-code platform to capture essential health data, share vital information to the community and automate processes with ease. Empower your staff to build and deploy fully featured applications, reducing the need to wait for overburdened IT teams or hire additional technical talent.

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