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Modern Public Sector Solutions With Low-Code Apps

Worldwide, 96% of governments admit they are falling behind digital trends, leaving many agencies to play catch-up in their transformation efforts.

Government agencies face immense pressure to digitize services, fast-track emergency programs and become more accessible to their constituents — especially in times of crises. As they shift from legacy systems and analog processes, they deal with budget pressures and citizen demands, two factors that account for 75% of drivers forcing governments to digitally transform.

However, only 13% of government agencies are digitally “maturing”. The majority are either still “developing” or are in their “early” stages.

And unlike their corporate counterparts, government bodies carry the added responsibility of exercising diligence in handling taxpayer money while complying with stringent data security policies and working around legacy IT systems. They also endure stiff competition for IT talent.

At a time when the public is looking to the government for help, what can agencies do to overcome constraints and meet the demands of the digital era? How do you help your organization digitally transform?

Accelerate Digital Transformation With Low Code Government Apps

Attracting and retaining hard-to-find IT talent is a major challenge for governments. What can you do to bridge tech talent gaps in your organization?

Adopt a modern approach to achieve the tools you need to digitally transform. Leverage low-code development to enable non-technical staff to build their own applications. In our research, we found that low-code users are more equipped to fulfill the demand for custom apps (63%) compared with those who are not using low code (41%).

Finally, implement an agile methodology where those apps are built quickly and improved constantly with user feedback.

When non-technical professionals are empowered to create and manage mission-critical government apps themselves, more apps will be deployed without taxing IT teams.


Have the skills and resources to fulfill demand for custom apps.

Low Code: The Business Transformation Game-Changer

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Leverage Cloud Apps for Modernized Public Services

Ready to drive digital transformation in your government agency? Caspio is here to help. With Caspio, government agencies gain the opportunity to adhere to the “Cloud First” policy of the Office of Management and Budget, which recommends “cloud-based solutions whenever a secure, reliable and cost-effective cloud option exists”.

Government organizations worldwide use our cloud database to engage citizens and establish a solid touchpoint with the public through real-time data-sharing. By utilizing Caspio, you can build all the internal and public-facing applications you need — without having to code.

Meet Data Security and Compliance Requirements

IT security and management remains the top challenge reported by federal agencies, with “safeguarding sensitive data and information systems” as a key concern.

In a highly regulated industry, it’s imperative to find a completely secure and compliant solution when migrating data to the cloud.
Caspio meets stringent security requirements and cryptographic standards such as the FIPS 140-2 mandated by the U.S. government.

In addition, Caspio is also on the list of approved vendors for many states and is used extensively by over 100 U.S. government agencies. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Caspio ensures governments benefit from cloud infrastructure that meets the highest standards for reliability, security and compliance.

Use Caspio’s cloud database platform to store data and build public-facing apps while adhering to security requirements, including:

FIPS 140-2

Federal Information Processing Standard


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


General Data Protection Regulation

PCI DSS Level 1

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

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For over 20 years, Caspio has been simplifying the way organizations around the globe manage data online. Find out why government agencies love working with us, and why we have 5-star ratings on Gartner and Capterra.

We accurately track our budget and expenditures at the granular level we need, thanks to Caspio.
Tennessee Department of Health
Alfredo Ramirez
Tennessee Department of Health
Without the right price point, building applications is not cost-efficient. Caspio gets many projects done.
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Scott Davis
Senior Webmaster
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
More than any other platform, Caspio is affordable, better suited to our needs and allows for easy customization.
City of Thousand Oaks
Justin Baker
Information Technology Technician
City of Thousand Oaks

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Need to Modernize Public Services?

Tell us about the cloud app you wish you had, and we’ll help you achieve it — fast.