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Caspio Provides Industry-Leading Features to Meet Your Unique Healthcare Management Needs

Caspio is the leading customizable, secure and easy-to-use platform to build healthcare management applications. Our sophisticated and user-friendly platform empowers healthcare managers and administrators to quickly and easily build a complete suite of customized solutions to their unique specifications.

Upgrade Your Hospital Management Software

Caspio makes effective hospital management easier. Hospital management software you build with our No-Code platform is easy to customize to your specific needs. Many customizable solutions can be difficult to use, with a steep learning curve. Compared with traditional development, building software on Caspio is easier and quicker.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop, No-Code approach gives you the flexibility to streamline your hospital management system. Caspio helps you meet your organization's needs and improve patient outcomes by simplifying how you build easy-to-use and intuitive health care software solutions.

Equip Your Hospital Software With Critical Features

Hospital management applications you build with Caspio integrate seamlessly together. And, they are streamlined to help patients, providers, and administrators save time, reduce hassle, and improve efficiency.

Use our No-Code platform to save time and increase accessibility. From enhancing the patient experience with digital patient forms to providing convenient access to health records and secure online messaging, Caspio excels at increasing efficiency while maintaining security and HIPAA compliance.

With Caspio, you can create a hospital information system that is completely digitized, and easier to use for both employees, and patients. We know that hospital management systems don't have to be difficult and cumbersome to use.

Start improving management at your hospital today.

caspio Flexibility


Customize every aspect of each application to your exact requirements.

caspio Ease-of-use


Caspio is simple and easy to use, and requires no coding knowledge.

caspio Better for Patients

Better for Patients

Patient-facing interfaces are designed to be accessible and intuitive.

caspio HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliant

Caspio is the leading No-Code platform to ensure HIPAA Compliance

Prioritize the health and safety of your staff. Build an all-in-one COVID-19 compliance, management and immunization tracking solution.

Healthcare Management Software You Can Build With Caspio

Effective healthcare management requires software that is quick to launch and customizable for your unique needs. Most healthcare administration software applications are cumbersome to use and difficult to set up. We've made it our mission to solve this problem.

Caspio makes it easy to implement effective healthcare software in one-tenth of the time of other solutions. Here are some of the ways you can use Caspio to make your organization more effective, efficient and productive.

Case Management Software

  • Optimize your case management processes.
  • Easily manage patients, medical records, cases and general information.
  • Customize Caspio case management software applications to your specific needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate your case management application with other Caspio applications.

Claims Management Software

  • Build and deploy automated end-to-end claims processes with Caspio-powered claims management software.
  • Easily develop custom claims management software that is highly intelligent, agile, and ready to deliver stellar ROI.
  • Streamline your medical claims process, which boosts efficiency and accuracy and improves the overall patient experience.

Healthcare Contract Management Software

  • Empower healthcare organizations to provide the best possible care to patients with customized contract management software.
  • Automate and streamline contract processes during key stages.
  • Provide greater visibility into corporate spend, create greater efficiencies in the contract process and lower administrative costs.

Practice Management

  • Gain all the tools you need to manage your healthcare practice.
  • Streamline HR administration, billing, financial management, time-keeping, practice marketing and more.
  • Digitize records for more efficient management.
  • Add customizable data fields for your organization's specific needs.
  • Avoid paying for features that you won't use.

Project Management

  • Empower project managers to control costs, manage risk and improve project outcomes.
  • Leverage completely customizable project management functions, tailored specifically to your projects.
  • Easily and securely share data across departments.
  • Collaborate more efficiently with project partners.

Care Management

  • Seamlessly fill in gaps in care, improving the quality of care patients receive.
  • Lower healthcare costs, as well as the risk levels of both patients and providers.
  • Enhance coordination of care and eliminate duplication.
  • Help patients and providers to more effectively manage health conditions.
  • Opens doors to providing support between visits that can help patients maintain good health.

Referral Management

  • Efficiently and effectively manage processes as patients are transitioned to the next step in their care.
  • Get actionable insights to transform your referral workflows and improve care coordination throughout the care journey.
  • Launch inbound/outbound patient referral management for healthcare organizations with a fully customizable workflow.

Inventory Management Software

  • Track inventory of medical devices, durable medical equipment (DME), medications administered in-office and more.
  • Monitor facilities management and resource scheduling.
  • Save money by reducing waste and maximizing existing resources.
  • Analyze usage data to ensure accurate forecasting of future orders.

Document Management Software

  • Quickly and easily digitize all organization documents.
  • Easily and intuitively manage access to healthcare documents.
  • Give patients convenient, 24/7 access to their health documents online.
  • Use customized reporting to visualize results to create actionable insights.
  • Set up custom automations to more effectively manage documents.

Quality Management Software

  • View and analyze clinical data in ways that best serve your organization.
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention.
  • Quickly build, send, and collect custom patient feedback surveys.
  • Create visualizations and reports using clinical data to analyze outcomes, quality improvement, and performance metrics.
  • Identify areas for improvement and utilize data to enhance quality outcomes.

Incident Management

  • Quickly collect, analyze and process incident data for faster reporting.
  • Take advantage of data visualizations and insights to help your organization develop actionable solutions.
  • Learn more detail about incidents with intuitive incident reporting.
  • Improve insight and develop improved processes for greater patient safety and quality of care.

Healthcare Data Management Software

  • Build customized applications you need to run your healthcare organization.
  • Pay only for features you need, unlike with traditional EMR software.
  • Digitize paper records and streamline electronic data sharing.
  • Seamlessly integrate provider applications such as scheduling with patient-facing applications including secure messaging.
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Streamline Practice Management & Offer Superior Patient Care

We know that each medical practice is unique, and often requires customized solutions to achieve their practice goals. Custom development of this nature often requires more time and money. However, Caspio is built with this concept in mind, offering complete customization of every feature.

Launching with Caspio is 20 times faster than traditional software development. And, because you only pay for features you use, Caspio is often the most cost-effective solution.

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Make Medical Practice Management More Efficient

When you use traditional medical practice management software, you’re likely to encounter expensive integration costs, a difficult learning curve, and many features that you don’t need and won't use. With Caspio, however, you gain features that you’ll actually use. Implementation is fast, straightforward and easy.

Not only that – Caspio is user-friendly for patients as well. With an intuitive forward-facing design, patients will engage more often and in more detail than with other software. This gives you access to more detailed data to make effective decisions, while also improving accessibility, convenience and value for patients.

Build Customized Software to Benefit Your Patients

Caspio is a leader in providing smarter health services for improved patient care. By streamlining administration processes, Caspio frees up more time and resources to be centered around patient care and experience. When you pair Caspio's powerful administration features with modern user experience and patient engagement capabilities, you get a fully integrated system that improves efficiency and patient experience.

Caspio also allows you to prioritize a culture of care within your organization. From c-level executives to healthcare staff, everyone can focus on planning and delivering excellent patient care, instead of being zapped into manual, repetitive admin tasks. This business model allows you to stand above your competitors in terms of service and care. Caspio empowers you to deliver patient care and engagement in new and exciting ways.

Features Your Patients Will Love

Features Your Patients Will Love

  • Automated Patient Surveys
  • Easier Access to Health Records and Information
  • Improved Access to Patient Resources
  • Streamlined Appointment Scheduling and Reminders
  • Secure Patient Messaging
Capabilities That Help You to Focus on Patient Care

Capabilities That Help You to Focus on Patient Care

  • Survey Results That Generate Actionable Insight
  • Automated Patient Retention Features
  • Streamlined Appointment Scheduling and Automated Reminders
  • Easy-to-Manage Patient Resource Areas
  • Customized Patient Referral Processes

Build Your Ideal All-In-One Practice Management Software Solution With Caspio

Because your practice is unique, you may need apps for a wide range of practice areas, such as document management, billing, security, staffing, EHR, reviews and more. That can be overwhelming to think about, but don't worry. Every Caspio-powered app, from secure patient messaging, to inventory management, to staff scheduling work seamlessly with one another. This allows you to streamline your practice management and give patients the ideal level of care.

Unlike with other software solutions, you don’t need separate software for different areas of practice management. Caspio does it all. And above all, it enables you to build software with your patients in mind. The success of your practice depends on your patients, and we give you all the tools you need to ensure they receive the highest level of care possible. Our healthcare software specialists are on call and want to learn more about your needs.

See how Caspio can help you create
healthcare software while saving resources.

Healthcare Management Poses Tough Challenges.
We Provide Innovative Solutions.

Problems With Revenue Cycle Management

There’s a disconnect between the lead physician and office management. Because data is not readily available and easily digestible, the lead physician does not have time to become engaged in revenue cycle management.

Better Data and Visualizations Solve the Problem

Caspio’s No-Code platform empowers you to build a customized revenue cycle management integration that automatically outputs engaging and informative reports. Reports you develop with your unique requirements in mind are easy to understand and can be delivered automatically to everyone concerned at set times. This leads to better revenue forecasting, and better intra-office communication and synergy.

Your Current Practice Management Software Lacks the Features You Need

You've been using the same practice management software for some time, but you are constantly annoyed because it is clunky, slow and hard to use. It doesn't even offer all the features you need. You may be thinking about adding more software to what you already have, but then you’ll be dealing with separate systems and the hassle of having to do things twice.

A Comprehensive & Customizable Software Development Solution

Caspio offers support for every area of practice management, and gives you the flexibility to launch custom apps built to your exact specifications. Better yet, everything you implement with build on our No-Code platform works together, ensuring better ease-of-use and more efficient processes. Take everything you have and replace it with Caspio for a more streamlined practice. With Caspio, you get everything you need, all in one platform.

You Don't Have a Great Way to Track Patient Outcomes

Your current system lacks an effective way to track patient outcomes, which makes it impossible to track provider performance and patient satisfaction. This makes it extremely difficult to improve patient outcomes and provider performance.

A Solution That Generates Actionable Insight

Caspio’s patient outcome dashboard makes it easy to track patient outcomes and health. Plus, it generates detailed reports on patient satisfaction and provider performance. This empowers you to gain actionable insights and ensure the highest level of patient care.

The Innovative Customizable Solution for Healthcare Management

You have probably struggled with deciding on the right healthcare software for your organization. There are many options and all of them claim to offer the functionality and features that you need.

Only Caspio truly delivers on this promise. We provide the ultimate solution to ensure that your healthcare software does exactly what you need it to do while simultaneously offering the most user-friendly interface and seamless integration available.

Schedule a free demo now so we can learn more about your needs, and let us demonstrate how Caspio can work for you.