According to a recent study by Forrester, 50% of all businesses struggled with slow document workflows amid the pandemic.

Traditional document management workflows that require users to print, deliver, sign, return and store documents are detrimental to an agile business. If you want to stay competitive, you simply can’t afford to wait around for outdated approval processes.

That’s why using electronic signatures – or e-signatures – is a key component in your digital transformation initiatives.

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What is HelloSign?

HelloSign provides an easy-to-use service that allows anyone to execute legally binding electronic signatures in any document, up to 80% faster than other methods.

The Dropbox-owned company leverages cloud and mobile technology across its e-signature platform, improving the overall efficiency and productivity for more than 80,000 customers. HelloSign offers readily available templates you can use and reuse, as well as the option to customize your own documents for one or multiple parties to sign – complete with an audit trail to track the details of each signature’s approval.

Watch this quick video to see how Caspio can integrate HelloSign with your cloud applications:

Whether you want to generate a dynamic contract after an online form submission, or require signed acknowledgment after sending out a new employee handbook, you can incorporate countless use cases across your Caspio applications.

5 Important Benefits of E-Signature Workflows

With businesses fully embracing remote work, contactless service models and digital-first transactions, it’s no surprise that the electronic signature market is expected to grow from $2.8 billion in 2020 to $14.1 billion by 2026.

Here are the top reasons to embrace e-signature workflows:

1. Convenient for both businesses and users

Electronic signature workflows initiate immediately and expedite the entire approval process. This allows businesses to operate and respond in real-time, with recipients signing documents in just a few clicks.

2. Improved security and governance

Managing signed documents in a cloud platform makes all the difference. Not only do you benefit from real-time data stored in an online database, you also get enterprise-grade security features and built-in compliance that protect you and your customers in accordance with strict regulatory requirements like HIPAA, FERPA and more.

3. Streamlined paperless systems

Electronic signatures free companies from the inefficiencies of paper-based workflows. The inherent limitations of manually printing documents and physically distributing copies have never been more apparent than during the global pandemic. Companies now look to streamline document workflows and timelines by digitizing the entire process in the cloud.

HelloSign integration with Caspio
SUBMIT TO SIGN: Use a Caspio web form to automatically send electronic signature requests.

4. Instantaneous global reach

For organizations managing a distributed workforce or global customer base, implementing e-signatures serves as a reliable path to automated workflow. Streamlining the entire process in a cloud-based application also eliminates having to send an email to request a document to be sent for signature.

5. Significant cost savings

Digital signature workflows alleviate the financial costs required for traditional methods – printers, scanners, paper, delivery services, document storage and disposal, etc. Adopting e-signature technology saves valuable resources while reaping greater rewards.

Popular E-Signature Use Cases For Your Business

All companies, big or small, need e-signature workflows integrated into their daily operations. Here are a few common areas where cloud applications and e-signature workflows positively impact businesses:

Sales contracts

Mitigate delays between lead to conversion by generating digital sales contracts. Caspio makes it easy to send emails with a HelloSign document populated with information from a CRM database or secure web form.

Onboarding documents

HR departments typically process an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Employee onboarding alone involves numerous signatures on documents like employment contracts, employee handbooks, consent forms and more. Centralize your onboarding processes with a custom HR application built on Caspio and HelloSign workflows.

Real estate deals

Simplifying the arduous process of leasing and selling real estate hinges on how well firms have digitally transformed. E-signatures play a key role to ensure that clients, brokers, agents and other concerned parties can sign deals at any time, even while working in the field. Build your custom real estate web application on Caspio and enhance its functionality by integrating e-signatures.

HelloSign Rental Agreement sample
HELLO TEMPLATES: Upload your own documents or select from a wide variety of HelloSign templates you can customize and use with Caspio.

Procurement sign-offs

Buyers and sellers involved in the procurement process go through multiple stages before goods are purchased. It’s critical for businesses to process the appropriate contracts with the proper approval sign-off for speedy purchase orders.

Legal agreements

In many countries around the world, electronic signatures already hold the same legally binding qualities as standard signatures. This opens opportunities to streamline how law firms handle licensing agreements, policy terms and countless other legal documents. Intake pertinent client details and requirements like IDs from a Caspio web form, which then populates the fields in your HelloSign template for instant sending and signing.

Integrate HelloSign With Your Caspio Apps

Given the diverse range of e-signature workflows available today, Caspio’s HelloSign integration is available as a custom project fulfilled by our expert Professional Services team. The integration will require the following:

  • Caspio Account – You’ll need a Caspio account that includes our REST API.
  • HelloSign Account – You’ll need a HelloSign account that includes the features required by your project.
  • Professional Services Project – Work alongside our team to plan, design and launch e-signature workflows in your Caspio apps.

Contact us today to learn more about Caspio’s HelloSign integration.

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