Discover No-Code: Build Your Own Applications

What is No-Code?

No-code development allows technical-minded business professionals to create powerful, cost-effective applications using a visual interface instead of writing code.

Application development enables us to create custom workflows, build interactive reports, integrate web forms, launch scheduling functionality and more. That’s why app development is the engine behind so many daily business activities.

Without a no-code solution, only technical experts could navigate the app development space. For non-programmers, the idea of creating a custom web application might seem difficult or complex due to the lack of development skills and tools to code apps.

However, traditional software development demands significantly more resources, especially hard-to-find talent. A typical software project also passes through so many layers before it goes live.

First, a UI designer visualizes and plans the app. Then, a front-end developer designs and creates the look and feel while a back-end development team codes its functions and databases. Finally, an IT specialist deploys it to servers.

No-code has allowed anyone with grit to bring their ideas to life without employing a full-stack development team. With a no-code platform, even business users can create custom, cloud-based applications. If you can visualize the solution, you can leverage no-code platforms to build the application yourself.

After all, the no-code movement is founded on the belief that technology should enable creation, not stifle innovation.

What Exactly is No-Code Development?

Fundamentally, no-code development is the ability to create applications without a developer.

How does a no-code app builder work?

No-code app builders simply take proven code sequences and replace them with components that are customized through point-and-click or drag-and-drop interfaces.

What sets the best no-code platforms apart from the rest?

While many no-code tools or platforms are designed primarily to create websites, cutting-edge no-code platforms support the creation of an unlimited variety of custom web apps, like interactive reports, charts and dashboards. Additionally, the best no-code platforms give you the ability to automate common workflows, reducing mundane tasks and saving time.

What’s the Difference Between No-Code and Low-Code?

The difference between no-code and low-code app-building software is the level of coding skills required to create an application.

No-code development platforms, as the name implies, enable non-technical business people, often referred to as “citizen developers,” to create applications without coding skills.

These development tools allow companies to “integrate new applications into their existing tech stack in a more seamless manner,” according to Forbes.

By contrast, low-code tools require some programming skills. Examples of those who commonly use low-code are developers, programmers or hybrid IT employees.

The State of No-Code and Low-Code Development

No-code enables you to build cloud applications without writing a single line of code. It allows citizen developers to create solutions without help from IT departments. However, there’s a limit to what you can build with no-code. No-code developers have to make do with what’s already on the platform.

That’s why Caspio, despite being a primarily no-code platform, provides the ability to inject code. Caspio will always allow you to extend and customize your applications to your exact specifications with low code. Learn more about the state of no-code and low-code development with these free resources you can download right now:

Low Code: The Business Transformation Game-Changer

Low-code users are more likely to deliver custom applications on time, on scope and within budget, our study found. Learn more by reading the report.

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Accelerate Business Transformation With Low Code

Companies using low-code platforms are 2x more likely to grow. Download the study and gain actionable insights to transform your business.

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The Business Value of Low-Code Development Platforms

The low-code developer population is growing more than 3x faster than traditional developers, according to this new report by IDC.

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4 Benefits of No-Code Development

No-code empowers users with zero programming knowledge to manage data, digitize workflows and automate processes in the cloud by clicking, not coding. Here are the top reasons to bring no-code into your organization:



Business leaders say the lack of IT talent is their top challenge when building custom software. Upskill your employees to build their own custom digital solutions using a no-code development platform and unlock the hidden IT workforce in your organization.


No-code allows you to break down data silos and centralize multiple departmental systems and workflows under a single platform. Business users from different teams and locations can build, iterate, review and use apps based on their specific roles and permission levels.


More than 80% of decision-makers lack the resources to deliver critical apps for the entire organization. A no-code app builder allows you to create applications faster and at a more cost-effective rate, without the need for specialized IT talent or equipment.


In our research, 61% of business leaders that use no-code/low-code tools say they typically deliver custom apps on time, compared to only 38% of peers who don’t use no-code/low-code. Even skilled programmers work faster when they no longer need to write code line by line.

Why is an Online Database Necessary With No-Code?

Seamlessly deploy custom apps with a no-code database.

Caspio no-code database
caspio Enable Multi-User Access to Information

Enable Multi-User Access to Information

Reduce the time you spend searching for data with a centralized online database. Gain real-time access to information, break down departmental silos and allow multiple users to modify data in a secure environment using any device. Raise productivity with automated workflows, live notifications and data import/export.

caspio Eliminate Spreadsheet Chaos

Eliminate Spreadsheet Chaos

Spreadsheets like Excel are not true databases and don’t provide interfaces to manage updates, workflows or permissions effectively. Promote cross-functional collaboration and data sharing with your team using a single source of truth. Use online databases and eliminate the hassle of reconciling different files and repositories.

caspio Ensure Data Security & Recovery

Ensure Data Security & Recovery

Storing sensitive information on-premises puts you at risk. Take advantage of online platforms equipped with enterprise-grade security, regulated audits, established compliance, worldwide data centers and native backup-and-restore procedures to protect against data breaches and unexpected privacy issues.

Embraced by business professionals for ease of use and trusted by IT departments for security, compliance and scalability, Caspio is the leading no-code platform for building online database applications without coding. Try Caspio free and discover the possibilities.

How to Get Started With No-Code

Decide What You Want to Build

First, determine the app you want to create. Decide what specific business problem you want to solve. Often, Caspio customers map out what paper-based or manual processes they want to digitize. For example, Caspio enables MS Access users to migrate databases to the cloud.

Understand the Basic Requirements of Your App

Whether you have a clear vision of your goal or you’re exploring options, it’s critical to understand the basic requirements of your application. Questions to help you clarify your vision:

  • How will end-users utilize the app?
  • What should the interface look like?
  • Do I need to put it on a public-facing website or an intranet?
  • How much data does the application need to store?
  • What specific level of compliance does it require?

Choose the Right No-Code Platform

Not all no-code platforms are built the same. Decide which platform will help you achieve your goals. Read about all the essential features you should look for to make sure you choose the best platform for your project.

Start Building Your App

Select an application template or begin your app creation with a clean slate. Sometimes the most effective way to discover if a solution works for you is to start building.

Build All Your Custom Apps With Caspio

Optimize existing processes or design new applications in record time. Caspio helps you achieve your goals with no-code and low-code development tools. Here are some solutions you can build:

Custom CRM application


Manage customer data and sales opportunities based on your unique business objectives. Generate sales funnels and other custom CRM interfaces with our point-and-click wizards.

Knowledge base application


Store vital information in a centralized, database-driven knowledge base built with Caspio and improve knowledge management across the organization.

Dashboard application


Generate interactive web dashboards and gain critical insights from real-time data. Instantly display thousands of records as graphs, pivot tables and other chart types.

Business registration form


Eliminate roadblocks caused by paper-based forms. Digitize how you gather and manage data in the cloud with customizable web forms.

Patient portal app


Working in the healthcare industry? Safely connect with your patients and manage information on a HIPAA-compliant portal. Build all the features you need in one secure platform.

Sales analysis report


Implement database and app-level calculations to create your smart finance apps in the cloud. Use cases range from loan calculators to invoice processing with native PDF reports.

Simple sales tracking application


Turn your Excel spreadsheets into web database applications. Caspio features a seamless import method that converts your spreadsheets into secure cloud-based databases.

Caspio table relationships


Migrate your legacy MS Access databases online and reap the full benefits of Caspio’s cloud infrastructure. Enjoy an Access-like environment but with the benefits of the cloud.

Try Caspio Free and Create Your First App Today

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Caspio app interfaces

Your No-Code Questions Answered

What is no-code software development?

No-code software development eliminates the need to write code entirely. With no-code platforms, business professionals with no programming experience can use visual tools to create and deploy applications online without the IT overhead.

How are no-code and low-code different?

No-code empowers business users eager to bring their ideas to life using guided visual tools. On the other hand, low code allows technical users to quickly build applications with minimal coding for most use cases, with the option to extend their apps with scripting when required.

Can an entire team collaborate to build apps on Caspio?

Caspio allows unlimited app creators, making it possible for teams to participate in the development process. Promote collaboration and data sharing between teams and stakeholders by inviting them to work on cross-functional apps. With this, you democratize app development in your entire organization.

Does Caspio offer professional services to build apps for me?

Yes! If you already have your application requirements but aren’t too keen on building and testing it yourself, schedule a free Project Consultation session with a Caspio expert today. We’ll help you get all the IT talent you need to build custom solutions for your business.

How can I retrieve my data from the Caspio platform?

With Caspio, you can easily download any information you’ve stored on the platform by scheduling automated data exports or exporting data on demand.

Does Caspio work with other products and services?

Yes! Link Caspio with over 5,000 cloud-based services like Office 365, Salesforce and Mailchimp using our built-in integration with Zapier. It’s also possible to sync data between systems using tasks that automatically transfer data across popular cloud repositories such as Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

How much does Caspio cost?

Caspio offers various subscription plans: from a Free Account suitable for simple projects to Corporate Plans that include enterprise features, advanced security and higher service levels. Compare Caspio pricing options to see which plan best fits your requirements.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up for a free trial. If you prefer to talk to a product expert for a personalized and guided introduction to Caspio, schedule a free consultation and our team will reach out to you.