Caspio Bridges Gap Between Business Pros and IT Experts

Customer National Coatings & Supplies
Industry Industrial / Business Services
Challenge Help business professionals build the IT tools that they need.
Why Caspio
  • Enables users to break down data silos within the organization
  • Bridges the gap between business people and IT
  • Provides reassuring customer support


I’m Nick Criscione. I work for National Coating & Supplies, and my job title is Director of Continuous Improvement. We have about 187 locations across the U.S., and we sell Coating’s paint to all different industries.

Breaking Silos, Solving Problems With Low-Code

As Director of Continuous Improvement, we are basically therapists. We listen to everyone’s problems, and we have to diagnose them. And what happens is that the people that are in those functional compartments, they see their little piece of the problem.


But they don’t know how those pieces of the problem connect with all the different functional departments. So, we break down those silos and provide solutions for them.


We’ve tried everything.


We’ve tried Google Sheets and all the Google suite of applications. We’ve tried Smartsheet. We’ve tried Formsite. We’ve tried SurveyMonkey. We’ve tried everything out there, and we’ve pushed it all to its limits.


Finally, it came down to needing something that worked. We did some searching and looking for different solutions, and we came across Caspio.

Providing Database Applications That Matter

Our mindset going into the whole thing was really, let’s provide to people that matter, to the boots on the ground that are fighting in the battle day in and day out. Let’s get them what they need to see. So that they can do the job that they have to do more effectively.


The beauty in the no-code platform, such as Caspio is that you have a business person that understands the process, and you have an IT group that understands the IT.


Caspio bridges that gap.

Build Solutions That You Need, Without IT Help

It shows you that the people that are doing the process now can go out and build those IT solutions that they never really had the ability to do previously.


I think the biggest thing coming out of using Caspio was being able to bridge that gap. The person who does the process day in and day out can now build those applications to make their job easier, rather than having to go through IT or anything else.


The relationship that we’ve built with Caspio has been what we strive to give our customers, and it’s really being a partner in your business, rather than just a source of a product.

Caspio Is Always Here to Help

Anyone can go to a place and drop off a can of paint or a five-gallon bucket of paint. But it’s different when you step into that customer’s business and help them grow to make more money, or you really become a partner in their business.


And that’s what Caspio has provided to us. We get to a specific place that we get stuck and there’s always someone there to help and give us the solution for that question.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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