As the New Year starts and governments roll out vaccination plans, businesses are gaining confidence to reopen workplaces to both employees and customers.

But make no mistake — the risk of infection remains high.

That’s why it’s essential to manage the flow of people in and out of your workplace with an appointment scheduling application. Here’s how you can quickly launch the app and ensure workplace safety in 2021.

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How Appointment Scheduling Software Can Help

A custom appointment scheduling system is the most efficient way to manage the influx of employees and customers on your premises.

An online appointment scheduler will enable you to book and manage client meetings on the cloud, so you can use it even while you’re working remotely. It features a calendar for tracking past and upcoming visits and gives you a bird’s eye view of all appointments for the month.

HASSLE-FREE: Appointment scheduling software help admin and operations managers keep track of foot traffic in the workplace.

Online appointment scheduling systems are useful for any industry or type of business, including:

Patient Scheduling for Healthcare

Patient scheduling systems lessen the burden of healthcare professionals. With patient appointments scheduled in advance, hospitals and other healthcare facilities gain the ability to proactively plan resource allocation, increase efficiency and reduce stress among in-duty workers.

Appointment Booking for Government

Government offices that provide licenses, permits and other common services are often crowded. Expect more people if the offices have initiatives related to the pandemic, such as processing of relief packages. Regulate the number of people on-site by setting appointment slots and using an appointment scheduler to organize visitor flow. Deploy these low-code apps for government agencies to further streamline public services, too.

In-Store Traffic Management for Retail and Small Businesses

In most states, the number of people allowed in an indoor location is still kept to a minimum. This is a challenge for retail stores, restaurants and other SMBs that rely on the steady flow of customers to their premises. Appointment scheduling systems enable you to implement by-appointment or reservation-only policies to maximize your space and resources. Customers won’t have to wait in line to enter your store, eliminating crowding.

How to Build an Appointment Scheduler Without Coding

Use Caspio’s free appointment scheduler to start booking and managing visitor arrivals more efficiently. This ready-made application provides you a professional calendar interface to monitor past and upcoming visits.

The appointment scheduling app lets you register new contacts and enable those contacts to complete their registration online, even prior to visiting your workplace. Another nifty feature is the ability to send automated reminders to guests, either via SMS or email. This ensures guests don’t forget their appointments and lessens last-minute cancellations.

You can further customize the ready-made application using Caspio’s no-code platform to add these features and functionalities:

  • Enable users to sync schedules with their existing calendar tools
  • Add a payment form and securely collect credit card payments online
  • Give administrators the ability to modify and reschedule appointments
  • Create additional forms and reports to analyze waiting and service times, the number of incoming visitors and other vital metrics
  • Allow users to send messages inside the appointment scheduling portal

Ensuring workplace safety rests in the hands of everyone, including employees and customers. But as workplace managers or business owners, implementing additional practices will help the company not only reopen safely for visitors but also recover from the impact of the pandemic.

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