How challenging can recruiting management get nowadays?

Consider this: layoffs flood the market with more job hunters competing for the same positions. Many businesses cautiously hold off on their hiring plans. Others ramp up efforts to gain fresh talent and steer their business in the digital-centric landscape.

All these changes can happen in your company — simultaneously.

That’s why HR professionals today need to be nimbler than ever to respond to rapidly shifting priorities and market conditions. How?

Navigate hiring in the new normal with a recruitment management system. Here’s how you can build this HR app without coding.

Request Caspio’s free recruiting software now to start streamlining your hiring process.

How a Recruitment App Simplifies Hiring

A custom HR app or recruiting management software is an HR professional’s most effective tool for simplifying a complicated hiring process. It enables you to oversee the entire recruitment process on the cloud, so you can hire top talent from home or wherever you’re working from.

By customizing the HR app to your exact requirements, you’ll be able to publish job listings, capture resumes, schedule interviews with hiring managers and more, all in a single portal.

Here’s how a custom HR cloud app simplifies recruitment:

Organizes Recruitment Data in One Location

At the heart of any powerful recruiting software is a secure online database that gathers all the data you have on applicants. Consolidating all recruitment data into a cloud-based database enables you to search for candidates and access their resumes easily.

Job hunter applying though a an online recruiting app portal
OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: Connect your recruiting app with your website to automatically publish job postings and collect applicant data through your online portal.

Provides Visibility to Both HR, Hiring Manager

Stakeholders can view and track the status of all new, active and closed applications with recruitment software. Visibility ensures everyone is aware of their open tasks, especially when your office operates in a teleworking setup. It also reduces manual work for recruiters since hiring managers can check the portal instead of emailing or calling HR for status updates.

Consolidates Multiple Recruitment Tools Into One

Many recruiters use some form of recruiting CRM, or customer relationship management tool, to organize the contact information of prospects. They then use email to communicate with job hunters and chat tools to update hiring managers. They create helpdesk tickets for the IT team to post new job openings on the company website. Efficient recruiting management software will consolidate all these functions into one portal, eliminating the need to shift between multiple tools when dealing with other stakeholders.

Allows Extensive Customization

The most robust recruiting software allows users to tailor the entire recruiting experience. You can customize the forms, fields, workflows, and other features to offer users a seamless experience. You can even configure colors and visual elements to improve readability and organize the order of fields to prioritize items most important to you.

Build Your Recruitment Software, No Coding

Want to create and customize your online HR app fast? Use Caspio’s free recruitment management system and start streamlining your hiring process today.

Caspio’s ready-made recruiting management application provides a multi-user interface so recruiters, hiring managers and even applicants all accomplish their tasks within it. Its foundation is a secure online database that collects all your recruitment-related information, including applicant data and job descriptions.

As an HR professional, you can post unlimited jobs on your portal in one go, without the need to create individual web pages. The recruitment manager app lets you add new positions and update existing ones by clicking, not coding, eliminating the extra work of coordinating with the IT to publish job postings on your website. You can also automatically send email alerts to applicants through the HR app, making sure they won’t forget any scheduled interview with your team.

Externally, the HR app gathers all the data that applicants submit through the job postings into the cloud database, making it easier for you or the hiring manager to access information wherever you are.

Want to customize your HR app further? Use Caspio’s no-code development platform. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Rearrange the interfaces, user groups and workflows according to your unique needs
  • Add questions or request transcripts and sample work by modifying the application form
  • Build a custom calendar interface internally to schedule and manage interviews

Caspio’s no-code platform provides extensive customizability to build and deploy the business apps that adapt to your unique recruitment processes without dealing with traditional software development.

Get More Ready-Made HR Apps for Your Team

A recruiting management system is just one of the many HR apps you can create to eliminate manual tasks and automate processes in your organization.

Request these ready-made HR apps, which are free to download with any Caspio plan:

  • Online Knowledge Base – Use this self-service documentation portal to store and manage business-critical information in a searchable cloud-based system.
  • Appointment Scheduling – Organize schedules and regulate foot traffic in your workplace while ensuring the safety of your existing and potential employees.
  • Resource Scheduling – Empower your team to check resource availability and make reservations from anywhere using this scheduler.

Check out our ready-made app gallery or schedule a free consultation with one of our platform specialists, and we’ll help you explore the possibilities with no-code.

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