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This feature-rich knowledge base system helps you manage important information in a centralized online portal. It can also be used as a self-service documentation system for any department or organization.

Standard Features

  • Multi-user system manages the entire content review and approval process.
  • Deploys to your own website or intranet.
  • Helps users easily find information using ad-hoc search or category filters.
  • Users can leave feedback on each article and rate its usefulness. The feedback is displayed in actionable reports in the administrative interface.
  • Authors can add new articles or edit their own articles.
  • Editors can edit, publish, or reject articles, and add internal notes. They can also manage users and article categories.
  • Includes a scalable online database that supports unlimited users and thousands of knowledge base articles.
  • Administrative interface offers a dashboard view to track the status of articles, total feedback, total article views, and other useful metrics.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Customize fields and dropdown values, or add new fields such as images and files.
  • Add workflow capabilities to manage priority, communication logs, department-level privileges or other internal processes.
  • Easily enable email alerts automatically notify authors whenever an article status is changed.