Owning a home is the embodiment of the American Dream.

However, purchasing real estate property requires a considerable sum, and not everyone has the resources to pay upfront for houses. That’s why a bank loan specifically designed to help families own a home was introduced in the 1930’s — something we know today as a mortgage.

Security National Mortgage Company (SNMC), one of the top providers of mortgage loans in the United States, continues their mission of helping families own homes, with some aid from no-code business applications.

Here’s how they’re using Caspio to keep the American Dream alive.

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Rock-Solid Foundation in the Financial Industry

SNMC’s roots date back to 1965, with the founding of its parent organization, Security National Life Insurance Company (SNL). With only about half a million dollars in assets, SNL operated out of a small rental house in Salt Lake City, where it grew into the publicly traded Security National Financial Corp.

In 1993, the parent organization expanded into the wholesale mortgage business, giving birth to Security National Mortgage Company. Today, SNMC operates 109 professional office locations in over 40 states across the United States.

Security National Mortgage Company in Numbers

In its 27-year history, SNMC has received multiple awards and is consistently included in the Top 50 Mortgage Company list by Scotsman Guide. It provides a vast selection of mortgage loans ranging from residential and rural to business and commercial.

But as with any business under a bigger parent organization, SNMC struggled to address data flow between their own company and headquarters.

Bridging Internal and Corporate Data Needs

“We have data everywhere,” admitted Alex Fenech, SNMC IT support manager and BI developer.

“We’re a mortgage company, but in our group, there’s also a life insurance company, a mortuary company, a memorial company, a real estate company. It doesn’t make sense for corporate to customize things for what mortgage needed.”

Fenech, who was in charge of maintaining personnel information, figured they needed a secure and accessible online database to manage business data and promote transparency with HQ.

The database had to be connected to the corporate system, but at the same time, it had to be tailored for their unique mortgage business.

That’s how Fenech came across Caspio.

Customizing Database Views for All Users

Fenech used Caspio’s no-code platform to build a custom online database application that bridged the needs of both corporate and their mortgage business.

“We brought Caspio in to develop our own application that complemented what corporate was doing but gave us all the customization we needed,” he said.

Fenech set up database tables and created Views in Caspio — enabling their corporate office to see only the information they needed while allowing the SNMC team to bring in data from HQ.

Caspio Views serve as virtual tables that don’t hold data but filter what tables or fields users are allowed to see. They can also be used to combine multiple tables.

Fenech then customized Caspio DataPages, or app interfaces, and deployed them on a WordPress website. “Through those DataPages is how our marketing department was able to interact with the app. We just feed in the invoices and the other data that needed to get mashed together.”

Tracking and Managing Projects Made Easy

After developing a custom online database, Fenech created a new application designed to make project management and tracking a breeze for the marketing department. The new app allowed their team to consolidate multiple sources of data into one centralized system.

Fenech shared that their marketing team went from “yanking” invoices from different applications or vendors to using one project management tool. “It made everything so much simpler by being able to do that.”

Today, their project management and tracking app helps them monitor their hours for different tasks, such as creating brochures or fliers. All of that information automatically gets pushed into the same invoice system for processing.

Supporting Heroes of Digital Transformation

Caspio puts the power to develop solutions in the hands of the people closest to the problem.

So whether you’re a business manager or an IT professional like Fenech, you’ll be able to build cloud applications tailored to your exact business needs using Caspio — without having to write code.

“Without experience, I was able to go into the Caspio no-code platform, and right away, I could build an online database and an application,” Fenech said. “I didn’t need to have more knowledge than that.”

Fenech also praised Caspio’s user education efforts. Caspio provides free resources, including in-depth tutorials and a dedicated Support Team to guide users every step of the way.

“Caspio makes sure I know what I’m doing and that I can fully support it moving forward. I don’t feel like I can make something in Caspio that I’m not capable of supporting.”

Alex Fenech
IT Support Manager and BI Developer
Security National Mortgage Company

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