No-code is fast.

But to help our customers launch urgent apps even faster, we created RMAs or ready-made applications. The apps are free to download, highly customizable and easy to deploy.

We received a record number of requests for RMAs this year as businesses try to respond to the demands of the new normal. Which applications were most popular to business professionals? What problems were they trying to solve?

Here are Caspio’s top five most requested apps of 2020.

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Apps for Customers, Internal Workflows

In Caspio’s Low Code: The Business Transformation Game-Changer report, which was released at the start of the year, we found that businesses create applications primarily to optimize two focal areas: customer experiences and internal workflows.

The pandemic further highlighted this trend.

Improving customer experiences and workflows are top priorities for businesses
STILL THE ONE: Improving customer experiences and internal workflows remain top priorities for businesses in 2020.

Three of the top five most popular Caspio apps, including the most-requested application for 2020, cater to improving customer experiences. The rest are meant to streamline internal workflows, which were impacted by the sudden adoption of teleworking.

In short, organizations are still focusing on areas that directly impact revenue. Indeed, custom applications provide strategic advantages to businesses, especially in the new normal.

Most Requested Caspio Apps, Ranked

Our free app gallery features dozens of ready-to-use applications and we’re constantly adding more. After tallying the numbers, here’s the list of the five most requested Caspio ready-made applications in 2020, starting from fifth to first place.

Appointment Scheduling – 5th Place

Caspio’s free appointment scheduling app gained popularity as workplaces started to reopen following lockdowns.

The application allows admin and office managers to regulate foot traffic in the workplace and abide by health and safety protocols. Enable your visitors to fill out online intake forms to limit their time in your clinic or shop. You can even send automated SMS and email reminders. It comes with a secure online database to organize contacts and a monthly view to see all past and upcoming appointments.

IT Helpdesk – 4th Place

The sudden shift to remote work significantly affected teams, especially the IT department, which had to support everyone as they transitioned into the new normal. Good thing we had an app for that! Coming in on fourth place is our IT Helpdesk app, which empowers IT teams to track and resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently.

The app allows employees or customers to submit new helpdesk tickets and assign them to corresponding IT members. IT staff can view and manage the tickets, prioritize them based on urgency and allocate the right resources to handle requests.

Want to customize it to further streamline your workflows? Go ahead and set up email notifications for assigned tickets, add a self-registration form for new users or open a comment section for each ticket to track communications. Here’s a list of more features to add to your IT helpdesk.

Project Management – 3rd Place

How do you ensure productivity and efficiency with a distributed workforce? Caspio’s free project management app allows you to monitor tasks, resources and metrics, wherever your team may be.

Third on our list of most requested apps in 2020, our project management application comes with comprehensive dashboards that let you see the number of projects by user, date or status. Users can open new projects and tasks, as well as set deadlines and deliverables. They can also generate reports quickly or find specific projects through ad hoc search.

Need to integrate your project management app with other repositories and web services? Connect Caspio via Zapier to AWS, Box, Google Drive and more.

Online Store – 2nd Place

The pandemic changed people’s shopping habits. More and more people now shop online, making an e-commerce website a non-negotiable for businesses offering products and services. It’s no surprise that our ready-to-use online store ranked as the second most requested app for 2020.

Caspio’s online store template allows you to post thousands of products to your e-commerce website. Manage your inventory and set costs conveniently through a centralized portal. Track purchases and revenue in just a few clicks and see the store’s real-time performance with easy-to-read charts. Simplify your inventory management by setting up email alerts when your items drop below a threshold.

Want to take it a step further? Activate built-in payment processing via Stripe or PayPal and start accepting credit card payments.

Custom CRM – 1st Place!

What’s the most requested app of 2020? It’s the app that supports what matters most to your business — your customers.

Caspio’s Custom CRM emerged as the #1 ready-made application this year. The free CRM includes all the basic features you need to build strong relations with both customers and prospects.

The app comes with standard features like dashboards, charts and searchable reports and lets you view all communication logs, including notes, phone records and emails. Track unlimited sales reps and customers. Allow your team to monitor sales transactions in a centralized online database.  

Take it up a notch by customizing the template with your corporate branding. Add specific elements such as sales productivity and other metrics that complement your processes. You can also use our free online database builder to test and implement core CRM features for unlimited users. No credit card required!

Customize Apps With Powerful Caspio Features

The beauty of using Caspio’s ready-made applications is the ability to customize the app templates to work seamlessly with your business. Your business is unique, and so should your apps.

Here are some Caspio features to help you customize our app templates:

Point-and-click DataPages

Inside your Caspio account, you’ll find pre-built web interfaces or DataPages. Take any of our DataPages and feel free to edit them according to your exact specifications. Use them to add charts, forms and more interfaces to your existing ready-made apps.

Visual table relationships

Modify how your online databases relate with one another by editing connections or making new ones. Caspio’s visual relationship schema provides admin users with a clean diagram of tables and fields for you to quickly redesign.

Drag-and-drop automations

Take advantage of Caspio’s Triggered Actions and Tasks to add automatic algorithms in your app. Simply drag blocks of action and snap them together to create logic statements without coding. Implement email alerts, database updates and other processes 10-20x faster!

BUILDING BLOCKS: Design automated instructions with Lego-like blocks that snap together using only your mouse cursor.

Custom styles and localizations

Caspio gives you the option of changing any of the available style templates to better suit your brand. You can even create your own style template from scratch and implement it to your DataPages. The same goes for localization based on region.

Ready-Made Apps, Ready for 2021

Thriving in the new normal requires agility in deploying custom solutions for your organization. But as more departments compete for fewer IT resources, how will you gain the apps you urgently need to give your business the competitive edge?

Take advantage of our no-code apps.

Caspio provides you with free app templates, together with the no-code platform to quickly and easily customize them to your unique requirements. Caspio also comes with an online database to help you organize data in the cloud, and the operational engine to deploy applications on any portal, website or CMS with just a few clicks.  

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