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CRM Application Template

Build Your Custom CRM with this Template

Need a powerful, efficient and flexible system to build strong relationships with prospects? Keep tabs on customer journeys and improve conversion metrics with Caspio’s FREE custom CRM app!


Allow your team to monitor sales transactions in a centralized online database. This ready-made template provides you with essential tools to track unlimited reps and customers. Requires 82 DataPages.

Standard Features

  • User dashboards include pivot tables, charts and searchable reports.
  • Users can manage all communications via notes, phone and email logs.
  • App includes an admin level access, manager and employee.
  • Supports unlimited users, each with their own login.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Easily modify status names, regions and other fields based on your unique organization.
  • Create additional interfaces to incorporate tasks, sales productivity and other metrics.
  • Track sales by product, industry, or service categories.
  • Include a public facing “contact us” form to feed new inquiries into the CRM app.
  • Check out this How-To Video and learn how to build your own CRM from scratch.

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