Helpdesk Ticketing System

Close More Tickets With a Helpdesk Ticketing System

Need a self-service IT helpdesk to organize and solve internal requests? Create tickets, assign them to specific IT employees and monitor their status with Caspio’s FREE IT Helpdesk system!


Manage ticket requests from every department in a centralized online database. This ready-made template allows IT to embed a custom helpdesk on their intranet or portal. Requires 14 DataPages.

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Standard Features

  • Employees can submit new helpdesk tickets and assign them to specific IT users.
  • Employees can view their submitted tickets and review the status of their requests.
  • IT staff can search, view and manage their assigned tickets.
  • Admin users can monitor all activities, view summary reports and manage IT staff.

Ideas for Enhancement

  • Set up notification emails whenever tickets are assigned.
  • Add comment logs for each ticket to track communications.
  • Easily modify application interfaces, fields and workflows based on your unique needs.
  • Add a self-registration form for new users.
  • Check out this How-To Video and learn how to build your own IT Helpdesk from scratch.

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