Managing unstructured data is costly.

You have to consolidate and make sense of numbers, text, images, audio and other data formats. But it gets worse: most teams within an organization have varying account structures, naming conventions and file storage options.

Not all businesses have the resources to dedicate an entire team for data management, and that’s why they work with firms like Chemily Information Management Company (CIMC).

But with thousands of clients spread across the globe, how does an information management company provide real-time access to data while ensuring security?

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Secure Online Data Access for Regulated Industries

CIMC manages other companies’ accounting data. They also provide services like data processing, web-based workflow services, transaction analysis and more. Their main customers come from the oil and gas industry and rely on their support to ensure complete data reporting and information delivery.

Managing the financial information of different companies, especially those from regulated industries, requires the utmost care to avoid any data compromise.

Human error causes 90% of data breaches - Caspio Blog

A 2019 report by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky found that around 90% of data breaches in SMBs and enterprises were caused by human error. The types of data stolen include information about customer identity, payment information and authentication credentials.

The biggest challenge for Chemily was allowing users to safely access their data online. They needed to ensure that only certain users were able to access specific data.

Online Database Migration Made Easy

CIMC started by building an online database using Caspio. And instead of recreating their tables from scratch, they simply imported their existing spreadsheets into the platform.

“We export the data instead of double-doing the work. It’s just all imported from Excel into Caspio. It allows us to integrate all our systems into one,” says Veronica Vela, controller at Chemily.

According to Vela, Caspio’s low-code database platform is easy to use so they didn’t have to train or do anything other than just adapt to the program.

When they stumble upon an issue they can’t resolve, they ask help from the Caspio Support Team via chat and get answers right away.

“It’s really great to know that I have answers at my hands,” says Vela.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Accessibility

Migrating data into a centralized online database, however, was just half of the equation.

“The biggest challenge that we faced is enabling users to get their data online, having a safe way to get it, and allowing only that specific user to have it,” explains Vela. “The User Authentication feature in Caspio allowed us to do that.”

Here’s how Caspio’s security and reliability features perfectly matched Chemily’s needs:

  • User Authentication – Caspio powered apps are protected with encrypted password technology. Only authenticated users have access, and a detailed access log records the interaction for future review.
  • Record-Level Security – With the apps you build, you have control over what records a logged-in user is authorized to see. Any updates or new submissions will be stamped with the user’s name to easily track who last edited the data.
  • Account Security Policy – You have an option to customize a uniform security policy to be applied across all your Caspio accounts and users logging into the platform. Easily set the rules for password strength, expiration and re-use. You’ll be able to adjust guidelines for user lockout, deactivation, timeout and more.

“We have thousands of users who view their utility bill online, and they’re authenticated by Caspio. Nobody is able to access information they’re not authorized to see.”

Veronica Vela
Chemily Information Management Company

Building No-Code Solutions for Consulting Firms

Caspio is a boon for management, consulting and services firms like CIMC. Caspio’s online database platform empowers business professionals to build applications that address their specific needs, without having to write code.

Black Belt Digital, which provides business analysis and solutions delivery in Australia, needed to move data from local Excel and Access databases to the cloud for better security. Using Caspio, they successfully rolled out a simple but secure application that has only three pages but benefitted more than 3,000 users.

Tyler Technologies, the largest software provider for the public sector in the United States, needed to replace a disparate calendaring system used by different offices across 17 states. With Caspio, they consolidated over 40 different calendars into one database system. Now they have real-time visibility into the availability of project managers and field consultants.

Vision to Action, a Puerto Rico-based management consultancy firm with offices in Miami and the Dominican Republic, needed a database to track the activity of users when processing documents. With Caspio, they built a document repository with a time-stamping feature that tracks who changed what from where — a perfect solution for companies with multiple offices.

As for Chemily Information Management Company, they built an online database system complete with user authentication, ensuring information is secure while remaining accessible to their clients.

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