Case Study Synopsis

CustomerBlack Belt Digital
ChallengeDatabase migration from local servers to the cloud
Why Caspio
  • Provides a centralized and secure database alternative for Access and Excel
  • Gives users an easy-to-use interface for quick application development
  • Delivers excellent, real-time customer support


My name’s Peter Barton. I’m a consultant from Black Belt Consulting. We provide advice to businesses, business analyses and needs, and solutions delivery.

Easy-to-Use Online Database Solution

Like many businesses, we are dealing with Excel spreadsheets and Access databases and so our business units were at real risk. Being able to move that information out of the local desktop and into the cloud and centralize our services was really a win-win for the way we offer services.


What really drew me to Caspio was the low-code nature of the platform and its easy-to-use interface. As a business user, it’s easy to pick up and learn to develop apps in real time.


We’re able to successfully roll out an application with only three pages that was able to impact 3,000 users. They’re able to enter data conveniently and quickly. That showed the power of such a small app extended to a number of users.

Reliable, Always-Available Customer Support

Caspio’s customer service team is great. I really love the new feature with the live chat. It allows me to interact with Caspio support staff in real time and get the fix that I need at the time I need them.


We’ve been able to develop a number of wide-ranging apps for our business with the Caspio platform — some small pages like Contact Us forms all the way up to fully fledged workflow applications.

Low-Code Platform for High Efficiency

Caspio has improved my day-to-day life.


It’s a very efficient platform. It has allowed me to focus on more tasks. It’s low-code, fast and easy to deploy, allowing me to get on with the rest of my day.


I think the best thing about the Caspio platform is its online nature, its availability on the cloud. It is accessible to users, whether they’re working from a train or from an office.

No Hesitation to Recommend Caspio

We’ve been able to grow our business using Caspio through either prototyping for new clients or for tender submissions.


I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Caspio.


Its support services are great. The Caspio platform is really reliable and provides a solution for businesses.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

Next Steps

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