The global consulting sector one of the largest and most mature markets within the professional services industry. One of the main reasons for the industry’s continuous growth is the rapid advancement of technology and the evolving behavior of consumers. Consulting firms offer an array of services, from planning and marketing strategies to day-to-day operational support to building custom web apps that enable professionals to transform their businesses.

Learn how you’ll be able to build custom web apps without writing a single line of code!

At the heart of Asia Pacific’s consulting hub

Australia is an important consulting hub in the Asia Pacific region, and Black Belt Digital is at the forefront of the industry. For more than 15 years, Black Belt Digital has been supporting businesses in their daily operations and providing digital solutions for business planning, operational and sales strategies.

However, consulting for multiple organizations comes with unique organizational challenges. Peter Barton, a consultant for Black Belt Digital, shares his experience: “Dealing with spreadsheets and Access databases inside a business unit was a real risk. So being able to move information out of our local desktop and into cloud-centralized services is really a win-win for the way we offer services.”

Finding the perfect no-code platform

Barton struggled to find a suitable off-the-shelf solution that enabled him to store and process important business information online. Fortunately, Barton came across Caspio early on.

“I was really an early adopter with Caspio,” says Barton. “I’ve been on the platform since 2009,” he adds. “As a business user, it’s very easy to pick up and learn, and to develop apps in real-time.”

Using Caspio, Black Belt Digital created a custom web app that impacted more than 3,000 users. “They are able to enter data conveniently and quickly,” Barton shares. “That really shows the power of such a small app and how it was able to impact a number of users.”

Learn more about his story in this video:

Unleash the power of custom web apps

Barton is grateful to have partnered with Caspio because the no-code platform enabled his company to become a paperless organization.

“I think the best thing about Caspio is its online nature — its availability in the cloud and its accessibility to users, whether they’re working from a train or working from an office,” says Barton.

“The platform is really reliable and provides a solution for businesses,” he adds.

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