Harvard economist Benjamin Friedman defines prospecting as finding a person with a problem. Companies go to great lengths to find this person because having great sales leads is essential to growing their businesses.

London-based Integrated Marketing Bureau (IMB) helps companies find these excellent sales leads.  Founder Rupert Honywood established a successful “social selling blueprint” that combines information like financial data, industry insights and customer profiles to assist his clients in generating leads.

Generating Great Sales Leads

Since data processing is at the heart of their service, it’s vital for IMB to have robust lead generation web application that enables them to provide reliable business intelligence and leads to their customers. However, Honywood and his team found it difficult to organize their data using their previous off-the-shelf database system. Compounding the problem was the inability of their previous system to adapt to their changing needs. At one point, Honywood even considered hiring freelance developers to build his database — an expensive option that didn’t guarantee the level of scalability that he needed.

Building a Lead Generation Web Application

Searching for a viable alternative, Honywood discovered Caspio and immediately fell in love with the low-code platform,  describing it as “…incredibly simple to implement.” Using the Caspio low-code platform, Honywood quickly built an application that easily stores and records industry-specific data sets, which he then uses to generate sales leads. He was also able to create an application that helps his customers identify key prospects. Together, the applications are sophisticated, flexible and scalable, fostering agility, market responsiveness and competitive differentiation.

IMB's lead generation web application

IMB’s lead generation web application features a quick search form to easily find prospects.

Caspio-Powered Business Solution

The Caspio low-code platform is embraced by business professionals like Honywood for its ease of use. The all-in-one platform combines a powerful online database, a visual point-and-click application builder and scalable cloud infrastructure, providing everything Honywood needs to build custom applications.

“The functionality is unbelievable!” says Honywood. “The great thing about Caspio is that it enables me to develop sophisticated solutions without having to know much coding.  All you need is an idea of how you want to design your database and how it should be structured.”

With more applications in the pipeline, Honywood continues to use Caspio to power his business. Learn more about his story by reading our case study on IMB. Better yet, start developing your application yourself by signing up for a free trial.

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