Caspio Expands Value-Added Services for Consultancy Firm

Customer Vision to Action
Industry Consulting
Challenge Demonstrate effective management solutions to clients in multiple industries
Why Caspio
  • Enables management consultants to build apps to improve business processes
  • Allows quick and efficient testing and rapid deployment
  • Empowers non-IT personnel to create own solutions


My name is René Yamín. I’m a senior partner and director in Vision to Action.


We are a management consultancy firm. Our headquarters are in Puerto Rico. We have offices in Miami and Dominican Republic. We basically work in multiple industries, mostly in financial services, healthcare and utilities.

Turning Clients’ Vision to Action Through Low-Code

As management consultants, the main challenge that we face when we talk with clients is, they doubt if what we’re proposing would be implementable.


As our firm’s name says, we want to do from vision or the strategy to action. Tools like Caspio allows us to do the action side and go over the challenges that we face.


At a point in time in a project, we wanted to understand the time it took to process a document, so we needed a time-stamping tool and we experimented with internal tools that we developed with MS Access, but we had multiple locations.


We needed a distributed or online database and that was exactly the search I made in Google and came up Caspio.

Caspio Provides Strong Support for Non-Coders

I tried Caspio and five minutes later, I got a call from Napoleon saying, you know, “I see that you opened a trial account. Can we be of help on whatever you want to do?”


And that sent me a powerful message of what kind of support we will get from using the platform, which was important to us because, again, we’re not coders.


We’re management consultants and we know a lot about business processes, and finance, and strategy but not necessarily about code.


This was a good way to find a platform that will help us do our work better.

Test and Deploy Database Applications Quickly

One of the other things that we like about Caspio is that you can test things quickly.


If you want to start a business or one of our clients want to start a business, we can do a POC, a proof of concept quickly.


Having our consultants be able to use a tool that didn’t require a lot of coding really gave us the flexibility to have them do a lot of things that they could not do, or they had to work a lot to do them.


In a way, Caspio was kind of an empowering tool for our consultants, which we loved and liked and promoted.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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