Caspio Synchronizes Scheduling of Field Consulting Teams

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Tyler Technologies
Industry Consulting / Technology
Challenge Replace disparate calendaring systems used across different offices nationwide
Why Caspio
  • Unifies different calendars into one online database system
  • Provides reliable support during development
  • Improves existing business processes through low-code apps


I’m Jane Grant. I’m an implementation director at Tyler Technologies. Tyler Technologies is the largest provider of software for the public sector in the United States.


As an implementation director, I lead groups of project managers and implementation consultants who are working out in the field.

Consolidate Different Calendaring Systems With Low-Code

The biggest challenge that we had and the goal that we had last year was to replace our disparate calendaring systems that were used throughout the United States. We had about probably 40 different calendars within SharePoint.


Our goal was to consolidate those calendars into one system and find that system to do it.


Well, we looked at a lot of different options, about a year’s timeframe, and just trying to figure out, “Who can write this software for us?” And we were kind of hitting a roadblock.


Finally, we said, “There’s got to be something in this world that does what we’re looking for.”

Solving Staff Availability Issues Through Caspio

We started Googling and we started doing trial versions of different no-code or low-code vendors, and finally came across Caspio, and it did exactly what we needed it to do.


Before we started using the Caspio platform for our calendars, there was a lot of emails: “Who’s available for this?” or “I need somebody for this,” or “I have somebody available who can help with this.” And you had to remember, “Who just sent that email last week that somebody was available, and what did they say they could do?”


And now we don’t have to do any of that. You can go into Caspio and find out who’s available, or who’s booked.


We can also get those metrics that we could never get before. It’s made our lives so much easier and everybody loves it.

Caspio Support Team: A Lifesaver

The support team has been a lifesaver, especially when we were building our first application, going live with it.


I think I was talking to them three and four times a day on the chat, and I got to know them and we actually have little mini conversations first, “Hey, how’s it going? How’s it going over there, wherever you are?” And they’d asked me where I was, and so we kind of built a personal relationship on the chat window.


I felt like I was working with a real company — a small company — and I don’t mean small in size. I mean, small and humble. I felt like I was working with people that I knew.


Somebody said earlier that they felt like they were married to Caspio and I said, “Well, then Caspio is cheating on one of us.”


I just feel like I am not a developer. I do have the logical thinking. I’ve picked it up pretty quickly and I’m proud of myself for that. But it’s made me see things in a totally different way now.

Coming up With More Creative Solutions

I can really think through and I do have that business problem, the first thing I’m thinking is, “Can I get this in Caspio? How can I make what we’re doing today even better?”


I think that it’s just changed me as a manager and a thinker to be able to come up with more creative solutions than we’ve ever been able to before.

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