The famous European soccer club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) recently shocked the sports world when they broke the transfer record to buy Brazilian striker Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior from FC Barcelona for $263M. The huge amount is enough to buy six Greek Islands or a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The club stressed that having Neymar will help them realize their greatest dream — to finally win the Champions League.

Neymar’s transfer illustrates the lengths organizations will go to invest in human capital. Though costly in the beginning, enterprises know that the long-term benefits are indisputable. This is why talent management service providers like Spain’s Servitalent continue to explore ways to be more effective in helping organizations acquire the best people with their talent acquisition and outplacement services.

To this end, it issues the popular CVCertificado, a certificate given to professionals who pass a series of technical and aptitude exams. With this program, applicants increase their marketability while human resource personnel use it as one of their benchmarks when identifying good candidates.

Technical Partner Required

Like Paris Saint-Germain, Servitalent’s CEO Alberto Fernández Varela also had a great dream — he wanted to bring his company to the forefront of talent acquisition and management. His goal is to widen and expand his client base, with an eye on expanding in Latin America.

Servitalent CEO Alberto Fernández Varela

Being a bigger company means Servitalent needs to increase the amount of information they could process daily. That’s why Varela sought for a technical partner to help him store and organize his company’s data and automate their business processes.

Varela and his team are not coders, so he thought of purchasing an off-the-shelf recruitment management  application. He later on realized that the applications available in the market didn’t have the features they needed.  Servitalent then decided to build its own online talent management database. The initial platform they used, however, was frustratingly complex because it required them to learn and understand a complicated programming language, forcing them to seek external help. To make matters worse, coordinating with the platform’s support team was an exasperatingly difficult experience.

Discovering Caspio

Varela realized he needed a feature-rich platform with an intuitive user interface; one that didn’t require coding experience. After scanning online forums and talking to people who experienced the same problems, Varela came to the conclusion that the answer lies in low-code development platforms. Visiting review sites, he found Caspio. Convinced by the positive feedback given by other customers on how fast and intuitive Caspio is, he decided to give it a try.

To his amazement, Varela discovered that using Caspio was like signing a high-performing superstar like Neymar to his team. It allowed Servitalent to tap into a rich range of features and robust capabilities. Unlike Neymar’s astronomical transfer cost though, Caspio’s was affordably priced.

Creating a Custom Online Talent Management Database

Even though Varela is not a programmer, he was able to use Caspio’s low-code platform to create his own application. He did this by harnessing the extensive support resources provided by Caspio — from online tutorial videos, to how-to guides and live training. He also consulted with Caspio’s friendly and knowledgeable technical support team.

Servitalent used Caspio to develop its CV Certificado application.

With guidance from these resources, he was able to use the platform’s visual interface to design Servitalent’s new, online talent management database. Varela also did not have to worry about integration since Caspio works well with other systems. Moreover, it enabled him to deploy his new online database apps immediately.

Saving Time and Increasing Revenue

After using Caspio, Servitalent was able to save money, time and resources because it no longer needed to secure additional training and support. Servitalent also experienced revenue growth because their operational transactions and processes have become more efficient.

Despite his limited experience in programming, Varela built an online database that organizes information on shortlisted candidates.

“We are in our 4th year of operation and everything indicates that we will continue to grow by double-digits,” Varela explained.

Inspired and motivated by what he accomplished, Varela now considers Caspio an integral part of his business success. He specifically mentioned that the online talent management database is one of Servitalent’s most important tools.

“I unintentionally became a human resources application analyst and designer because of Caspio!” he enthused.

Using Caspio is like signing a superstar for your soccer team! If you want your company to go for goal, take advantage of our free trial!

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