Caspio Streamlines Online Operations for Travel Agency

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Direct Line Cruises
Industry Consumer Services
Challenge Needed an application to get the rates of different cruises online
Why Caspio:
  • Features an easy and simple point-and-click interface
  • Allows users to build and deploy apps even with no coding experience
  • Enables users to quickly create their own CRMs


My name is Greg Coiro. I’m from Direct Line Cruises. Direct Line Cruises is a travel agency that’s located in Long Island, New York.


We are an agency that specializes in selling cruises. We are essentially the middleman between the consumer and the cruise line, and our agency negotiates rates and inventory for the cruise lines and consumers. These contract fares are typically much lower fares than are generally available in the marketplace.

Connecting Customers to Cruises Through Caspio

Unfortunately, we didn’t have an electronic connection to the cruise lines. We couldn’t seamlessly show those fares online or to our agents.


I needed to be able to find some application that I could just get these rates online and maintain.


When I signed up for a trial account at Caspio, I realized, “Oh my God, they’re making things so easy.” What blew me away was that there really wasn’t any programming knowledge that you needed.

Creating Solutions With a Point-and-Click Low-Code Platform

They had this WYSIWYG interface that was built, where I could just seamlessly design my applications. And I felt within a day, I was able to get this one simple project accomplished, where I was trying to do it over a year and kept failing.


We realized that there were so many other projects that Caspio was capable of handling for us.


Over the years, whenever we were thinking of implementing certain projects, we would immediately think, “Caspio can do it.”

Building Database Apps for Everyone Is Easy

Now we’ve built applications for our agents. They have their own intranet site. They have their own CRM customer tool. We have a loyalty club where our customers can log in to the loyalty club. We have a quoting application where our agents can send out detailed rate quotes to clients.


As it turned out, one simple project that we hired Caspio to develop for us 10 years ago has now turned out to be hundreds of applications. And that’s going to keep growing for several years because we’re going to be a lifetime customer of Caspio.

‘Simply the Best’ for Building an Online Database App

If I could sum up my experience with Caspio, with a word or phrase, I would say, “Simply the best.”


Caspio, to me, is the perfect solution for any individual or company that is looking to build an online database application.


Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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