Cruising is all about convenient luxury. Guests enjoy elegant accommodations, eat over-the-top meals, and partake in elaborate excursions at exotic destinations. With so many options to choose from, Direct Line Cruises makes sure that the VIP treatment starts from the moment customers visit their website.

The Challenge to Build a Web App

New York-based Direct Line Cruises specializes in exactly what its name says — serving as the consumer’s direct line to cruise companies. Ten years ago, Greg Coiro, CEO of Direct Line Cruises, faced a conundrum. He knew that his company had better rates than what was available in the market. However, he needed to develop a web application that could display these negotiated rates online to customers and agents in real-time.

No Coding Required

Coiro didn’t have any programming background, but was familiar with Microsoft Access, so he started looking for an online equivalent to Access that was intuitive and easier to use and maintain. Coiro quickly found Caspio and signed up for a trial account.

“What blew me away was that there really wasn’t any programming knowledge that you needed,” Coiro shared. “I felt within a day, I was able to get this one simple project accomplished, where I was trying to do it over a year and kept failing.”

Since finding Caspio over ten years ago, Greg has deployed over a hundred applications — such as their CRM, personalized quote system, and loyalty program portal — and considers Caspio a lifetime partner for all their online database projects.

See how Greg transformed his business with over 100 Caspio-powered applications:

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