Caspio Helps Global Logistics Company Operate Smoothly

Case Study Synopsis

Customer GEFCO UK
Industry Business Services / Logistics
Challenge Find a more reliable option to Excel spreadsheets for database management
Why Caspio
  • Provides a secure, multi-user, online database solution
  • Expedites invoicing and other processes with low-code applications
  • Enables rapid development of database applications for different customers


I’m Simon Verdon. My role is IT solutions manager for GEFCO UK. GEFCO UK is an automotive logistics provider.


They were originally brought about to provide logistics to the Peugeot plants in France. And their business developed from there into other logistic branches and supporting other automotive manufacturers.

Searching for a Secure, Multi-User Online Database

And certainly, within our business, the challenges that we faced were numerous Excel spreadsheets.


Excel is a wonderful tool, but it tends to be abused a little bit and not used in the right context. Lots of mistakes being made. Invoicing was 13 weeks behind, and we’re talking millions of pounds. We needed a solution.


I was tasked with the job of finding a solution, which would be a central database, multi-user, security controlled due to the sensitivity of the data.


The ultimate goal was to reduce the invoicing from 13 weeks down to two weeks, which I’m happy to say we succeeded at.

Finding the Best Low-Code Solution in the Market

I tried lots of different companies, lots of different solutions just to make sure I was getting the right angle, and Caspio was the right solution for GEFCO.


We have several applications that I’ve developed using the Caspio online database platform. And the original application was for General Motors, our General Motors business, for our 3PL team.


The team working on that particular project, the operational team, originally, we started off with four people and now we’re down to two, managing a much bigger business.

Building Quick, Stable Solutions for Customers

Caspio has assisted GEFCO in providing quick and stable solutions.


Personally, I’m very customer-facing. I provide customer solutions, as well as internal, but mostly customer. Historically, I’ve only had internal tools that I could present to customers, like our internal transport management system, which is often limited because it’s a little bit old now. But with Caspio, this presents new options.


First, we look at internal systems and processes, and ask, “can we provide a solution using those?” If not, then we can look at other alternative options.


And that alternative option is normally Caspio.

Caspio ‘More Than Paid for Itself’

I would say in terms of return on investment, that Caspio has more than paid for itself within the business. Each year, we review the suppliers we have, and there is never a question over Caspio. The business knows its value.

Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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