We’re thrilled to announce that Forrester has named Caspio a ‘Leader’ in The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platforms For Business Developers, Q2 2019. This marks our second consecutive recognition as a ‘Leader’ by Forrester since this report was first introduced in October of 2017.

Caspio earned the highest score in the “Current Offering” category, which reviews the breadth and depth of each product’s application development and management tools based on 22 criteria.

Low Code Development Platform Leader Forrester Wave 2019

Not only did Caspio rank the strongest of all vendors for current offerings in the market, we also earned the highest score in 16 distinct criteria:

  1. Startup experience
  2. User interface development
  3. Forms development
  4. Database development and features
  5. Content tools
  6. Reporting tools
  7. Application change management
  8. Identity and access control tools
  9. Application deployment options
  10. Security audits and certifications
  11. Application scaling assistance
  12. Cloud services and SLAs
  13. Browser support
  14. Vision and strategy
  15. Commercial model
  16. Number of customers

To compare the strengths and weaknesses of the low-code platforms reviewed in this Forrester Wave™ report, download your complimentary copy here.

“The Richest Platform for Business Developers”

Caspio is one of only 12 low-code platforms Forrester found to meet the comprehensive criteria and market requirements for this report. In an extensive evaluation process, each vendor was scored based on Forrester’s independent research and analysis, customer reference surveys and criteria-based product demonstrations.

In Caspio’s vendor summary, Forrester concluded:

“Caspio, a pioneer, has quietly built the richest platform for business developers” with “no glaring holes in its product.”


Since our founding in 2000, Caspio has empowered companies to become more agile, customer-centric and market-responsive — freeing themselves from complex programming tasks and long project backlogs. We’ve been perfecting our low-code platform for nearly two decades and today we serve over 15,000 customers from small to medium sized businesses to global enterprises. In the report, Forrester states:


“Over an 18-year journey that started with data-driven web and departmental apps, Caspio has quietly built a product that provides both deep functionality for enterprise apps and an easy start for business developers.”


“Customers Laud the Product Overall”

The growing appeal of low-code lies in its ability to democratize application development outside of technical roles, empowering the person closest to the problem to solve the problem. According to Forrester, “digital businesses’ demand for ever more automation, ever more quickly, requires more minds and hands producing applications.”

Caspio’s unique ability to meet the needs of both non-technical users and enterprise IT departments is a testament to Caspio’s history as a low-code pioneer. The platform’s visual development tools are the result of many years of design, development and continuous improvement — always providing guidance and guardrails to shield business users from the complexities of building enterprise-grade applications.

Visual development tools enable users to build applications 10-20x faster than traditional programming methods.


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Caspio powers over 1 million applications for customers across all industries and geographies, providing everything they need to automate processes, manage data securely and transform operations. Business professionals embrace the product for its ease of use, while IT experts value the security, scalability and reliability. According to Forrester:

“Reference customers laud the product overall, as well as its value for money and database features. Other strengths include UX development, content management, application change management, deployment options, independent security certifications and its commercial model.”


This latest industry recognition reaffirms our commitment to deliver on the promise of “no-code/low-code” we first envisioned 20 years ago. We are inspired by the online database programs our customers build every day to improve and innovate in their own markets.

We thank our customers, partners and user community members who have joined us in this journey, and in particular, the 250+ customers who have been with us for over 10 years. The Caspio team continues to work hard on every new feature, security certification, performance enhancement, bug fix and support ticket in order to serve you well and meet the ever-increasing demands as an industry leader.

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