Regardless of your political affiliation, everyone can agree that this week’s elections signified an impressive increase in awareness and involvement on the part of U.S. citizens. Voter turnout for the past several elections remains high – even with natural disasters like Sandy potentially barring some citizens’ ability to cast their ballots.

And while national media focused on the big race between Obama and Romney – lots of critical propositions, referendums and local races were being fought at the local level. In the past, the ability to quickly and easily learn the outcome of these impactful proposition decisions and elections was not readily available. However, many of Caspio’s news media customers were able to quickly disseminate election results data to their readership using Caspio DataPages embedded on their respective web sites. With a few clicks, news outlets were able to provide voters the information they desired in a simple, digestible format.

The Houston Chronicle, for example, made a simple Caspio-powered election results app allowing users to see how citizens voted by county. The Pocono Record created a simple DataPage on its election results section of its web site to display local election results. These are two simple examples of how news media can instantly deploy and expose apps and data sets to their readership.

Start a free trial of Caspio today to see just how simple it can be to create and expose DataPages and apps on any web site.

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