It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re part of the admin team.

When lockdowns started due to the pandemic, you suddenly had to manage contracts, compliance and resources from home. Now that businesses are starting to re-open, you’re entrusted with ensuring the workplace is safe for employees. You need to check if office supplies are in-stock. You negotiate with third-party suppliers and contractors, including those retrofitting the office to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Needless to say, the admin team’s hands are full for the foreseeable future.

Ease your burdens by automating and streamlining manual processes through custom business apps you can easily build on Caspio today. Here are five cloud apps to help admin teams ease the transition back to the workplace.

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Simplify Admin Tasks With These 5 Web Apps

Admin management requires efficient handling of facilities, resources, visitors, vendors, contracts and more — areas typically laden with manual paperwork. Address these areas by building these Caspio apps today:

1. Facilities Management App

Facilities management is ensuring that the business achieves a cost-effective environment to carry out operations. In today’s new reality, it also means ensuring the workplace is ready to accommodate employees while putting their health and safety first.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends retrofitting facilities with physical barriers, such as clear plastic sneeze guards, as well as increasing ventilation to prepare workplaces for COVID-19. That’s aside from the usual facilities sanitation, engineering and planning work that admin professionals need to manage.

Want to keep track of all your workplace preparedness tasks? Use our ready-made project management app template. Set priorities and deadlines, see status updates and generate reports to monitor your progress.

Admin teams are overwhelmed with manual tasks - Caspio Blog
OVERWHELMED: Admin professionals juggle multiple administrative tasks, sometimes for both office-based and remote workforce.

2. Visitor Log App

Businesses can resume office operations on the condition that they continue to observe social distancing measures. Contact tracing should also be in place. 

If you’re after quick, efficient and complete tracking of visitors, traditional pen-and-paper logs simply won’t do. They are cumbersome to maintain and offer minimal if not zero data security. Want to check entries for a given period? Prepare to open that thick logbook and scan through all those illegible names and dates.

Of course, there’s a better way.

Caspio helps businesses eliminate paper-based visitor logs by storing guest information in a secure, searchable online database.

Tailor the entire visitor registration process to your company’s unique needs while ensuring data confidentiality by building a custom visitor log app. Use Caspio’s web form builder to create an online registration form for visitors to use. Add different fields as needed, like the time and purpose of visit, the people they’re meeting and more. This data goes straight into a secure and searchable database, which you can easily access for reference or reporting.

3. Asset Management App

As employees start to return to the office, they’ll bring with them some of the equipment they had to take home for remote work. You’ll have to determine the status of those assets. You also have to check if the assets left unused for a long time in the office during the lockdown are still functional.

To gain visibility on all your office equipment, use Caspio’s ready-made asset management application.

Assign assets to employees, view all the inventory assigned to employees and see the status of all assets, flagged by color. You can also view charts and metrics if you want to do some analysis on your existing inventory.  

Operating in 100 locations in 95 counties and employing over 3,000 nurses, doctors and administrative staff, the Tennessee Department of Health used to struggle with asset management. Using Caspio, they built an inventory control system that gave them a 97% visibility into their 20,000 assets.  

4. Contract Management

Best-in-class companies use a searchable online database

Managing hundreds or even thousands of contracts manually is a huge burden to any organization, but more especially to the admin team. Imagine how long it takes to scour through all those metal file cabinets looking for a contract from last year. Some businesses, meanwhile, think storing and sending scanned copies of contracts via email is better, but is it really?

According to marketing research company Aberdeen Group, 78% of industry leaders store contracts in a central, searchable repository. In turn, these companies achieve over 80% compliance with their contracts.

If you want to organize contracts and improve compliance, build a contract management application that lets you access and search contracts in a centralized online database. Review, amend and approve contracts in the office or from home.

5. Resource Scheduling

Did you know that in the US alone, approximately 11 million meetings are held every day? That’s a lot.

But why does it matter to admin professionals?

When managing critical resource information like meeting and training schedules, admin managers typically have to use multiple disparate platforms like email, chat and calendars. Sometimes, this information is jotted down in someone’s journal first, and then manually transferred into online records.

Factor in work-from-home employees, offshore support staff or executives stranded in a tropical island and you’ll end up working round the clock just to get everyone’s common time.

Keeping schedules synced requires manual input and checking (courtesy of you). This practice is inefficient, to say the least.

Worry not, you can build an app for that.

Caspio use cases 2020
YOU CAN CASPIO THAT: Caspio’s use cases span all departments, enabling tech-savvy admin professionals to create custom, feature-rich applications specific to their unique workflows.

Build a resource scheduling system that enables your organization to synchronize the schedules of facilities, events and the workforce. Gain the visibility you need to efficiently manage resources without having to check multiple tools and process information manually.

Build Low-Code Apps for Admin Tasks

Whether transitioning employees to a remote setup or back to the workplace, admin professionals face a mundane amount of manual processes. Don’t let cumbersome tasks overwhelm you.

Leading in-home care provider Nightingale Home Healthcare, which operates in 11 states, needed a way to improve the flow of admin requests between the main office and other locations.

Using Caspio, Nightingale developed an online database to access, share and store documents. It also improved their processing of time-off requests, appointment scheduling and training certification programs. It ultimately paved the path to a paperless office.

“I would 100% recommend Caspio to other companies that need to automate their processes. It can handle many issues, no matter how simple or complicated.”

Rajesh Relan
Web and Art Director
Nightingale Home Healthcare

Need an app to ease your transition back to the workplace? Tell us about the application you have in mind and we’ll help you build it fast.

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